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More Twitter Employees Laid Off By Elon Musk… While Elon Puts Out Some Tweets That Make You Say WTF

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I guess that Elon Musk isn’t afraid of what his mass layoffs and resignations are doing to his ability to run Twitter. I say that because there is news of more layoffs at Twitter:

Looking around briefly, I saw this about the layoffs:

Some of those who were fired started to receive notice on Sunday, according to two people familiar with the matter, though it’s unclear how many will be impacted in the current round. Platformer earlier reported the news.

Twitter’s sales organization held an all-hands meeting on Sunday with Musk and the new head of sales, Chris Riedy, two people said. Many employees showed up expecting some announcement about cuts, after Bloomberg reported Saturday that more were coming. Instead, Musk used the time to talk about ongoing updates, including his decision to reinstate the account of former US President Donald Trump, one of the people said. He also explained that the company needed to make ads more targeted to particular users, according to another person familiar with the remarks. There was no mention of layoffs during the meeting. 

Employees who were cut received notice via emails entitled: “Your Role at Twitter.”

“After further review of our workforce, we have identified roles within our organizational structure that are no longer necessary,” the note reads, according to a copy seen by Bloomberg. “Today is your last working day at the company.” The note, which goes on to explain that details on severance and returning company property is coming later, is signed, “Twitter.”

I have two theories about this:

  • Tesla is known for having NO marketing budget. Thus Elon is reorienting Twitter around the model of his other companies. Though if the majority of your revenue is based around advertising as is the case with Twitter, I am not certain this move will work.
  • This may imply that perhaps there’s isn’t a need for sales types at Twitter as advertisers flee the platform. It’s hard to see how Musk would view that as a good thing as that’s a direct hit to Twitter’s income. But Elon has his own “unique” view of the universe.

I also looked for evidence of engineers being offered their jobs back, but I couldn’t find any. But it would not shock me as someone has to run Twitter and Elon clearly can’t do it alone.

Speaking of Elon, he’s put out two Tweets that are truly in WTF country with one bordering on not safe for work country. I’ll start with that one as it involves Donald Trump’s reinstatement on the platform:

I have no words for this. Neither do I have words for this one related to CBS News suspending posts on Twitter:

I really don’t get it. You’d think with everything that is surrounding Twitter at the moment, you would think he’d have better things to do than to post some extremely questionable memes that make people wonder about where his head is at. But clearly not. And that may come back to bite him sooner than he thinks.

UPDATE: Musk is clearly trolling CBS News as they have restarted posting to Twitter after saying that they were putting a pause on using the platform.

Ex Twitter Manager Trolls Elon Musk’s Leadership In A Song About ‘Working 9 To 9’

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A former Twitter has now taken to Twitter to troll Elon Musk in a song about “working nine to nine.”

Lindsay Crider, who worked at the social-media giant for four years according to her LinkedIn profile, shared what she billed an “Elon version” of Dolly Parton’s 1980 hit “9 to 5” on Twitter on Friday.

I’ve posted it below:

At this point it illustrates just how badly Elon has played himself when it comes to wanting only “hardcore” employees working for Twitter. When they start to publicly mock you, and mock you on the platform that you own, it’s safe to say that you’re a joke and any respect that you might have had is gone. Assuming that the respect was there in the first place.

Great job Elon.

Industry Execs Discuss The Threats That Businesses Face During This Shopping Season

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Black Friday kicks-off what has become known as the busiest and most important shopping season of the year. In 2005, Cyber Monday was launched and became the most profitable day for online shopping. And now, Super Saturday – aka, Panic Saturday, taking place this year on Saturday, December 17, has been added as another business-critical “in the black” factor for the majority of retailers. 

Whether you are a brick and mortar or online retailer, system downtime and/or a data breach presents a very significant problem with far reaching consequences, however during this time of year the ramifications could be catastrophic.  

On this subject, the following StorCentric, Retrospect and DH2i executives had this to say.

Surya Varanasi, CTO, StorCentric:   

“While retailers are well aware of the importance of uptime and data security, many continue to struggle, particularly during high-stakes shopping periods. However, with inflation hitting its highest level since 1982, and a recession looming, retailers must ensure they are in an ideal position to meet customer demand, service expectations and capitalize on a time when consumers may be open to loosening their purse strings.

This is a time when data backup and data security best practices are critical. Today, many backup and security processes have become highly automated. But, as ransomware and other malware attacks continue to increase in severity and sophistication, it is clear that proper cyber hygiene must include protecting backed up data by making it immutable and by eliminating any way that data can be deleted or corrupted. 

An Unbreakable Backup does exactly that by creating an immutable, object-locked format, and then takes it a step further by storing the admin keys in another location entirely for added protection. Additional best practices should include deploying a solution that includes policy-driven data integrity checks that can scrub the data for faults, and auto-heals without any user intervention. In addition, high availability is best ensured with dual controllers and RAID-based protection that can provide uninterrupted data access in the event of a cyber attack from any internal or external bad actors, as well as a simple component failure. In this manner, recovery of data will also be faster because RAID-protected disk arrays are able to read faster than they can write. With an Unbreakable Backup solution that encompasses these capabilities, retailers can ease their worry about their ability to recover — and redirect their time and attention to activities that more directly impact maximizing opportunities at this time of year, and all year long.” 

Brian Dunagan, Vice President of Engineering, Retrospect

“The cost of downtime can be staggering, especially at this time of year, and the impact on a retailer’s business reaches far beyond the immediate loss in sales. While malicious or even careless employee actions can also present downtime and data loss risks, external bad actors–ransomware and other malware–are the most common threats. Retail IT professionals are most concerned about their ability to recover from a successful ransomware attack.

