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BREAKING: Researcher Who Stopped Ransomware Attack Busted At Def Con

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This is an evolving story so you may want to check back for updates. But what is known via Motherboard at present is that┬áMarcus Hutchins who also is known as “MalwareTech” got nabbed by the FBI at Def Con. Hutchins is best known as the UK national who upon analyzing a sample of the “WannaCry” malware that hit the planet earlier this year, stumbled upon a kill switch that was tied to a domain name. Upon learning that, he registered said domain and mitigated the spread of this malware. It isn’t clear what charges he’s facing. But it’s safe to say that if the FBI is involved, it’s a big deal.

More info as it comes.

UPDATE: The BBC is reporting that he’s been charged with being involved with a malware that steals banking credentials.