Windows 10 Source Code Leaked To Web…. Or Not

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The Register posted on Friday that up to 32TB of “official and non-public (Windows 10) installation images” were uploaded to Now that sounds like a big deal. And frankly it is because at a very basic level, anytime source code for an OS like Windows 10 is available in the public domain, it opens the doors for epic hacks because hackers suddenly have access to resources that they wouldn’t normally have access to. Plus short of rewriting the entire OS, there’s not a whole lot that Microsoft in this case can do to stop them. So Windows 10 users should get ready for an onslaught of epic pwnage. Right?

Well…. Maybe not.

It turns out that the stuff that hit the streets is part of Microsoft’s Shared Source Initiative. In short, this is a program that Microsoft has that serves up source code for various products to certain “qualified” customers, governments and partners for debugging and reference purposes. The source code is only relevant to whatever the organization is working on and isn’t the whole OS. I’ve seen stuff that Microsoft serves up via this program and it’s not much. Thus, there’s very little chance of epic pwnage. That’s made The Register modify its original story to lessen what the perceived impact could be.

In short, nothing to see here. Move along.


Yatra Announces Aquatune Series Of Waterproof/Dustproof Speakers

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Yatra has created the perfect line of waterproof, dustproof, shockproof, weatherproof speakers, the Aquatune Series.


Screen Shot 2016-09-13 at 12.58.00 AM_zpsjslgj7ja.pngThe series is made up of three powerful, lightweight bluetooth speakers, perfect for every outing at sea. Each speaker provides maximum fun with minimum worry. The speakers are lightweight and compact, easily stored and transported. The 12610 and 9612 speakers are the perfect summer companion. The powerful speakers can blast tunes for up to 10 hours on a single charge and can connect up to 10m away! Both speakers can get heavily splashed and soaked from waves without worrying about dampening the party mood.

Screen Shot 2017-06-22 at 7.46.58 PM_zpsupgavsg3.pngThe Aquatune 5712 is the perfect, compact tool to blast your tunes on the water. This mini but mighty speaker can easily be hooked on to life vests and submerged underwater and still provide crystal clear playback.

Whether looking for a speaker to relax on the water or take on the waves, Yatra’s Aquatune series speakers have you covered. Yatra speakers can be purchased at, Amazon and other specialty retailers. Each speaker retails between $34.99 – $89.99.

Browser Based Interface Added To Velop Via Firmware Update

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Linksys today announced it has added a browser-based user interface for Velop users.  Similar to the browser-based user interface available with Linksys WRT and Max-Stream routers, the user interface is now available for Velop users to access advanced features as well as manage their home network from a Mac or Windows computer in addition to an iOS or Android device. Velop was built for performance, design and ease of use in setting up and managing the home network with the Linksys App; but now with the browser-based setup, there are even more ways to control the home network for a better Wi-Fi experience. The new user interface is available globally to all Velop users now with the latest firmware update. 

The new browser-based user interface now includes the following features:

  • Access to advanced settings:
    • DHCP server access for automatically assigning IP addresses to devices that come onto the network. This provides easy connectivity for mobile devices that often leave the network and return later.
    • DNS configuration for linking host names, such as a web address to a specific IP address.
    • Troubleshooting: device table, router report, ping/trace route, logs.  These features provide additional insights into network performance.
    • Security: firewall, VPN passthrough, DMZ settings.  Users can access these settings to manage their network security.
  • Browser access for users with a Mac or Windows PC.

Users can continue to enjoy the features found exclusively on the Linksys App, including:

  • Velop Setup
  • SpeedTest​
  • Channel Finder​
  • Notifications ​

Velop networks with Automatic Firmware Update enabled will automatically receive the new firmware overnight. If Automatic Firmware Updates is disabed, the new firmware can be downloaded and installed manually.  Please check the Linksys support page for more details. Users can visit the Linksys support site to learn more about Automatic Firmware updates.


Waze Has Some Holiday Driving Tips

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We all have an idea of the perfect Canada Day drive: in your car, on an empty highway, with no worries in the world.

The more likely scenario will see you heading out on the long weekend with millions of other drivers who are all looking to enjoy our national holiday. On days like this, you are more likely to see more car headlights than fireworks.

To get the best route to wherever you’re driving, the makers of Waze, the world’s largest community-based traffic and navigation app, have given us some tips for your Canada Day trek.