My advice to them is this. It is a given that you must deploy data security and high availability (HA) solutions. A simple 3-2-1 backup strategy is also essential (i.e., always have at least three copies of data; two onsite on different media, and one in an offsite location). However, as a successful cyberattack is likely just around the corner, you must be able to detect ransomware as early as possible to stop the threat and ensure your ability to remediate and recover. A backup solution that includes anomaly detection to identify changes in an environment that warrants the attention of IT is a must. Administrators must be able to tailor anomaly detection to their business’s specific systems and workflows, with capabilities such as customizable filtering and thresholds for each of their backup policies. And, those anomalies must be immediately reported to management, as well as aggregated for future ML/analyzing purposes.

Despite the increasing threat of cyberattacks and data breaches, retailers can prevail by staying vigilant and proactively enacting processes and deploying today’s innovative technology solutions; and in doing so, not only protect themselves but also their customers.” 

Don Boxley, CEO and Co-Founder, DH2i:

“As the retail world continues to experience dramatic transformation – some of it temporary, some of which will likely endure – it demands a data access and security solution that can support the way it works today, and tomorrow. Like many technologies that preceded them, VPNs were at one time truly cutting-edge unrivaled technology. However, over time as the world’s IT and business climate has progressed, VPNs have remained almost completely unchanged. Consequently, VPNs are now not only unable to keep hackers at bay, but they may also actually make their jobs easier for them.

As we head into what is arguably one of the busiest and most important seasons of the year for retailers, maintaining data access and security is paramount. What is virtually impossible to accomplish with VPNs can now however be achieved with the more modern, innovative and real-world proven software defined perimeter (SDP). 

SDP enables organizations to build a secure software-defined perimeter and use Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) tunnels to seamlessly connect all applications, servers, IoT devices, and users behind any symmetric network address translation (NAT) to any full cone NAT: without having to reconfigure networks or set up complicated and problematic VPNs. By leveraging SDP this holiday shopping season, organizations can ensure safe, fast and easy network and data access; while slamming the door on any potential cybercriminals or Grinch.”

Imply Announces Full Details of Druid Summit 2022

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Imply, founded by the creators of Apache Druid, today announced full details for Druid Summit 2022 virtual conferences. Druid Summit 2022 will concurrently serve delegates across the Americas, EMEA and APAC. 

Druid Summit 2022 is a technical conference for a global community of developers building analytics applications. The Summit is aimed at developers, architects and data professionals and provides a forum to share their experience with Druid and network with their peers.

Full event details and registration links can be found by visiting:

This year’s summit features keynote speaker Gwen Shapira, co-founder and CPO of Nile, Matt Armstrong, Head of Engineering – Observability & Data Platform at Confluent, Ben Sykes, Software Engineer at Netflix, Brianna Greenberg, Senior Data Engineer at Reddit, Csaba Kecskemeti, Senior Engineering Manager at ZillowGroup, and Yi Yang, Software Engineer at Pinterest. Also keynoting from Imply are some of the original creators of Apache Druid: Fangjin Yang, co-founder and CEO and Vadim Ogievetsky, co-founder and CPO of Imply.

Offering a wide range of content and activities, Druid Summit 2022 will offer training and education on Druid and its ecosystem. The Summit features talks by industry experts and practitioners covering development methods, architectural patterns, operational best practices and real-world case studies of Druid in production. 

For full event details, please visit:

Today’s Update From The Gong Show That Is Twitter… More Key Execs Leave As Kanye West Returns To The Platform

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With all the chaos that Elon Musk is causing at Twitter, it is hard to keep track of everything that is going on. For example, I missed numerous departures over the last few days that I am pretty sure will hurt the company. Let’s start with Sarah Rosen who was the head of U.S. content partnerships at Twitter. And on the way out the door, she seems to take a shot at Elon Musk. You can judge for yourself:

Also exiting Twitter was Maggie McLean Suniewick, a former NBCUniversal exec who had just joined the company in June as VP of partnerships. She seemed to also take a shot at Musk. Judge for yourself:

Musk on the other hand has fired at least one exec. Robin Wheeler resigned last week but reportedly had been persuaded by Musk to return to the role. But then he apparently fired her on Friday:

She confirmed her departure later in the day:

Here’s the thing. You can’t run a company if you are firing your top talent, or they all leave. It’s just not a sustainable situation. But Elon doesn’t see it that way quite clearly.

But coming back to Twitter is the anti-semitic vocal artist Kanye West. He resurfaced with this Tweet:

At this point, Twitter is a mess where Elon Musk will let any racist, low life and insurrectionist onto the platform. And by the way, didn’t West buy Parler? What happened to that?

Meanwhile, over at Mastodon, here’s what things look like as of 8AM EST:

Looks like we’re seeing a spike in users going over to Mastodon today. I think it’s safe to say that Elon’s actions, decisions, and behaviour is responsible for driving people away from Twitter. Which is another problem for Elon to consider as he struggles with trying to keep his vastly overvalued $44 billion investment afloat.

Apple’s Privacy Claims Now Under Further Scrutiny As Researcher Claims That Personally Identifiable Information Is Sent To Apple

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Last week a class action lawsuit was filed when a researcher discovered that Apple’s own apps were sending information about you to Apple regardless of whether or not you had your iPhone set up to allow such communications to take place. Today the same researcher Tommy Mysk along with Talal Haj Bakry have discovered that the info that is being sent to Apple also contains personally identifiable information:

If this is true, it directly contradicts Apple’s device analytics and privacy legal page where it says that nothing identifies you. It also shoots down any moral high ground that Apple has when it comes to privacy. Apple hasn’t commented yet. But seeing as this keeps getting worse and worse for Apple, at some point they will have to come out and say something. Because if you trade on being a privacy centric company, and people start putting forward that you’re lying, you need to answer that or you look guilty by default.