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The Great Canadian Road Trip: Part 9 – Getting Ready To Head Back To Toronto

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Today was a bit of a down day for my wife and I as tomorrow we make the drive back to Port aux Basques NL to take the ferry back to North Sydney NS. But before we left, we had time for a few more adventures in town as my wife will describe:

We had dropped by Cycle Solutions after our ride yesterday and made a mental note to check out this cool looking coffee house right beside our hotel called Brewed Awakening:


They roast their own coffee beans daily! Any place that starts their day by roasting all their own coffee to serve their customers should have our vote and it did not disappoint. If you are tea drinker they have a good selection of loose leaf to offer you. Most of their baked goods seem to run along heartier fare such as oatcakes.

That led us to yours truly doing some laundry. I got the bright idea days after my wife did her laundry that maybe I should do the same. The catch was that the place that we went to a few days ago was closed. Thanks to Google, we found this place which was 10 minutes from our hotel:


I will say that it is weird going to a laundry that is also a tanning salon. But it did have machines that worked and got our clothes clean, so I cannot complain.

So while I was typing up this blog entry, my wife decided to do some exploring:

I had some free time this afternoon to explore the area around our hotel and I remember there was a mention of some city trails nearby. Three Bear Mountain was the trail closest to me.

DSCN0001.JPGIf you enjoy a guided tour in your travels download Tales Along the Trails app on the app store before you head out. This app will use geolocation to describe what you’re looking at as well as give you stories and background info. It was created Corner Brook Stream Dev Corp.


This is a free app available for Android on Google play and The App Store for iOS.

Three Bear Mountain trail offers walkers a panoramic view of the City of Corner Brook. This short 1 km loop walk will bring you to information panels highlighting various scenes you are able to view from this vantage point. This trail can be accessed from the parking lot of O’Connell Centre located at 1 Hospital Hill. Here’s a selection of pictures taken with the Nikon COOLPIX W300 camera:

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I just realized that we have been enjoying our morning breakfasts and several meals but have not mentioned our hotel restaurant called the Crown & Moose. First cook Dean and his colleagues in the kitchen along with the lovely staff have served up terrific eggs over easy and buttermilk pancakes for our breakfast everyday. We have also enjoyed a few dinners here as well including our first night when they stayed open late so that we can have a hot meal before heading to bed after a long drive from the ferry. Hubby’s favorite here by far is their fish n chips. This is a good choice as the fish and seafood is local. For me their seafood chowder, pan fried cod, and their seafood gratin. The seafood gratin served with melted cheese was my favorite as I ordered it with extra steamed vegetables as I had dipped the steamed vegetables into the creamy cheese sauce. Delicious.

One question that I did ask the staff was why don’t they serve dishes with moose if Moose is part of their name? We were informed that to serve moosemeat you would need a special license similar to liquor license. That piqued our curiosity and we Googled this a bit and from what we can tell the license to serve moose is free but I suspect the paperwork to do so may be a pain. You would need to purchase the moosemeat from a licensed moose hunter. I personally do feel that the Crown & Moose have missed an opportunity by not offering a moosemeat daily special such as moose meat pie or a moose meat burger. Having said that I did pass on the opportunity to sample the moose burger offered as a daily special at the Madison restaurant did offer moose burger as I was told it was a bit dry as the moose meat like other game meat is very lean. This told me that perhaps the chef should instead served the moose burger with a fatty ground pork or pork belly as that should impart some tenderness to the otherwise very lean moose meat.

As we pack up to leave tonight I will leave you with a list of other restaurants that we just didn’t have time to check out but considered:

Expect our next post to come from Sydney NS as we are taking the ferry back to the mainland. Stay tuned.