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Bell Announces Gigabit Speeds On LTE

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This morning, Bell put out a press release to announce that they’re rolling out their LTE Advanced or LTE-A network to the masses after a successful trial where they achieved gigabit speeds. The rollout will take place during 2018. But be advised that you’ll need a smartphone that supports this to see Gigabit speeds.

Now I would expect to see Telus announce something similar shortly as they have a relationship with Bell when it comes to infrastructure. As for the other member of the “big three” phone carriers in Canada who is also known as Rogers? Who knows. My guess is they’re still trying to deal with the Apple Watch Series 3 debacle to try and get on level terms with Bell.


Firefox Users Need To Update Their Browser NOW To Avoid Pwnage

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If you run Firefox as your browser, you should update it ASAP if you’re running anything less than version 58.0.1 because of an exploit that the Cisco security team found:

A vulnerability in Mozilla Firefox could allow an unauthenticated, remote attacker to execute arbitrary code on a targeted system.

The vulnerability is due to insufficient sanitization of HTML fragments in chrome-privileged documents by the affected software. An attacker could exploit the vulnerability by persuading a user to access a link or file that submits malicious input to the affected software. A successful exploit could allow the attacker to execute arbitrary code with the privileges of the user. If the user has elevated privileges, the attacker could compromise the system completely.

Mozilla has confirmed the vulnerability and released software updates.

In English, that means that an attacker can pwn you if you run Firefox on a computer with administrative rights. And by pwn I mean that they can literally do anything they want. So to avoid pwnage, make sure you’re running the latest Firefox. Do it now. You’ll thank me later.



Reason #6719 Not To Run Adobe Flash: A Dangerous New Zero Day Exploit Has Been Found

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I’ve been saying for a very long time that if you want your computer to be secure, you need to dump Adobe Flash. On top of the security factor, you have no practical need for it as the world has moved on to standards like HTML5. But here’s a new reason not to run Adobe Flash. South Korean authorities have found a dangerous new Zero Day exploit that leverages Adobe Flash:

According to a security alert issued by the South Korean Computer Emergency Response Team (KR-CERT), the zero-day affects Flash Player installs and earlier. Flash is the current Flash version number.

“An attacker can persuade users to open Microsoft Office documents, web pages, spam e-mails, etc. that contain Flash files that distribute the malicious [Flash] code,” KR-CERT said. The malicious code is believed to be a Flash SWF file embedded in MS Word documents.

What makes it worse is that the North Koreans are apparently behind this and it’s been around since November and it’s actively being exploited. This has Adobe scrambling to fix this and a fix is coming out on Monday. Which is pretty craptastic on Adobe’s part seeing as this has been around since November and is actively being exploited. So if you still run Adobe Flash for whatever reason, make sure that you update it on Monday. Or better yet, uninstall it and make yourself more secure than you are now.

Office 2019 Will Only Run On Windows 10 Says Microsoft

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Microsoft on Thursday served up a new support document that references Office 2019, in which it revealed that the apps will only run on Windows 10. Which is a great way for Microsoft to force you off Windows 7 or 8.1, or even Vista and XP if you’re still running those for whatever reason. Because if you want to ensure that you can open and save documents with minimal hassle, you need to be on the latest version of office. Which in turn means you need Windows 10.

You have to admit that this is a pretty crafty move by Microsoft. But if you don’t want to upgrade to Windows 10, there’s always LibreOffice which includes a word processor, spreadsheet, presentation package, and a database. And it’s free.