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From Emergency Contraceptives to Sex Toys – Uber Eats reveals new trends on Canadians’ sexual health for World Sexual Health Day

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To celebrate, Uber Canada is sharing consumer data trends that shed light on Canadians’ sexual health and wellness. 

Over the past two years, more pharmacy and convenience store merchants have joined Uber Eats. It’s no surprise then that almost half (44%) of Canadians reported using delivery apps to order everything from snacks to essential items in the last year. Sexual wellness products—including condoms, emergency contraceptives, lubricants, vibrators and more—have become a popular category in people’s online shopping carts.

The latest data drop reveals the most popular sex products purchased by Canadians across the country and ranks the cities that are the most prepared for sexual adventures, based on the volume of sexual health products they’re purchasing on Uber Eats. 

Emergency contraceptives and pregnancy tests top the list of the most popular sexual health products ordered on Uber Eats along with lubricants and vibrators. This year, Kitchener-Waterloo jumped from #10 in the city rankings to the #1 most prepared city for safe sex, as the biggest consumers of sexual health products and contraceptives. You can see where your city ranks and what products are trending across Canada below. 

Top 10 Canadian cities that are the biggest consumers of sexual health products

*results weighted to account for pop. differences 

Top 5 Most Popular Sexual Health Products Across Canada

Uber is also celebrating cities that are ordering the most of a particular sexual wellness product. Check out the ‘23 winners:

  • Hamilton takes the title of “The Slickest City,” as Hamiltonians are by far the biggest consumers of sexual lubricants on Uber Eats
  • Londoners are the “Most likely to have you covered,” with London being the city that purchases the most condoms 
  • Torontonians are the “Most likely to pass a vibe check,” since Toronto consumes the most sex toys/vibrators on Uber Eats