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Put an end to #LostAirPods With Trackeroo

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No one has the time, effort, or money into re-buying another set of AirPods. Trackeroo is equipped with a perfectly sized pouch to hold a tracking device like Tile, Cube, Itekm, Nutale, or XY4+.

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The easy-to-grip silicone case comes in a wide variety of colors: black, blue, white, red, pink, green, and glow in the dark! Equipped with a side loop carabiner, Trackeroo can be attached to keychains, backpack, or purse to keep close on all times. So if you lose your entire backpack, you’ll be able to find it and all the items inside, thanks to Trackeroo. Check out which color is your favorite on Amazon!

Google Bought Fitbit For $2.1 Billion…. Here’s Why

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A few minutes ago, it was announced that Google had bought struggling wearables maker Fitbit for $2.1 billion.

Now this is great for Fitbit because they were bleeding cash like a drive by shooting victim in Compton CA. So it is clear why they would agree to be bought by Google. But why would Google buy them? I see a couple of reasons:

  • Google wants the data that Fitbit has: Fitbit was first to the wearables market and has a pile of data that Google would be very, VERY interested in. A lot of that data was acquired via deals with insurance companies to bundle Fitbit products in with customer health offerings. That’s something that Google can easily monetize.
  • Google needs help with Android Wear: Let’s face it, Android Wear is an afterthought. If you want proof of that, just go to any shopping mall or subway station and count the number of people wearing Apple Watches. Then count the number of Samsung wearables. Followed by the number of Fitbit products and finally Android Wear products. I suspect that you’ll see that Apple Watches will dominate what you see by a country mile, followed by Fitbit products. Samsung products may pop up now and again, and you MAY see a Google product. But likely not. If Google wants to make Android Wear a player in the wearables space, they need Fitbit to do it as clearly if Google could have done this in house, they would have done it already. Thus buying Fitbit makes sense as their expertise could help them immeasurably.

I am going to go out on a limb guess that a bunch of execs at 1 Apple Park are sending emails to their staff as we speak as they may actually have to deal with competition in the wearables market for the first time.

This should be fun.


Apple Called Out By Many Including Tumblr CTO Because Of Serious Background App Management Issues In iOS 13.2

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I’ve been saying for years Apple has a serious software quality issue that they cannot seem to fix. And its reared its head again with reports from sites like MacRumors and iMore that background app management in iOS 13.2 is horribly broken. What you’ll likely see if you have an iPhone running iOS 13.2 is that an app that gets tossed into the background will be force quit and have to restart. So if for example you were playing a YouTube video on the YouTube app and you toss it into the background to answer a text message, and then you go back to the YouTube app, YouTube will be force quit and you’d have to start the video over.

Here’s a video from Aaron Zollo of Zollotech that shows this in action:

In other words, the iPhone doesn’t multitask anymore. And that’s an #EpicFail in 2019. So much so that the CTO of Tumblr Marco Arment has called out Apple on this, oddly enough on Twitter:

That’s not subtle. But he’s right. While I won’t use the colorful language that he’s used, Apple’s software quality is horribly broken. As in Apple cannot hide this and make excuses for it anymore. Apple really needs to admit that they have a problem on this front, then get serious about fixing it so that they can go back to the days when stuff “just works” rather than what we have now which is a train wreck next to a dumpster fire.

Given the state of play when it comes to Apple’s software quality, or lack of it, no wonder iOS 13 is considered the buggiest release of iOS ever.