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Dell Announces New Data Protection Storage Appliances & Enhancements To Data Management Software

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Dell Technologies is introducing PowerProtect DD Series Appliances, the next- generation of its Data Domain protection storage appliances, enabling organizations to protect, manage and recover data at scale across diverse environments. In addition, Dell Technologies is announcing new enhancements to Dell EMC Cyber Recovery, now Dell EMC PowerProtect Cyber Recovery, and to Dell EMC PowerProtect Software that will provide customers with cyber resiliency and support for workloads on PowerProtect DD Series Appliances.

Today’s businesses are experiencing an overwhelming increase in the amount of data they create and retain. According to the Dell EMC Global Data Protection Index, organizations managed 9.70 petabytes of data in 2018, a 569% increase compared to the data managed in 2016. With PowerProtect DD Series Appliances, customers can equip themselves with a solution that supports their growing data needs, has the ability to quickly restore their systems in times of disruption and fosters business value and innovation through a secure path to existing data sets.

Introducing Dell EMC PowerProtect DD Series Appliances

As the newest addition to the Dell EMC PowerProtect portfolio, Dell EMC PowerProtect DD Series Appliances are built to simplify and provide operational efficiencies for data protection for multi-cloud workloads. PowerProtect DD offers:

  • Faster performance. With up to up to 38% faster backups and up to 36% faster restores[ii], PowerProtect DD includes instant access and instant restore of up to 60,000 IOPS for up to 64 virtual machines, and support for 25GbE and 100GbE network speeds.
  • Greater efficiency. PowerProtect DD is highly efficient, providing up to 1.25PB of usable capacity in a single rack with hardware-assisted compression improving logical capacity by up to 30%, driving up to 65x data reduction.[iii] This smaller footprint delivers power and cooling savings of up to 35%[iv], increasing ROI for organizations.
  • Scalability to meet future demands. With flexibility and agility at its core and available in multiple configurations, PowerProtect DD provides scalability and grow-in place capacity expansion, ranging from 1 terabyte up to 1.25PB.
  • Data protection for multi-cloud workloads. PowerProtect DD provides operational efficiency, resiliency and scalability across on-premises and hybrid cloud environments. It has an extensive cloud ecosystem with support across multiple public clouds and can natively tier deduplicated data, delivering cost-effective, long-term retention.
  • Single pane of glass management. With PowerProtect DD Management Center, customers can gain aggregated management for multiple systems, manage capacity and replications, and monitor the health and status of all their appliances on-premises and in the cloud.


Cyber Resiliency for Mission Critical Systems

As customers experience an influx of data, they also must be prepared for cyber threats. Designed to minimize the impact of a cyber attack and provide faster recovery of mission critical systems, Dell EMC PowerProtect Cyber Recovery now supports workloads protected with Dell EMC PowerProtect Software and stored on Dell EMC PowerProtect DD Series Appliances. This integration enables customers to strengthen their cyber resiliency with automated data recovery and provides peace of mind in the instance of large-scale data loss.

New enhancements to Dell EMC PowerProtect Cyber Recovery include the ability to automate restoration from a secure, isolated vault, which enables customers to augment their existing data protection architecture with a secure copy of data removed from the surface of attack. These additions and integration with PowerProtect DD enable customers to easily incorporate a cyber resiliency plan and automated cyber recovery process into their environments, providing business operations recovery when it is needed most.

Dell Technologies Services[v] supports Dell EMC PowerProtect Cyber Recovery on Dell EMC PowerProtect DD Series Appliances. ProConsult Advisory Services help in developing business resiliency and cyber recovery strategies, while ProDeploy and ProSupport services promote a path to productivity and the ability to get ahead of problems before they happen.


Powering-Up PowerProtect Software

After its initial launch at Dell Technologies World 2019, Dell EMC PowerProtect Software is enhanced with several new features to offer efficient data management capabilities. In addition to interoperability with the new PowerProtect DD Series Appliances, PowerProtect Software provides more integration with VMware vSphere, offering VMware customers simplified data protection management and self-service recovery.

PowerProtect Software also now supports Dell EMC Cloud Disaster Recovery to enable orchestrated and automated disaster recovery fail-over and failback of VMware workloads in the public cloud.



  1. Three new PowerProtect DD Series Appliances – the Dell EMC PowerProtect DD6900, PowerProtect DD9400 and PowerProtect DD9900 – will be available globally Sept. 30, 2019 and through Dell Technologies channel partners.
  2. Dell EMC Data Domain Virtual Edition and Dell EMC Data Domain DD3300, now branded Dell EMC PowerProtect DD Virtual Edition and Dell EMC PowerProtect DD3300, are available now.

Enhancements to Dell EMC PowerProtect Cyber Recovery and PowerProtect Software are available globally


Review: Belkin MIXIT DuraTek Apple Watch Charging Cable

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My wife (thanks to yours truly) is an Apple Watch user as I gave her a Series 4 with GPS+LTE for our wedding anniversary. The one thing that she didn’t have was an extra charger for it. So it’s a good thing that Belkin hooked her up with the MIXIT DuraTek Apple Watch Charging Cable:


Belkin sent her one in pink which she REALLY likes. When she showed it to me, I noticed this right away:


First, the cable is braided. And it has Aramid fibers which add extra strength and act to protect the wires in the cable. Second, the ends of the cable have molding at the ends. That should ensure that the lifespan of the cable will be long. It’s 1.2M length which should give you the length that you need for any situation.

My wife noted the following:

  • She noted that it doesn’t tangle.
  • It worked everywhere she tried it.
  • It looks really, REALLY good.
  • She liked the length of the cable as it goes across her desk at work which is where this cable lives.

All of this is a win. The only thing that I will note is that charging module that you drop the watch onto is a bit larger than the stock Apple Watch which shouldn’t pose a problem unless you are using it where the size of the charging module matters. An example of this is if you want to put the charger in something like this. The price for the Belkin MIXIT DuraTek Apple Watch Charging Cable is $49.99 USD which is a bit more than any of the Apple Watch charges that Apple offers. But the Belkin MIXIT DuraTek Apple Watch Charging Cable is a much better cable that you should go for if you want a much better quality cable for your Apple Watch charging needs.