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Twitter Is Now Engaged In A Second Round Of Layoffs…. This Time It’s Contractors…. Thousands Of Them

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Elon Musk’s burning down of Twitter continues unabated.

Casey Newton of Platformer is saying that thousands of contractors worldwide have been laid off. And the way they’re finding out is absolutely wrong:

This is absolutely wrong on so many levels. You don’t treat other human beings this way. Clearly Elon Musk on top of being immature is a horrible human being who has no feelings whatsoever. It shows the level of desperation that he has to get Twitter to make money quickly in order to pay back all the loans he took out to buy Twitter. Oh yeah, if you think Twitter is in a bad place now, it’s about to get worse.

Oh yeah. Then there’s also this:

This guy is a scumbag too. Just like his boss. My advice for former Twitter employees who get a call to come back to work, decline it. Twitter doesn’t deserve you or your talents. Let them burn.

Immature Elon Musk Picks A Fight With A US Senator….. Which Will Not End Well For Elon Musk

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Yesterday I wrote a story on US Senator Ed Markey wanting answers from Elon Musk about the Twitter Blue debacle. Specifically, why Elon Musk did nothing to stop people from impersonating major brands and famous people. In that story I said this:

Now Elon can try to ignore this. But that would not be a good idea as all that will likely result is him being hauled in front of Congress where he will have to answer questions. And trying to blow that off will not end well for him. Thus I hope for his sake that Elon is drafting answers for Senator Markey that are comprehensive and detailed. Otherwise it’s not going to end well for him.

The good news is he is not ignoring this. The bad news is that Musk has decided to pick a fight with this senator. Via a reader:

Really Elon? You’re really going to tempt fate by being so juvenile? Because if you do, it’s going to be highly likely that any number of bad things will happen to you. Such as fines, investigations, congressional hearings, etc. None of which is a good look on you.

Oh wait, it appears that we might be heading down that road.

What Senator Markey is talking about is this:

  • Twitter is subject to a FTC consent decree that stems from begin caught using the security phone numbers users to target ads to said users.
  • Tesla is being investigated by the NHTSA for it’s autopilot software and how it works. This same senator has said “every day that Tesla disregards safety rules and misleads the public about its ‘Autopilot’ system, our roads become more dangerous.”

The fact is that Elon isn’t in a good place here. His immature behaviour is only going to result in him being put under so much scrutiny by congress and others that he going to wish that he would rather be in a proctology exam. It’s also going to send more of Twitters advertisers heading to the exits because nobody wants to be associated with this train wreck that Elon has created nor do they want to be associated with his immature behaviour. Finally users will continue to migrate to Mastodon and other places to avoid the hellscape that Twitter has become under immature Elon Musk. And all of that will not only kill Twitter, but it will start to negatively affect Tesla and SpaceX. The thing is, this is what you get when you have a guy who has the maturity of an adolescent at best running multi-billon dollar companies. Musk seriously needs to get his act together or find others to be his adults in the room. But I suspect that we’re way past that and we’re in the endgame for Twitter for sure, but maybe we’re also in the endgame for Tesla and SpaceX as well.

How To Join Mastodon In Two Easy Steps

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Thanks to Elon Musk’s incompetence or desperation, or perhaps both, Twitter is now the hellscape of toxic behaviour, racism, and bad behaviour that he promised that it would not become. That is sending people running from Twitter to Mastodon. The best way to describe Mastadon is that it is 2014 era Twitter that is made up of decentralized servers and it has no adverts. A big plus is that it is completely open source and isn’t controlled by any one person or organization. That decentralization does create a bit of complexity that you need to navigate if you want to join Mastodon. Thus this guide hopes to help to make this process easier by breaking it down all the required steps in bite sized chunks.

Step One: Choose A Server

To join Mastodon you need to join a Mastodon. Like I said earlier, Mastodon is made up of decentralized servers. So choosing one is your first task. You can find servers by choosing by geographic region, language, topic registration process and whether or not they’re hosted by individuals or organizations. All servers on the official Mastodon site have agreed to follow the best practices of the Mastodon Server Covenant. In my case, I am on because that one is tech focused, and I am a tech guy. But if you need some help with that, I would recommend that you visit which has a wizard that can help you to select the best server based on your interests. You might want to read the server’s about us page to make sure it’s a good fit for you as well as reading the server rules to make sure that you don’t break any of the server’s rules.

Step Two: Join The Server

Once you’ve chosen a server, your next step is to join it. Each Mastodon instance will have its own sign-up process, but majority of Mastodon servers work like this:

  • You provide a username.
  • You provide your real email address and a password,
  • You check the box agreeing to the terms of service and server rules and click “Sign Up.” 

You’ll then see a notification asking you to check your email for a verification message. Click the “Verify email address” in that email message, and you’re done. You’ll have a username that looks like this:

Where @USERNAME is the username that you chose and is the name of the Mastodon server that you joined.

At this point you can not only start to follow people that server, but you can follow anyone in what is called the “Fediverse” which is the federation of all official Mastodon servers. So in short, you’re not missing out on anyone that you might want to follow by joining a specific server.

Now if you want to follow some people who are prominent on Twitter and have moved to Mastodon, this list will help you with that. And if you want to follow me specifically, I can be found on Mastodon at and I am currently cross posting all my stories there along with interacting with people as well.

Should you have any questions, drop me a note in the comments and I’ll try and help you out. In the meantime, you can enjoy your hellscape free social media platform.