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Concur Launches Operations In South Korea

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Concur, an SAP company and the world’s leading provider of travel, expense and invoice management solutions, today announced its expansion into South Korea. Concur will join SAP’s Seoul office offering Expense solutions to large conglomerates, enterprise businesses and multi-national companies with operations in South Korea.

Barry Long has been appointed as Vice President of Global Sales, Asia Pacific for Concur, and Jaesung Kim is Head of Sales for Concur Korea. Concur will be building out additional sales, solution consulting, marketing, service delivery and business development teams in the coming months.

In the fourth quarter of 2016, among its current customer base in Korea, Concur saw more than 125 percent year-over-year growth in expense transactions, and more than 113 percent growth in reimbursed expense spend. According to the Global Business Travel Association’s BTI Outlook, total South Korean business travel spend was $32.6 billion in 2015. The BTI Outlook projects spend volume will grow at a rate of 4.4 percent per year through 2020, outpacing the 2.6 to 2.8 percent economic growth.

South Korea currently ranks among the top 10 countries for business travel spend, according to the Global Business Travel Association. With today’s launch in South Korea, Concur is now operating in all 10 of the top global markets for business travel.

SAP, which acquired Concur in 2014, will help fuel Concur’s go-to-market strategy in South Korea. Concur offers a fully connected travel, expense and invoice platform ecosystem that integrates its products, suppliers and partners. This open platform connects spend data to deliver insights that help customers and partners run their businesses more efficiently.




Kortext Showcased By Microsoft Education

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Kortext, the UK’s leading digital textbook and personal learning platform, is being showcased by Microsoft as part of their global education offering. Microsoft first featured Kortext’s new Windows 10 app at their Learn What’s Next education event in New York last month. The app was made available on Microsoft Surface devices, highlighting the immersive learning experience that students can access while using their digital textbooks. More recently, Kortext has been featured on the Microsoft Education blog, focusing on Microsoft’s educational app partners.

Kortext’s new and improved Windows 10 app creates the most intuitive and beautifully designed user experience for engaging with digital content. The Inking functionality available on Microsoft Surface devices means that the experience with digital content on Kortext, perfectly mimics that of pen and paper, allowing users to freely annotate and draw on their learning materials and create hand-written notes, resulting in deeper levels of engagement.

Users of Kortext’s Windows 10 app can open and annotate a range of material, including etextbooks, digital books, journal articles or presentations. In addition to material which a user has been supplied by their institution, or purchased from the Kortext Store, users can also include other digital content, for example, from their university or school library. Kortext can, therefore, be used for lifelong, personal learning; not just for the time that a learner attends their course.

Kortext supports a growing trend in accessing learning materials digitally, and with the Inking functionality, an experience can be created with digital content that is similar to print. Digital learning materials are becoming increasingly important for distance learners, part-time students, and those with additional accessibility needs. Kortext’s Windows 10 app offers access to these materials, with added functionality for engagement that goes far beyond reading on a screen.

Kortext’s Windows 10 app is now available for download. Please visit the store here.

Microsoft Putting A Social Media Spin On Skype

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It seems that Microsoft wants to make Skype a whole lot more relevant to those who use social media a lot. Here’s some details from a press release from the folks in Redmond:

Rebuilt from the ground up, the new Skype vastly improves the ways you can connect with your favorite people and, of course, chatting is front and center. We’ve made group chats more lively, expressive, and—most importantly—personalized, so you can chat the way you want. With the new Skype, you’ll have countless ways to share life’s moments together, every day. Wherever life takes you, Skype allows you to seamlessly create, play, share, and do more with the people you care about most.

How are they going to do that? Here’s a video that shows the new Skype in action:

The newest update of Skype will become available to Android users over the next few months. Support for iOS is coming sometime in July. Desktop support for both PC and Mac will become available to users sometime this summer.