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Irish Minister For Trade Promotion Leads Trade & Investment Visit To Canada

Posted in Commentary with tags on November 1, 2021 by itnerd

The Irish Minister for Trade Promotion, Robert Troy, today commences a two-day visit to Canada, meeting with Irish companies doing business in Canada, and supporting Canadian and Irish companies that are working in partnership together. The visit is led by the Irish government’s trade and innovation agency Enterprise Ireland, with an office in Toronto and a newly opened office in Montréal.

Irish companies have been increasingly investing in the Canadian market; over 500 client companies of Enterprise Ireland have been doing business in Canada in recent years, employing over 6,000 people in Canada. In 2020, Irish companies exported over EUR1.7 billion worth of goods to Canada.

Highlights of the trade visit include:

  • The official market launch of Irish fintech Swoop Funding; a matching platform helping start-ups and SMEs access funding across equity, debt and grants.
  • Multi-sector contract announcements between Enterprise Ireland clients and their Canadian business partners.
  • Participation in a healthcare advisory panel with key opinion leaders from Canada’s healthcare sector and a consumer retail event at the Irish Design House.

Irish innovation has been supporting emergency departments and ICUs caring for patients with Covid-19, clearing winter snow in Laval, Québec, remotely surveying the seabed of Lake Superior, helping Canadian small-medium enterprises (SMEs) to access funding, and revolutionizing how the agriculture industry maximizes efficiency and sustainability.

Some examples of Irish entrepreneurs and their Canadian success stories include:

Swoop Canada launch

The visit coincides with the official market launch of Irish fintech company Swoop Funding in Canada. The company is a high potential fintech start-up in Enterprise Ireland’s client portfolio. Swoop’s matching platform helps start-ups and SMEs access funding across equity, debt and grants. It finds the best funding solutions based on a company’s stage of development and business sector.

Swoop can help businesses to identify savings and cut costs in areas such as banking, FX, insurance, utilities and broadband. Advice and guidance is provided for, among other things, business current accounts, international payments, energy, bad debt protection and recovery, and insurance. Swoop was named in the ‘Hot Ten’ list for the Global Fintech 50 for 2019. Swoop’s Canadian market entry follows their successful launch in Australia without ever setting foot in the country due to Covid-19.


Carbon neutral XOCEAN is driving down emissions in the offshore industry and delivering on its sustainability goal of displacing the emission of one million tons of carbon. Canada is a key growth market for the company and XOCEAN is continuing their expansion with the appointment of a new country manager.

Since opening their Canadian office in 2020, XOCEAN have successfully completed missions in hydrography, pipeline inspection and site characterization, including the first multi-USV (‘uncrewed surface vessel’) survey on Lake Superior, and are expecting to more than triple revenue in fiscal 2021.

During this time, they were awarded the XO-G2 project with Canada’s Ocean Supercluster that allowed the company to partner with Halifax-based, world-class boat manufacturer ABCO Industries, and leading geophysics experts, Ocean Floor Geophysics, in the development of their next generation USV. Canada has the longest shoreline in the world and offers a significant market for hydrographic data collection in addition to being a nexus to the high growth, North American offshore wind market.

Malone Group

Dublin headquartered Malone Group works with international organizations to design, manage and deliver high value business critical projects – the company has a presence in Calgary, AB and Richmond Hill, ON. Malone Group has been appointed as international project partner by Pond Technologies in Markham, ON – a cleantech company operating a vertically integrated model to enable industries to monetize their waste emissions, reduce their carbon footprint and create sustainable products. Pond designs and operates scalable bioreactors that use industrial greenhouse gas emissions to cultivate algae and other valuable biomass, to effectively close the carbon loop, aiding industries in the shift towards a low-carbon economy.


During COVID-19, three Montreal hospitals implemented the use of Aerogen as the aerosol drug delivery device of choice for patients in their emergency department, on the floors and in the ICUs. The goal was to provide ventilated patients and those suffering from respiratory health issues with the most effective and safest aerosol therapy, which allowed for better care and minimized escalation of care in their facilities.


Combilift is revolutionizing the way companies handle and store goods. Combilift’s expertise in optimizing the potential of a warehouse or storage facility in combination with their diverse range of material handling solutions can increase storage capacity by as much as 100%.

Combilift has secured three new significant contracts in both Ontario and Québec with
GFL Environmental, Aosom Canada and QTG. They are currently experiencing exponential growth in Canada (expecting over 100% by the end of the year), which is seen as one of their key world markets for future growth and expansion.


Workvivo serves as the employee communications platform for Canadian-headquartered TELUS International, and has expanded its contract with their 50,000 employees globally now using the internal communications platform. The last 18 months have presented unique challenges for employee engagement. Workvivo helped many companies keep their teams engaged and connected with interactive social campaigns on the platform. Workvivo has grown over 200% year-on-year (400% in Canada), and is on course to expand even further over the next year.

Ireland – A global reputation for innovation in agriculture

Ireland is renowned globally for its agriculture heritage and innovative agritech industry. Canada has become a key growth market with opportunity for acceleration of internationalization – Enterprise Ireland’s agri-clients have increased exports by 46% in Canada over the past three years. Some of Enterprise Ireland’s innovative agri-clients continuing to grow in Canada with pioneering sustainability, environmental and digitalization solutions include:


Providing precision diet feeding technology to optimally mix and prepare feed for maximum animal performance, Keenan will be announcing the expansion of seven new sales and service partners across Québec. Handcrafted in Ireland, Keenan offers a comprehensive product portfolio, which extends from horizontal paddle feeders, vertical auger mixer-wagons, to self-propelled, industrial and orbital mixing. For enhanced feed management, the KEENAN Controller is synced with their InTouch dashboard and farm app; providing farmers access

to feed-management software, mixer wagon controller technology and on-farm data to provide decision making tools to ensure feedings is consistent, accurate and helps drives animal performance. Every day, ‘InTouch’ manages the feeding of over 300,000 animals on farms across the globe.

Samco Agricultural

Samco has seen strong growth in Canada in 2021. Samco designs and manufactures a Samco three-in-one machine which sows seed, sprays the soil with pre-emergence herbicide, and lays a thin layer of degradable mulch film over the seedbed. This operation protects young plants from late frost, increases the soil temperature and thereby maximizes yield per hectare for growers.

Their newest innovation – a maize seeder which reduces film use by 30% without compromising on crop performance, has experienced strong demand and pre-orders in Quebec and Alberta for 2022.

ProDig Attachments

Identifying Canada as a key growth market for its range of agricultural attachments and despite the challenges of Covid-19 and their effect on logistics and supply chain
management, ProDig exported its first shipments to the Canadian market in 2021 and has announced the appointment of two import and distribution companies, North Valley Equipment (BC and AB) and Harco Ag (ON), to handle their agri-equipment sales across Canada.

About Enterprise Ireland

  • Enterprise Ireland is the Irish Government’s trade and innovation agency.
  • They invest in the most innovative Irish companies through all stages of their growth and connectthem to international customers across multiple industries.
  • Their goal is to build successful, long-term business relationships between international companies and Irish partners.
  • With 40 offices worldwide, Enterprise Ireland’s teams of industry experts consult with international businesses to understand and solve their business needs.