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Procore Announces Procore Copilot

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Procore Technologies, Inc. today announced Procore Copilot, a new artificial intelligence-powered conversational and predictive experience that will provide customers the ability to automate time intensive, manual processes across the Procore Platform.

The introduction of Procore Copilot underscores the industry’s high demand for technology that can cut down on manual tasks and streamline arduous workflows. According to the 2023 How We Build Now Report, 28 per cent of total project time is spent on rework, while 18 per cent of project time is spent searching for data, significantly impacting project performance.

Procore Copilot will work in the background to flag important information and help customers operate in a more proactive and productive manner, all while running on data from within the Procore Platform. Procore Copilot acts as an extension of the project team, and can quickly search and surface information securely on web or mobile. And, two of the construction industry’s most trusted technological partners, Procore and Microsoft, are working together to extend the power of Procore Copilot enabled by Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service, into the Microsoft products Procore’s customers use every day.

Procore Copilot is currently under development and functionality will be rolling out in beta over the coming year.

To learn more about how Procore is revolutionizing construction workflows with AI, register for Groundbreak Live.

Open Systems Introduces OT Firewall

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Open Systems, a leader in managed secure access service edge (SASE) services, today announced the general availability of its OT firewall service. The Open Systems OT Firewall provides organizations with a dedicated appliance at the center of operational technology (OT) networks for better visibility and control of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) traffic, enabling fast detection and remediation of malicious activity.

Many manufacturing organizations are adopting IIoT as part of Industry 4.0 strategies, increasing the risk of a breach in their OT environment. According to a survey conducted by SCADAfence, 76% of OT experts said they believe that their OT security risk level is high or severe.

Open Systems OT Firewall also includes technical support from Open Systems’ expert team to help customers successfully implement thorough network segmentation on the OT firewall. OT segmentation is then easily managed using simple policy and zoning concepts.

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Salesforce Has More Announcements From Dreamforce

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Salesforce had a ton of news announced at Dreamforce this week. Here’s a list of the announcements:

  • Einstein Copilot Assistant
    • Salesforce’s next generation of Einstein brings conversational AI assistants to every customer relationship manager (CRM) application.
    • Einstein Copilot allows people to talk to the platform in natural language to generate trusted and accurate recommendations and guidance.
      • It can work alongside employees to do critical tasks such as tips for reducing average customer service call time or calculating the best discounts to move merchandise fast.
    • In addition, Copilot Studio & Skills Builder lets any organization customize the tool with prompts, skills and models, while the Einstein Trust Layer provides configurability for managing sensitive data and a compliance-ready audit trial to keep companies in control.
  • Einstein 1 Platform
    • Building custom AI is different from building apps. The Salesforce Platform will now empower anyone to build their own autonomous agents with custom skills, models, prompts, and branding with clicks, not code.
  • Einstein for Net Zero Cloud ESG reporting
    • With ESG reporting standards constantly evolving, businesses are having a hard time keeping up. Mandatory ESG reporting comes into effect for Canadian financial institutions in 2024, leaving businesses less than a year to adjust their operations. 
    • These new AI features will automate reporting, save time, and ultimately allow for a smarter and more holistic ESG strategy.
  • Expanded AI partnership news with Amazon Web Services and Google Workspace
    • Salesforce is excited to announced a strategic partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to help fuel business transformation for customers. New integrated solutions between the platforms are designed to help customers access enterprise data while enabling AI-powered personalization with trust and efficiently scaling business applications.
    • Salesforce and Google have announced a partnership to provide new trusted integrations that enable shared users to leverage both Salesforce and Google Workspace contextual data to inform generative AI experience across platforms. The seamless experience for shared users across platforms enables integrated use of Salesforce in Workspace Duet AI and Google Workspace in Einstein Assistant.
  • AI-focused Slack innovations
    • Salesforce and Slack announced new product innovations that bring AI, automation and knowledge sharing to the platform, ultimately boosting productivity and transforming how teams work.
    • New built-in AI features to help automate work, allowing Slack users work smarter and save time.
      • Users can review conversations in one click, add connectors from partners like Asana, Google, and Jira, and manage work with Slack lists – from triaging IT requests to reviewing legal approvals.

Salesforce Dreamforce Highlighted AI

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AI innovation was the heart of Dreamforce – one of the world’s biggest AI events – this year in San Francisco. To round out the week of AI-related announcements, and to better understand this transformation, Salesforce surveyed Canadian professionals about how generative AI is affecting their roles, productivity, and trust. 

Highlights include:

  • Over half (58%) of professionals believe that generative AI will increase their productivity, on average saving them 4 hours per week.
  • Almost half of marketers (49%) are already leveraging generative AI, with an additional 15% planning imminent adoption (bringing the total to 63%) and many are already using it for copywriting, content creation and to inspire creative thinking. 
  • 78% of employees agree that generative AI lacks human contextual knowledge, and 66% believe there is bias in generative AI output.

The full Canadian survey findings, including data on how professionals feel about the safe use of AI, are available HERE. 

Cybersecurity Expert Rick Howard Joins Cyware Advisory Board

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Cyware is pleased to announce the addition of renowned cybersecurity expert, Rick Howard, to its advisory board. Mr. Howard brings with him a wealth of experience and expertise that will play a pivotal role in guiding the company’s strategic initiatives and technological advancements.

Rick Howard is a former CSO of Palo Alto Networks, where he founded Unit 42, Palo Alto’s threat intelligence and security consulting team; currently he is the CSO, fellow, and podcaster for The CyberWire. He also helped establish the Cyber Threat Alliance (CTA), an information sharing and analysis organization. Mr. Howard has written the book on cybersecurity strategy and is widely recognized for his meaningful industry contributions in the public and private sectors. With Cyware’s commitment to cyber fusion, threat intelligence operationalization, and collective defense, Mr. Howard’s expertise and experience will be invaluable in his advisory role.

As a member of Cyware’s advisory board, Rick Howard will play a key role in shaping the company’s strategic vision, product roadmap, and market positioning. His unique insights will assist Cyware in continuing to provide innovative solutions that empower enterprises to make intel-led decisions and take action quickly to reduce risk and strengthen defenses.

Rick Howard will also be presenting a joint webinar with Cyware on September 28 titled Improving Security by Reducing Complexity.

EnGenius, WAV and MBSI WAV Join Forces in Strategic Distribution Partnerships

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EnGenius Technology, a global leader in cloud-powered connectivity solutions, is thrilled to announce strategic distribution partnerships with WAV and Canadian affiliate MBSI WAV, prominent value-added distributors of Wi-Fi, networking, wireless broadband and fiber solutions. This collaboration aims to enhance the accessibility of EnGenius products and provide customers with top-tier networking solutions across industries throughout the United States and Canada. 

This partnership presents a myriad of benefits for both EnGenius, WAV and MBSI WAV, who have clear objectives in this new strategic alliance. EnGenius gains access to an extensive distribution network of service providers and integrators, enabling its products to reach new markets and customers. Simultaneously, WAV and MBSI WAV benefit from EnGenius’ industry-leading technology, bolstering its comprehensive range of networking offerings. 

About EnGenius Technology 

EnGenius Technology is a leading global provider of connectivity solutions, delivering feature-rich, high-performance networking equipment for businesses and individuals. With a focus on innovation and simplicity, EnGenius has consistently introduced reliable and cutting-edge products that redefine wireless networking standards. EnGenius’ comprehensive and user-friendly portfolio reflects its dedication to addressing the evolving needs of modern connectivity. For more information, visit

About WAV 

WAV is a leading technology distributor specializing in Wi-Fi, networking, wireless broadband and LTE equipment. With a customer-centric approach, WAV offers various products that cater to multiple industries’ networking needs. Renowned for its commitment to excellence and innovation, WAV provides unparalleled technical expertise and comprehensive support for multi-vendor solutions. To learn more, please visit

Elon Musk Wants To Charge EVERYONE For Twitter

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Things must be getting dire at Twitter because Elon Musk while on a trip to Israel where he’s trying to prove that he’s not antisemitic (more on that in a moment), has said that he effectively wants to paywall the entire platform:

Elon Musk has indicated that X, formerly known as Twitter, is preparing to charge all users for accessing the platform.

