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Sky Mobile In The UK Appears To Be Down… Other Carriers Affected

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It appears that there is a significant outage affecting Sky Mobile users. Or put another way, users of that mobile network appear to be having a Rogers moment. Here’s the current view from Down Detector:

But that’s not all apparently. Users of Tesco Mobile, EE, O2, Virgin Mobile, Vodafone, Three, and GiffGaff all seem to be reporting issues as well. But those might be knock on effects of the Sky outage according to this. Whatever the cause, this is not good for mobile phone users in the UK and I hope that this gets resolved quickly.

ServiceNow Bets Big On Generative AI & Upskilling, Launches New Workflows

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Today, at Knowledge 23, ServiceNow announced several major innovations and initiatives to accelerate intelligent automation across the enterprise, including innovative generative AI capabilities built into the Now Platform, new workflows for the critical work of Finance, Procurement, and Supply Chain leaders, an AI-powered skills intelligence solution to supercharge employee growth and development, as well as a new initiative to digitally transform non-profits’ critical work.    

New features and capabilities include (more innovations are included within the media kit):  

  • Generative AI solutions that expand ServiceNow’s already extensive AI functionality with built-in capabilities, which apply the power of generative AI to enterprise applications.  
  • New Finance and Supply Chain workflows to automate procurement, accounts payable, and other critical processes. These workflows represent a major expansion of the ServiceNow portfolio as the company continues to extend the reach of the Now Platform to new personas industries, and geographies to propel its growth. 
  • Employee Growth and Developmenta new AI-powered solution that helps organizations predict, identify, and develop skills that will have the greatest impact on the business and close talent gaps. Underpinned by AI, EGD will guide employees and their managers through career plans, development goals, and learning resources on a single platform. 
  • ServiceNow Cloud Observability powered by Lightstep to manage the growing scale and complexity of cloud infrastructure, bringing observability metrics, tracing, and logging together in a single solution. 
  •, an initiative to digitally transform non-profits’ critical work.  
  • New partner courses for ServiceNow’s Rise Up training and development program with Microsoft as the first partner. Individuals can build foundational knowledge on ServiceNow and Microsoft that expands the skills ecosystem from which organizations can find and hire talent to excel on both platforms.  

The new solutions and initiatives address the complex needs of businesses today for ServiceNow’s 7,700+ customers—targeting growth and speed, while boosting cost efficiency; investing in technology while advancing talent development; and increasing productivity without slowing innovation. 

Bell Insures The Fingers Of Toronto Ultra Esport Team Players For $1 Million

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Today, in partnership with Toronto Ultra, Canada’s professional Call of Duty esport team, Bell announced they’ve insured the fingers of each Toronto Ultra team player for up to $1 million which is a first for them, and for a professional esports team in Canada.

From texting, to typing and gaming, fingers are essential to the sport, and now the team is fully covered when they compete at the end of the month at the Bell sponsored Call of Duty League Major V Tournament (May 25-28 in Toronto). It’s here team members, including Jamie “Insight” Craven, Tobias “CleanX” Jønsson, Thomas “Scrap” Ernst, and Charlie “Hicksy” Hicks will debut their newly insured fingers. Toronto Ultra is one of the standout teams to watch, having won the Major III Championship earlier this year. Sold out crowds are expected with limited single-day tickets still available at

Many of the world’s top athletes have insured their most prized body parts, including star baseball pitchers insuring their arms and soccer players insuring their legs. By insuring esports players’ fingers up to $1 million each, Bell is reinforcing the legitimacy of esports as a professional sport and demonstrating the potential for growth and investment in the industry.

As a key strategic investor in OverActive Media, and founding partner of Toronto Ultra, Bell is committed to innovation by pushing the boundaries of sports sponsorship campaigns, and as Canada’s best gaming Internet provider for the second straight year as per PCMag Best Gaming ISPs 2023 report (, they’re proud to  continue to deliver a premium gaming experience with high speed and low latency for Toronto Ultra athletes and fans through their fibre Internet technology.

Check out Bell’s YouTube page for more on this exciting sponsorship campaign. To learn more about Bell’s fibre Internet technology, please visit

Hackers Impersonate Execs to Execute Financial Fraud Scams in Two-Way Attack: Armorblox

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Armorblox has released its latest research diving deep into a new two-way attack dubbed, VIP Invoice Authentication Fraud, that aids bad actors in executing financial fraud, specifically payment fraud, on target organizations. In this attack, bad actors utilize a new twist on executive impersonation and executive email domain spoofing tactics – by seemingly including the victim’s boss – to further exploit victims’ trust, sense of urgency, and quick execution of the request: payment of a fake invoice.

How it works: In the first part of this attack, the bad actor sends an email to both the victim and their “boss” (via a  spoofed email address), pretending to be a legitimate company or individual and asking end users to pay an invoice. In the second part of the attack, the bad actor will then reply to the email thread, using the spoofed domain account to impersonate the victim’s boss and instruct them to pay the invoice as soon as possible. 

You can read the research here.

Nozomi Networks Delivers Industry’s first AI-powered Cybersecurity Analysis and Response Engine

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Nozomi Networks Inc., the leader in OT and IoT security, today introduced Vantage IQ™, the industry’s first AI-based analysis and response engine designed to quickly address security gaps and resource limitations in mission critical operational infrastructure. Available as an add-on to Vantage, Nozomi Networks’ SaaS-based security management platform, Vantage IQ uses artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to help security teams do more with less, by automating the time-consuming tasks associated with reviewing, correlating and prioritizing network, asset and alert data. Teams using Vantage IQ gain fast, accurate and in-depth cybersecurity analysis that’s not possible with human analysis alone. This advanced human-machine collaboration strengthens cybersecurity and resilience for critical infrastructure organizations while helping security administrators gain workload efficiencies.

Vantage IQ raises the bar on security analytics and automation, by giving users the ability to:

  • Immediately understand what’s happening across a network of IT, OT and IoT devices. 
  • Quickly and easily extract process intelligence and priority tasks from massively expanding networks and data sources
  • Improve response times with deeper insights, correlation and actionable intelligence 

According to Gartner, “Increased complexity in security is challenging security practitioners to decide where to focus their efforts. The volume of threats and the disruption they cause will drive interest toward security solutions that help identify and prioritize the most-critical risks and exposures.” 

Key features in Vantage IQ include:

  • AI-powered Insights. Users can access Vantage IQ’s Insights Dashboard where alerts are automatically correlated, prioritized and supported with root cause information for more efficient remediation and fewer security gaps. Deep neural networks in Vantage IQ identify activity patterns in network data. Data is correlated to streamline forensic analysis, tuning and security enhancements. 
  • AI-based Query and Analysis. Users can easily gain a deeper understanding of their environment using natural language queries that answer common questions about vulnerabilities, network assets and other environmental details.
  • Advanced Predictive Monitoring. Users can strengthen operational resiliency and prevent system outages with early warnings that system behaviors are deviating from the norm. The Time Series feature in Vantage IQ augments Vantage’s ability to alert on changes in the network with an additional level of alerting on unusual changes in the bandwidth of activity going through the sensors monitoring those networks. In future Vantage IQ will also alert on process variables enabling even great levels of predictive monitoring and maintenance.

Vantage IQ is an optional add-on to Nozomi Networks’ Vantage SaaS platform. It is available in the third quarter from Nozomi Networks and its extensive global network of channel partners.

Visit the Product Page: