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TIP: How To Ensure That Users Are Fully Signed Out Of Windows 10

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Something that has been bugging me since the Fall Creators Update of 2017 is that I’ve noticed that users are no longer automatically signed out when I shut down or restart my PC. I could tell that because applications that were open when I shut down automatically came back on the next startup. Since I only use my PC intermittently, specifically for Zwift indoor cycling sessions, I never invested any time to look at it. But a day or so ago, I got a bit ticked at this behavior that I decided to invest some time to figure out why this was happening. Twenty minutes later, I had figured it out:

  • Open the Settings app
  • Go to Accounts
  • Go to Sign-in Options
  • Scroll to the bottom until you reach the Privacy section and UNSELECT the option to “Use my sign-in info to automatically finish setting up my device after an update or restart.” Do this for EVERY account on your PC.

I can only conclude that Microsoft did this for some sort of ease of use or convenience reason. I say that because I cannot find this change documented anywhere. But whatever the reason, I’m not a fan. But I hope that this helps someone else who has this issue.


Quebec Ministry Of Economy And Innovation Serves Up $4 Million To Montreal-based Ormuco

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Today, the Quebec Ministry of Economy and Innovation announced the allocation of $4 million to the Montreal-based leader in edge computing, Ormuco. This investment will support Ormuco’s research and development and stimulate job creation in the software engineering sector. It will also contribute to establishing Quebec as a relevant and fertile ground for the future of innovative and real-time based technologies such as AI, 5G, Machine Learning and Edge Computing.

Despite the current talent shortage in technology, 85% of Ormuco’s workforce is based in Quebec.

As cloud computing is at a significant distance from the user, it is not possible to make real-time decisions. This is because the transfer of data from the device to the cloud is not immediate. The technology that solves this problem is edge computing. Its wide array of solutions overcome the physical challenges that cloud computing brings about, by offering an experience with significantly less latency (the time it takes to send information from point A to point B) and an increased capacity for transferring data at a higher speed.

One of the greatest transformations of the present era comes with machine learning, augmented or virtual reality, video games and the Internet of Things. This transformation will only be possible with coupled use of 5G mobile networks and edge computing. Thanks to the solid expertise Ormuco has built, the company is poised to become a global leader in the deployment of edge computing as the preferred solution for data processing, as the platform that accelerates the growth of solutions that will dramatically change the way we live today.

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The Great Canadian Road Trip II – Part 1: Toronto To Edmundston NB

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For the second time in three years, my wife and I have decided to take a road trip to the east coast of Canada. This time we’re going to the province of Prince Edward Island which is the birthplace of confederation and Canada’s smallest province. The goal is to cycle, hike and sightsee for 8 days. That doesn’t include the two days each way to drive to Prince Edward Island which may be a bit of a chore because of today’s drive to Edmundston New Brunswick which is a 10 hour drive from Toronto.

Once we left the traffic of Toronto, it was smooth sailing until we hit Montreal where we encountered this (Note: All pictures in this post were taken with the Nikon Coolpix P1000):


While Apple Maps did warn us about this traffic jam, it was frustrating to be in it. It took us almost an hour to go about 10K. The cause being a pothole that local authorities had blocked off, which in turn forced traffic around said pothole. Once we were past that, we went through this tunnel and back on our way.

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Once we were out of Montreal and on the roads headed to New Brunswick, this is the sort of scenery that we saw.

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When we had to stop for a bio break, or just to stretch our legs, these rest stops in Quebec came in handy:


In total, it took us twelve hours to get to Edmundston New Brunswick. We were staying at the Best Western Plus in Edmundston. This hotel was mostly great. By that we mean that the room was accessible for those who needed it. It was close to some restaurants and the highway. Plus they had a list of restaurants that was pre-printed and had the opening and closing hours on it. That allowed us to have dinner at a local Boston Pizza where my wife had a Mediterranean pizza and I had some pasta. There were plenty of places to plug in our tech to recharge, and it had good WiFi (though a lame password which was “bwe1234”). To top it off they had a good breakfast and they were trying to be eco friendly. That was all good, but here’s where it came off the rails. When they served breakfast the next day, they served it on paper plates and using plastic utensils. And they didn’t even try to recycle anything as everything went into the trash. Besides being a cheap and cheesy move which given that this hotel is $200 a night, it shreds any eco friendly crew that they had. If someone from Best Western is reading this, you might want do something about that.

Having said all of that, it was a comfortable place to stay which allowed us to get a good nights sleep to allow us to make the final five hour push to Prince Edward Island. Tune in tomorrow to see us take a couple of interesting detours on our way to Prince Edward Island.