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Hisense Launches Its latest Mini LED Televisions In Canada

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The next generation of high performance, innovative and smart 4K televisions from Hisense have arrived in Canada.

Hisense introduced its new ULED series featuring innovative Mini LEDs earlier this year at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The Hisense TVs that boast this premium technology are now arriving at Canadian retailers, with options across the budget spectrum. 

Hisense Mini LED backlighting technology combined with Full-Array Local Dimming is engineered for high brightness levels with vibrant and accurate colour reproduction,” says Puneet Jain, Senior Director and Head of Marketing, Public Relations & E-commerce with Hisense Canada. “The result is a superior television with enhanced image quality with more precise and true-to-life images on the screen.”

Televisions with Mini LEDs produce an image that has more detail and brightness; the Mini LEDs used in Hisense televisions are much smaller than a conventional LED, allowing more LEDs to be installed on each panel delivering better processing of visuals. The outcome is sharper, brighter, and crisper picture quality for an enhanced viewing experience.

Hisense Canada is introducing three series of televisions with Mini LED technology for consumers to choose from, based on their needs and preferences:

  • U88KM Series — The U88KM Quantum Dot Mini LED is the flagship series making this an ideal choice for home entertainment and gaming. The native 144Hz refresh rate is great for action movies, sports, and gaming. The Mini LED backlighting technology with high brightness levels and accurate colour reproduction will make this TV stand out in any room. The U88KM features more local dimming zones, higher peak brightness, and picture upgrades like IMAX enhanced, Filmmaker Mode, Dolby Vision IQ, and HDR10+ to elevate the entertainment experience. 
  • U78KM Series — The U78KM brings next-level gaming upgrades with the native 144Hz refresh rate combined with enhanced on-screen response time, making this series an ideal choice for gaming, and watching sports. It also features Dolby Vision & Dolby Atmos, Filmmaker Mode as well as gaming features like Variable Refresh Rate (VRR), Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM), and Game Mode Pro to eliminate lagging and frame tearing.
  • U68KM Series — The U68KM features Quantum Dot Mini-LED technology, Filmmaker Mode, Bluetooth connectivity, higher peak brightness, and Google Assistant.

The Hisense Mini LED Series price starts at $799.99 for a 55-inch U68 series and will be available in stores and online at several national and regional retailers across Canada including Visions, Best Buy, Costco, The Brick, Amazon, London Drugs, and other authorized retailers.

Hisense is the no. 2 TV brand in the North American market based on unit share and is the fastest growing TV brand in Canada. With its lineup earning 50+ awards in 2022, Hisense is taking its ULED technology even further with the launch of an innovative line of TVs to bring the most immersive entertainment experience to consumers.

Twitter To Academics: Delete Twitter Data Or Pay $42K/Month…. And Another Senior Figure At Twitter Leaves

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I am of two minds on this on. I can’t decide if this is another attempt by Elon Musk to grab as much cash as he can. Or if Elon is trying to cover up how much of a racist, sexist, homophobic train wreck next to a dumpster fire it it. Either way, The Independent is reporting that Elon wants academics who got data from Twitter to either delete it, or pay him $42K a month:

An email, seen by the i, says researchers who don’t sign the new contract “will need to expunge all Twitter data stored and cached in your systems”. Researchers will be required to post screenshots “that showcase evidence of removal”. They have been given 30 days after their agreement expires to complete the process.

The requirement to delete the data was included in the original contract signed by researchers when they agreed to access the decahose, but it signals a U-turn on previous openness to scrutiny by academics. 

The contracts were signed with the previous Twitter regime, which had historically welcomed academic scrutiny of its platform and valued the importance of transparency. The researchers had no reason to believe that the contracts would ever end – nor that they would be asked to delete data they had previously obtained under its terms, regardless of what the text said.

“There is quite a bit of research underway to illuminate what has happened on Twitter the last several years, so it’s devastating both to that research, and to the transparency of the platform, and for the historical record of the public discussion on Twitter,” said one academic who received the demand. They asked not to be named because they are concerned about the ramifications. “It’s sort of the big data equivalent of book burning.”

At some point Elon is going to get called on this. Likely by the EU who has rules about this sort of thing. But Twitter has other issues at the moment. As in news that the head of engineering at Twitter has resigned following the debacle related to Ron DeSantis launching his bid for The White House on Twitter, and that turning into a train wreck next to a dumpster fire:

Foad Dabiri, the engineering lead for Twitter’s Growth organisation, tweeted: “After almost four incredible years at Twitter, I decided to leave the nest yesterday.”


Mr Dabiri did not say why he had decided to leave the company, or whether it was linked to the problems with Mr DeSantis’s campaign.

In a thread on Twitter, he thanked his “remarkable” colleagues for their friendship, stating the company had experienced “massive and rapid” change under Mr Musk.

“We came through and emerged stronger,” he added. “To say it was challenging at the outset would be an understatement.”

He added that working with the Tesla founder “has been highly educational”, and that it was “enlightening” to see how his plans were shaping the future of Twitter.

It sounds like he was made to walk the plank because of the gong show that was the DeSantis campaign launch. Too bad for him. But it illustrates that Elon isn’t the type of person who takes responsibility for anything, seeing as he mass fired a lot of the people who likely could have supported this campaign launch and make sure that it went off without a hitch. However, Elon is also not a guy who thinks that far ahead. And that is starting to bite him as you have to wonder what Republicans think of the guy at the moment based on what happened with this brutal campaign launch.