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LumoSquid: World’s First Smartphone Controlled Light-Up Jackets 

Posted in Commentary with tags on August 9, 2017 by itnerd

LumoSquid is launching the world’s first non-concept smartphone controlled light-up jackets. LumoSquid is a light-up tech lifestyle brand. People have the intrinsic need to express themselves – clothes being one of the mediums. It’s 2017, partywear (for lack of a better term) is the same old boring stuff. It’s time to create new interactions – hand someone your phone and let them play around with your clothes – colors, patterns, and music for now, but more in the future! LumoSquid’s LitJackets are designed to create a cool glow around the person wearing them, instead of in-your-face cheap/tacky lights. I have experienced firsthand, how LitJackets can effect social dynamics, with people being more open and friendly around them (even if out of curiosity), the amalgamation of tech and fashion presenting interesting new ways to socially interact.


Product Features:

  • 16 million LED colors with custom-creatable light patterns
  • Smartphone controlled via Bluetooth (iOS/Android)
  • Rechargeable battery pack (that can charge your phone!)
  • Colors can change to the beat of the music around you/ or from your phone
  • Ultrathin waterproof LEDs for flexibility, comfort, and surviving spills
  • We have a traditional men’s design and a stylized women’s design
  • Product will initially be offered in Black or White, and in all sizes for all ages.
  • More colors / patterned jackets will be offered as stretch goals
  • To use: simply flick a switch, turn on the jacket, the app will auto-pair and you’re ready to go!

Business Model:

  • Currently self-funded, plan to pre-sell on Kickstarter ($50k minimum target)
    • We already have real, working, functional manufacturer prototypes
    • Funds needed to develop a proprietary app
    • Additional funds will be used for inventory and to ramp to retail
  • Retail pricing: $139.99/jacket
    • Bundles and lower prices will be available on Kickstarter for our earlier backers
  • Currently offering a free 10 LitJacket giveaway on our website in exchange for email IDs

Find out more at: LumoSquid