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Tango Card Launches Dramatically Expanded Global Catalog and Capabilities  

Posted in Commentary with tags on January 19, 2023 by itnerd

Tango Card, a global leader in rewards, incentives, and payment fulfillment has dramatically increased the number of countries and currencies able to benefit from the global reach of its streamlined and secure digital gift card delivery system.

During the last two years, Tango Card has been building the systems and processes enabling it to be the true global provider of rewards and incentives to B2B buyers. With today’s launch and announcement, Tango Card offers more than 1,000 popular e-gift card brands, prepaid cards and charitable donation options across more than 80 countries and 20 currencies. With this fully global expansion, Tango Card’s service is now accessible to 97 percent of the world’s population.

Tango Card’s global selection of gift cards is delivered via a technology first, tested, and proven Rewards as a Service (RaaS®) API. And is used for a variety of use cases, including employee recognition, marketing incentives, customer acquisition, customer loyalty, and a variety of payment disbursements. Gift cards are delivered digitally and arrive in the local currency of the recipient. Tango Card then supports these recipients with the best recipient support in the business.  

This global launch is the first of many developments planned for Tango Card in 2023, including multiple feature rollouts, a complete rebranding and further expansions aimed at solidifying the company’s position as the global gift card leader