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AudioMob & Targetspot Join Forces To Revolutionize In-Game Advertising

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Online, in-app gaming is an estimated $65billion (£51billion) industry with huge, highly engaged audiences ranging across all age groups, gender and geos. Gaming has never been more popular than in the current moment with 45% more time now devoted to the medium since the Covid-19 crisis. Yet in-app advertising, which forms a significant portion of this revenue, has always posed a challenge for both publisher and advertiser, where traditional video and display advertising can be disruptive to the gaming experience. This can sometimes have a negative impact on both the developer (with users leaving the game) and the advertiser, where a disruptive format can potentially alienate the consumer and cause some negative feeling toward the brand.

AudioMob and Targetspot provide a solution to this problem and are delighted to announce their partnership across North American, UK and continental European markets. AudioMob technology allows for the seamless and elegant implementation of rewarded audio advertising within the gaming environment. This allows for an audio advert to play while the user is playing the game, thus enabling brand messaging and advertising that compliments the user experience rather than disrupting the flow. This format, when aligned with the Targetspot suite of propriety targeting and programmatic advertising technology and their experience as a world leader in the digital audio space, plays perfectly to the strengths of both audio advertising and the gaming experience, where highly engaged and relevant audiences can be reached in a way that maximises the message to the consumer while not detracting from the strengths of the medium.

About AudioMob

Operating out of Google Campus London, AudioMob is the brainchild of ex-Google and Facebook alums Christan Facey and Wilfrid Obeng. AudioMob, backed by some of the savviest investors in the industry, is the only company in the world to offer a holistic in-game audio ad solution welcomed by developers and advertisers alike. Its platform enables developers to better monetise their games while keeping players loyal and advertisers a seamless and highly effective gateway to an untapped gaming audience. For the first time gamers can enjoy their gaming experiences while being rewarded for listening to ads. 

About Targetspot

Targetspot, a division of AudioValley, is the world’s most advanced digital audio advertising platform. The company’s broad and diversified offering allows publishers and advertisers to cast, play and sell their digital audio assets. As a pioneer in audio streaming, ad serving and programmatic advertising, Targetspot connects advertisers, publishers and listeners through proprietary technology and cross-device solutions.

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Guest Post: Darktrace Discusses A Sophisticated Phishing Campaign Leveraging Microsoft Teams

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With the move to remote working having surged, the number of active daily users on Microsoft Teams has grown to 75 million, up from 20 million this time last year. Similar trends are being seen across Slack, Zoom, and Google Meet. With these SaaS applications becoming a staple in Canadian’s working lives, businesses should anticipate cyber-criminals to begin leveraging their household names and trusted reputation to launch email attack campaigns.

Darktrace’s AI, Antigena Email, picked up on one such attempt last month while deployed in passive mode at a multinational conglomerate – identifying 48 incoming emails that impersonated a Microsoft Teams notifications, but in fact came from an unknown sender and rare domain. The attacker was targeting employees alphabetically, seemingly working methodically through the address book.

With so much of the Canadian workforce moving to a more long-term work from home arrangement – and conference calls utilizing programs like Microsoft Teams a big part of the day-to-day – it’s imperative for businesses to safeguard themselves against threats. 

Apple Expands Independent Repair Program To Canada And Europe…. And Here’s Why I An Not Impressed With This

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Apple today announced two things related to its Independent Repair Provider Program that I have been critical of. I’ll get to my criticisms later. But here’s what they announced:

  • Over 140 providers are part of the program in the US.
  • The program is expanding to Canada and Europe.

So this is good news, right? Well, not exactly. I wrote about the fact that the terms and conditions that Apple puts on these repair providers are pretty unbelievable. Including having customers sign documentation saying that Apple will not warranty repairs made by these repair providers, and that there must be signage visible that says that the repair providers are not authorized. And I have zero reason to believe that has changed. Thus I am not at all impressed by this. While this is news and I should likely write about it, it is something given the facts at hand is hard to take seriously.

ATTOM Data Acquires Home Junction

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ATTOM Data Solutions, curator of the nation’s premier property database, today announced it has acquired Home Junction Inc., a real estate data technology company that specializes in building high quality geographic boundary datasets for neighborhoods, school attendance zones, subdivisions and more.

The strategic acquisition of Home Junction will expand ATTOM’s already robust data warehouse by adding proprietary school and neighborhood boundary data, crime, points of interest and demographics. ATTOM will continue Home Junction’s commitment of servicing real estate agents, teams and brokers with a suite of products that include custom websites and data widgets. 

Click here to view ATTOM’s Table of Data Elements

Founded over 10 years ago, Home Junction’s goal is to provide brokers, agents, teams, lenders, insurers and others with the ability to integrate vast amounts of property data into their internal and external web applications. The synergy of the two companies will strengthen ATTOM’s competitive positioning in the enterprise data licensing marketplace and the consumer & investor real estate search market.