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DSL Resellers To Be Unthrottled In November

Posted in Commentary with tags , , on October 20, 2011 by itnerd

Several websites are reporting that Bell is about to stop DSL resellers starting November 2011. Needless to say, Canadian Internet users are rejoicing. Why is Bell doing this now? On one hand, who cares? But DSL Reports offers one reason:

With Bell never able to adequately prove the throttling was necessary due to congestion in the first place, and the ratio of P2P service use declining, Bell apparently couldn’t hold up the illusion any longer — or didn’t like the cost of the added gear. It could also suggest that Bell lobbyists are making headway in getting the Canadian government to sign off on metered wholesale billing efforts, making wholesale throttling unnecessary and too costly.

I do know one thing. Canadians should keep an eye on Bell as I have a suspicion that this isn’t over quite yet.