Plan Your Routes and Alternative Routes

The Planned Drive feature from Waze allows users to schedule a future drive and the app will recommend when to leave, based upon how traffic is likely to affect your ETA. Once you set your trip, you’ll know when you need to leave to reach your destination. It removes the stress of when to leave before you even get in the car.

Keep an Eye on Your Gas Tank

One of the worst feelings driving is seeing your gas tank is nearly empty, in the middle of a traffic jam, miles away from an exit. If you forgot to fill up before your drive, Waze can help you fix your mistake. The Gas Stations & Prices feature gives drivers a list of gas stations near you and it will include their per-litre price.

Know What’s Happening on Your Route

Radio traffic reports just can’t keep up with the real-time updates that come with Waze. You can avoid accidents, construction and all other driving hazards with the help of the app and follow alternative routes to get you where you need to go.

Safe Driving

Waze empowers drivers to be more knowledgeable and thus safer on the road. This includes police notifications which encourage drivers to slow down.

People drive more carefully when they believe law enforcement is nearby and with Waze you can stay safe and get to where you want to go without being a speed demon.

Avoid Following the Crowd

With Canada Day falling on a Saturday, it is going to be a very heavy travel day. Past data from Waze indicates that leaving before noon the day before on Friday gives drivers the best chance to avoid traffic. If you can only leave on Saturday, leaving early in the day is the best time to go. When getting back home, avoid going later in the day on the holiday Monday when the rush home is greatest.

A holiday weekend should be a time where you’re stress free and enjoying the quality time with family and friends. These tips should help you avoid any traffic nightmares that are sure to come on Canada Day.

Three Canadian Startups Selected For Grants4Apps Toronto 2017 Program

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Grants4Apps Toronto (G4AToronto) a new open innovation program to foster and support digital health technology in Canada,developed by Bayer Inc. (Bayer Canada), today announced its three finalists of their 2017 Toronto program. These selected start-ups will receive office space for 88 days at Bayer Canada’s headquarters in Canada, where representatives from Bayer Canada senior management will offer them top-level mentoring to develop their idea. In addition, Bayer Canada will provide financial support of $10,000 to each of the startups.

Bayer Canada congratulates:

  • Avro Life Science – A preclinical stage, over- the- counter, medicated skin patch that is being developed to deliver seasonal allergy medicine without the hassle of pills and syrups.
  • Mozzaz Patient Engagement For Complex Care – Provider-led patient engagement app that collects quantitative and qualitative data in active and passive sources for data correlation and predictive analytics, which is being developed for use in clinical trials.
  • HeartWatch – a wrist-based device that uses proprietary ECG technology to detect minor and major heart events, automating emergency response and allowing doctors to monitor patients at home, which is currently being investigated in clinical trials.

The three finalists were selected by a jury that included senior members of Bayer Canada as well as Rick Spence, National Entrepreneurship Columnist, Financial Post and Melloney Campbell, Founder & Startup Community Lead for Startup Peel.

The 2017 Grants4Apps Toronto program runs from June to October, 2017. The program will include a Demo Day in October where the startups will present the hardware, software, and business models they created during their time in the program.

For more information please visit and to stay informed, follow them on twitter @G4AToronto.

Xerox DocuShare Flex Makes It Easy for Small Businesses to Store, Access and Share Information Digitally

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Enterprise content management (ECM) used to make sense only for large companies with the size and budgets to make the conversion to digital worthwhile. Now, with the introduction of Xerox DocuShare Flex, small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and company departments can digitize processes like invoicing, sharing files, editing, managing databases and storing documents, just like large companies do.

SMBs tend to rely on inefficient paper-based systems and often lack centralized storage of digital information. According to respondents to a 2016 Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM) survey, poor content management practices result in taking too long to find content (62 percent), duplicated efforts (52 percent) and insufficient re-use (46 percent)1.

The new DocuShare Flex platform is cloud based and provides the automation, security and scalability of large-scale ECM systems in an affordable package that’s easy to configure and use without IT support.

DocuShare Flex systems will save SMBs hours, days or weeks. Users can complete a range of document-intensive tasks such as:

  • Routing documents automatically to facilitate approval processes and version control;
  • Automating necessary documentation for ease of compliance with government and industry mandates;
  • Simplifying management of the multitude of documents required for transactions, accounting, billing and other document-intensive operations.