The X owner said erecting a paywall around the business would ward off the bots, or automated accounts, that have become a bugbear for Musk.

Speaking in a meeting with Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister, the Tesla CEO and world’s richest person suggested that X was going to charge its user base. Currently, Twitter only charges users for its subscription service X Premium, which offers perks such as a verified account checkmark and costs $11 a month in the US for iPhones and £11 in the UK.

“We’re moving to having a small monthly payment for use of the system,” Musk said.

That says to me that advertisers aren’t coming back and Twitter is bleeding cash like a gunshot victim. Thus he’s taking the Hail Mary approach to try and fix this. Which of course won’t work as the majority of Twitter users who aren’t paying for Twitter will just flee the platform. Which in turn will likely kill the platform, and it will all be Elon’s fault because he is unable to manage ants at a picnic never mind run Twitter.

And as for that antisemitic part:

Musk’s conversation with Netanyahu was billed as a discussion about technology and artificial intelligence but it quickly turned to free speech and antisemitism amid accusations that X was not doing enough to tackle racist speech on the platform.

Netanyahu said he hoped Musk would find ways within the confines of the first amendment to clamp down on antisemitism and other forms of hatred on X.

“I encourage you and urge you to find the balance,” Netanyahu said. “It’s a tough one.”

Musk has used his account on X to say that he is “pro-free speech, but against antisemitism of any kind”.

Frankly, I don’t know why Netanyahu bothered to entertain this guy. Elon hasn’t done anything to prove that he actually wants to address the fact that Twitter has become a cesspool of hate under his leadership. And I don’t expect it to change because Elon visited Israel. Frankly I think that Netanyahu would be better off condemning Elon and Twitter for the state of the platform rather than trying to work with him. But maybe Netanyahu knows something that I don’t.

Avoiding back-to-school scams: Tips and Tricks From TELUS

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The back-to-school season is a prime time for fraudsters to target students and families as they gear up for the year. From scholarship scams, to fraudulent websites to acquire personal information, and even the sharing of back-to-school photos online, Canadians may be more susceptible to fall victim than they think. To help you to protect yourself, I did an interview with Leigh Tynan, Director of TELUS Online Security who was kind enough to provide tips and advice on this front:

  1. What is the current state of cybercrime in Canada? 

Fraud is on the rise — losses reported to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre reached an all-time high of $531 million in 2022, a 38 per cent increase from the previous year. That’s with only an estimated five per cent of victims actually filing a report, so the losses are likely much higher. Our lives have become increasingly digital and fraudsters are continuously looking to capitalize on that, finding new ways to scam Canadians. 

  1. What risks in particular do you feel Canadians are more susceptible to during back-to-school season? 

The back-to-school season can be a prime time for cybercrime given the increase of sharing our personal and financial information. This includes buying laptops, school supplies, clothes and books online. Plus, university students are likely getting a credit card for the first time or opening up a bank account in their own name.

Whenever we share our personal information, we risk that information being exposed. Identity thieves can use this information to access our accounts or impersonate us in things like credit applications. 

  1. Why do you feel it is important to stay up to date on cybersecurity during this time?

While scams used to be easy to spot, tactics have become increasingly believable—scammers will take the time to browse your social media accounts in order to impersonate someone you know, with the goal of tricking you into revealing sensitive personal info. Cybercriminals are also using technology like A.I. to evolve their tactics. 

