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Cognitive Systems and MaxLinear partner to expand WiFi Sensing accessibility for ISPs

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Cognitive Systems Corp. announced today that its highly-accurate WiFi Motion™ detection software will be integrated intocMaxLinear’s cutting-edge broadband and access SoCs. Through this partnership, Cognitive Systems’ patented WiFi Motion technology will run on MaxLinear chips, enabling next-generation Wi-Fi Sensing applications such as home monitoring, wellness monitoring, and smart home automation.  

Since 2014, Cognitive Systems has designed, developed, and implemented the first and most sophisticated Wi-Fi-enabled motion sensing software in market, expanding how Wi-Fi networks are used. The breakthrough technology leverages connected IoT devices to transform the entire home into a motion-sensing network without any additional hardware. Cognitive Systems first launched a home monitoring solution, called Home Aware, and recently expanded its solutions by launching Caregiver Aware, a revolutionary solution for elder care. In addition to expanding its product portfolio, Cognitive Systems has optimized its rapid integration process. WiFi Motion is now available on most access points. Since 2020, WiFi Motion’s availability has grown to over 2.5M motion-capable devices and is offered by more than 100 service providers. 

Cognitive Systems’ WiFi Motion software is implemented as a function of MaxLinear’s suite of gateway and access platforms, including Wi-Fi, fiber, DOCSIS, and xDSL products. MaxLinear’s Wi-Fi solutions – including its latest generation Wi-Fi 7 product – deliver a fast, reliable, and responsive experience and are well-suited for next-gen Wi-Fi-enabled motion detection. Coupled with MaxLinear AnyWAN™ – the industry’s first single-chip SoC that targets Fiber-to-the-Home, Fixed Wireless Access, DOCSIS, and ethernet gateways and modems – services providers and home gateway designers have a set of highly-optimizable access solutions enhanced with leading functionalities such as Cognitive Systems’ motion sensing, which consumers are coming to expect.  

Through this partnership, Cognitive Systems’ WiFi Motion will be available on nearly every Wi-Fi access point.  

MaxLinear’s WiFi Motion-enhanced access point products will be available to Internet Service Providers in H1 2023.  

Cognitive Systems Corp. is on a mission to deliver the most advanced WiFi. Its core technology, WiFi Motion™, turns connected devices into motion sensors using WiFi signals. WiFi Motion harnesses artificial intelligence and predictive analytics to reliably identify and localize motion for endless application such as in the smart home, home monitoring, and wellness monitoring markets. This patented technology is layered onto existing WiFi networks without additional hardware to enhance service provider and router manufacturer offerings.  

MaxLinear, Inc. is a leading provider of radio frequency (RF), analog, digital and mixed-signal integrated circuits for access and connectivity, wired and wireless infrastructure, and industrial and multimarket applications. MaxLinear is headquartered in Carlsbad, California. For more information, please visit  

AppDynamics highlights a new class of post-pandemic agents of transformation

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One of the terms often heard at development conferences is ‘change agents’. The term, which some trace back to 2018, refers to leaders in the technology sector who have been vital in transforming roles, organizations, technologies, etc. And while the last 4 years have been quite productive for the sector, many technologists today feel that being one is harder than ever.  

The insight comes from the study conducted by AppDynamics: ‘Agents of Transformation 2022: Innovating in the Experience Economy’ whose objective was to know the perception of IT professionals to determine how they saw the role of agents of transformation today.  

72% of Canadian technologists believe their experiences in recent years – particularly during the pandemic – have accelerated their careers, and 88% now consider themselves to be business leaders. Also, 82% say the skills and qualities that define an Agent of Transformation have evolved. 

The study revealed that in order to be considered a Transformation Agent, technologists need to be committed to leaving a positive legacy within their organizations and beyond, successfully driving business and digital transformation projects, and always doing things differently to shape a better future for all. On the other hand, they need to recognize the necessity to continually learn and develop their own skills, to reassure and educate those around them, and to collaborate to deliver maximum customer and business impact. 

Tips to make your drive safer and easier while getting to events this November: Plan your drive with Waze

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t’s that time of year – when the hustle and bustle of the holiday season begins, and special events around the city take over our calendars!

For example, Katharine Harvey’s Light Up Downsview: A Drone Performance this Saturday (Nov 12) is at capacity, so attendees and residents in the area can expect the roads to be busy. The same will be true for other events happening this month including the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair (Nov 4 – 13); Santa Claus parades in Ontario throughout November and December; the One of a Kind 2022 Winter Show (Nov 24 – Dec 4); Cavalcade of Lights (Nov 26); and Glow Toronto – Christmas Light Festival & Market (Nov 30 – Dec 31).

Torontonians and visitors from out of town heading to any of these events can plan their routes ahead of time (especially when weather is unpredictable) and get real-time traffic alerts from fellow drivers and riders while en route with community-based navigation app Waze. Here are some tips for navigating to events like these safely while avoiding traffic – making your travel time less stressful and giving you more time for fun: 

Plan your drive ahead of time: Waze can help drivers choose the best route to their destination in advance, based on traffic patterns. It will even remind you when it’s time to leave.

Real-time reports: When using the app, users will see real-time reports of crashes, alternative routes, construction, weather hazards and traffic conditions — to help drivers make the best routing choice

Find parking: Need to find a parking lot near your scheduled drive? Once you’ve planned a drive, simply tap the three dots next to the drive and tap Find parking. This will bring up parking lots on the map close to your destination. Alternatively, after you have started a drive you can tap on the blue down arrow to pull up your drive details and select ‘P’ under “Add a stop.” This will pull up parking lot locations near your final destination as pins on the map, with details and the option to “Park here.”

Gas station feature: Get the most up-to-date gas location and pricing information. The Waze Gas Station feature notifies drivers of nearby gas stations, prompting users to update the price of gas at specific locations so other Waze users can search for the cheapest prices in their area.

Twitter Blue Is Gone As The Implosion Of Twitter Continues

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It seems that Elon Musk finally figured out that Twitter Blue has become a train wreck next to a dumpster fire that he could not fix. I say that because The Verge is reporting that Twitter Blue appears to have been deep sixed:

Twitter users are reporting that the option to sign up for the company’s new $7.99 subscription service, Twitter Blue, has disappeared from the platform’s iOS app just days after the service launched.

You could previously subscribe to Twitter Blue from the sidebar in the iOS app (the service has yet to launch for Android users), but users this morning reported that the option has disappeared. For those for whom the link is still available, trying to sign up only returns an error message. “Thank you for your interest!” it reads. “Twitter Blue will be available in your country in the future. Please check back later.”

I can confirm that the option is gone for me as well. And reverse engineering expert Jane Manchun Wong seems to have further proof:

So clearly this has been pulled by Twitter and it’s not an accident or an outage.

If it wasn’t clear before, it should be clear now. Elon Musk has no clue what he’s doing. He’s trying random stuff hoping to hit a home run, and he’s ignoring the people around him who are trying to give him advice. Assuming that they have the courage to speak truth to power. As a result you’re seeing stuff like this Twitter Blue train wreck next to a dumpster fire. And since this is happening in public, it is likely sending advertisers to the exits along with the money that Twitter needs to survive. That’s creating a death spiral that will be hard to escape. I say that because while some predict that Twitter will be sold by Elon Musk so that he can find some way to save face and recoup the money he’s spent on it. I seriously doubt that Twitter will survive that long because Musk is doing everything he possibly can to kill the platform.