Easy to Use, Agile, Low Cost

DocuShare Flex can store and manage a wide range of document types and content. It has a scalable storage capacity of hundreds of millions of documents. Managing documents from creation through archiving and eventual disposal is provided out of the box.

DocuShare Flex customers can add capacity and users incrementally to further control costs. The number of users can range from a minimum of five people up to thousands. It has advanced review-process controls that enable annotation, redaction and simultaneous viewing while controlling versions to keep documents current.

Automating Workflows

DocuShare Flex can automate a range of business processes including storing all project documents in one place, managing review cycles, and meeting potential audit requirements. It can also enforce compliance with best practices since management can observe work status.

DocuShare Flex is designed for non-technical staff with an intuitive search engine and a user interface (UI) that requires little training. The UI is Web-based and will run on a wide range of browsers and mobile devices.

The platform can work with back-end company systems to pull data and link to documents. It’s compatible with Xerox ConnectKey multifunction devices and associated apps for developing specific time-saving workflows, and includes a ConnectKey-based scanning service for scanning directly to DocuShare Flex.

The new DocuShare Flex platform augments the Xerox DocuShare portfolio, including Xerox DocuShare 7, which was recently named as a “Leader” in ECM software by G2 Crowd, and as the 2017 Pick award as Outstanding Document Management Solution by Buyers Laboratory LLC (BLI).


DocuShare Flex is now available in North America. It will be available in Europe and other select regions by May 31, in Canada in June, and in Asia Pacific by the end of August.

How To Solve Battery Drain Problems On Your Apple Watch

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A few days ago, I noticed that the battery life on my Apple Watch took a significant nosedive. Instead of lasting about two days between charges, it would be requiring a recharge at about 9PM at night. Given that I wake up at 6AM, that wasn’t good. Clearly there was a problem, but I needed to figure out if it was software or hardware as if if it is the latter, I would have to make an appointment with the Genius Bar at my local Apple Store. Here’s how I went about isolating the problem:

  1. Reboot the Apple Watch: It sounds simple, and it is. Sometimes a simple reboot will work. So what I did was I rebooted by pressing and holding the side button and crown at the same time until the screen went blank and the white Apple logo appeared. I did it first thing in the morning so I knew that I was starting out with a fully charged Apple Watch. Then every couple of hours I would note how much battery life I had left by swiping up from the bottom to see control center. I also noted how much battery life I had left at the end of the day. In my case, by the end I would usually have something between 60% and 70% battery life depending on what I was doing that day. For example, if I was out for a ride on my bike, I would be closer to the 60% mark in terms of battery life. In my case, rebooting didn’t work as I was still noticing excessive draining of the battery. Thus, on to step 2.
  2. Un-pair the Apple Watch from your iPhone and re-pair: What this process does is basically reset your Apple Watch from a software perspective. The reason why you would want to do this is that maybe there’s some piece of software that is draining the battery excessively. Thus by doing this, you get the option of starting out with a virgin Apple Watch from a software perspective. Then you can add back all your Apple Watch apps until you find the one that is causing your problem. Or you can simply add them all back and see if things stabilize. I would recommend that you try the former for best results. Though I will admit that it is time consuming. Apple has a document for un-pairing your Apple Watch from your iPhone here. Now you can pair your Apple Watch using these instructions from Apple and I would recommend setting it up as a new watch rather than using a backup so that you avoid the possibility that you are reintroducing a problem that was part of a backup. In my case, doing this process seems to have worked. At least so far. I will continue to monitor this to ensure that it stays “fixed.” Warning: You’ll need around an hour to do this and if you have any credit or debit cards added to the Apple Watch to use with Apple Pay, you’ll need to add those back as well.
  3. Make an appointment with the Genius Bar: Let’s pretend that neither of the above solved my issue. At this point I have eliminated most of the possible software causes and I am left with a hardware issue. That means a trip to the Genius Bar. When you go, you need to make sure that you tell the Genius that you’ve done the above and be prepared to explain it in detail. That way your time at the Genius Bar is minimized and they can either repair or more likely replace the Apple Watch in short order (assuming it is under warranty or AppleCare).

Do you have any other tips for solving battery drain problems with the Apple Watch? If so, please leave a comment below and share your tips.