It’s important to take various measures to help protect our identity. You should be suspicious if the offer seems too good to be true, it comes from an unfamiliar email domain, you’re being asked to share personal information or you’re prompted to ‘click’ to make a payment. Scammers will often put pressure on their victims and are getting very targeted with their approach. Take the time to carefully review the information at hand, even if it seems relevant to you. 

Services like TELUS Online Security will actually notify you if your info has been found on the dark web or if suspicious activity occurs in your credit file. Check if your personal information has been exposed on the dark web with a free scan at It’s a preview of a valuable feature from TELUS Online Security that detects and alerts subscribers whenever their information may have been leaked.

  1. The digital landscape is constantly evolving – what are some of the most common scams that Canadians should be aware of right now, specifically those surrounding the back-to-school season? 

Scams have become increasingly prevalent and sophisticated. The Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre has a great list of the top 10 frauds targeting Canadians.  A few of note include:

  • Spear phishing: when a fraudster poses as a trusted source to convince victims to divulge confidential data. It used to be easy to identify—with emails or texts riddled with spelling errors and unnatural requests—but scams are getting more sophisticated. Social media is another prime opportunity for phishing: for instance, fraudsters can easily create a fake Facebook profile pretending to be one of your friends, and then attempt to convince you to share private data using information that’s readily available, and often public, on social media.
  • Shopping scams: when scammers set up websites offering low-cost items like school supplies. Consumers enter their credit card information and complete their purchases, then the items they order never arrive. The scammers, though, now have their credit card information and can use it to rack up unauthorized purchases.
  • Scholarship scams: when cybercriminals ask for a small scholarship application fee to collect your information. While the fee might be small, profits add up for the scammer.  Another common example could be receiving an email notifying you that you’ve won a scholarship but must pay a redemption fee. 
  • Personal Information scams: when a scammer pretends to be from a business, government agency, bank or utility company and asks you to verify your personal information. They may request your name, address, birth date, or account information, then use it to impersonate you. 

It’s important to note that no organization is immune to a data breach. Beware of suspicious messages and requests for information. 

  1. How can Canadians educate themselves on cybercrime and security, and what measures can they take to better protect themselves?

I always recommend educating yourself as best you can. We wouldn’t consider leaving our homes without locking the doors, so why wouldn’t we treat our most valuable possession—our identity—the same way? The good news is that there are many educational resources to help us navigate the internet more safely, including the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre and TELUS Wise, a free digital literacy education program that offers informative workshops and resources for Canadians of all ages. 

Other ways to help protect yourself include:

  • Creating complex, unique passwords for every login. 
  • Using a VPN while on unsecured networks like public Wi-Fi, especially while sharing sensitive info online. 
  • Ensuring your Wi-Fi network is protected by encryption. 
  • Locking down the privacy settings for your social media accounts and being careful who you let in.
  • Monitoring your financial accounts to spot any unauthorized transactions. 

For better peace of mind, consider comprehensive protection like TELUS Online Security, a multi-layered solution that helps protect your identity and connected devices. Not only does it help prevent threats with 24/7 global threat monitoring and a secure VPN, it also alerts you when you might be at greater risk. If you fall victim to identity theft, you’d be paired with a dedicated specialist to support you throughout the restoration process, and you’d be covered for up to $1 million in related expenses. Plus, it offers 24/7 live support with a team that specializes in cyber safety assistance. 

  1. Say someone falls victim to a scam – what steps should they take to mitigate as much risk as possible? 

If you think you may have been targeted by a scam or hack, stop all communication with the scammer and report it to your local police and the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre. You should also notify your financial institutions and businesses where your information may have been compromised. Additionally, change your passwords and strengthen the security of your accounts, such as using two-factor authentication. In today’s world, where so much of our information is shared digitally, it’s critical to take these measures to help minimize the consequences of being scammed or hacked.