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Safe By HUB6 Adds Honeywell Compatiblity

Posted in Commentary with tags on July 11, 2019 by itnerd

Homeowners with Honeywell security systems can now upgrade their traditional hardwired alarm systems to a no-fee smart home monitoring system using Safe by HUB6. Safe allows homeowners to receive their alarm alerts directly, and fully control their system, with the HUB6 app. With Safe, homeowners can cancel expensive monitoring contracts for good.

Innovation in DIY smart home security took a giant leap forward in North America last year with the launch of Safe by HUB6 which allows homeowners to upgrade their legacy hardwired alarms into cost-effective, community-oriented monitoring systems.

Safe by HUB6 also helps homeowners seamlessly connect with neighbors for ultimate security. They can add trusted family and friends to their Neighborhood setting on the app – even those that don’t have their own Safe – so they too are notified in real-time if an alarm is activated.

If an alarm is triggered, Neighborhood members can communicate together in the app to investigate further and/or contact emergency services efficiently.

For an affordable one-time price of $249 ($299 CDN) this DIY product transforms existing home security into a smart system through the Safe by HUB6 app allowing users to check the status of their home, control the alarm system, and get instant alerts. The included, no-fee, LTE SIM card allows users to stay connected to their home, even if the power or internet is down.

Safe by HUB6 is sold directly to consumers at or via Amazon and BestBuy, is compatible with most home security systems and works with other smart home products.  Safe by HUB6 is expected in retail in the coming months.

Safe by HUB6 also offers on demand monitoring at $10 per 30 days so consumers can have an added layer of security when they are away.  There is no contract required for this service and it can be started and cancelled as desired.

Here’s a video on Safe by HUB6:


Hub6 Compares Home Security Self Monitoring With Home Security Service

Posted in Commentary with tags on December 16, 2018 by itnerd

Recently one of North America’s biggest police forces, the Toronto Police Service, announced that they will no longer respond to home security alarms unless evidence of criminal activity is provided. The new requirement – called “Verified Alarm Response” – is the result of an internal police review that found 97 percent of home security system activations in 2016 were false alarms. The policy change aims to cut down on the number of false calls and make emergency responses “more efficient”, said the police.

Here is Safe by Hub6’s response:

  • Why pay for monitoring that requires validation? Your monthly fees aren’t going towards “active monitoring” – you’re paying for a stranger in a call-centre miles away to go through a lengthy process of validation.
  • Safe by HUB6 is like Neighbourhood Watch 2.0. All alarm alerts are redirected from your existing system to your phone, so that you and your neighbours can keep an eye on each other’s homes and alert the police or fire department if there’s an issue. In the case of an emergency, calling 9-1-1 directly does not require the same regulations that home security companies must follow. Emergency services can arrive on the scene faster, keeping you and your community protected – without the expensive middleman.

Switching to Safe by HUB6 helps homeowners save in two major ways:

  1. No more false alarm charges
  • When an alarm is triggered, you’ll clearly see the zones and devices that have been set off and be able to investigate further. Not home? You can easily add a trusted neighbour to receive the same alerts and they can clear false alarms on your behalf.
  1. No more contracts or monthly fees
  • Safe by HUB6 cuts unnecessary, expensive monthly fees from security providers that over-promise and under deliver. Homeowners save $600 each year on average and get faster, more efficient responses in the case of emergency.

Not from Toronto? Police services across North America are adopting Verified Alarm Response regulations in a concentrated effort to reduce false alarms. The new requirements are prompting homeowners to make the switch to modern and effective monitoring options like Safe by HUB6.

Police will now only respond to an alarm if it is verified through:

  • An audio device
  • A video device
  • Multiple zone activations
  • An eyewitness on the scene

Home security providers are currently reaching out to customers in regards to how Verified Alarm Response requirements will affect monitoring moving forward. ADT, Rogers Home Monitoring, Vivint, and more are attempting to communicate that their services are still valuable. But are they given these recent changes put in place to verify alarm responses?