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Digitized Companies Fairing Better Through COVID-19: SAP & IDC Canada

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A new SAP study conducted in partnership with IDC Canada discovered that companies that were well into their digital transformation, performed better through the COVID-19 pandemic, while companies without a robust digital strategy are being left behind.

The study found that while 95 per cent of enterprises surveyed had established a formal digital strategy, up from 85 per cent in 2019, most companies were at wildly different stages on their journey to becoming a digitally transformed “intelligent enterprise.”

Of the 17 per cent of Canadian enterprises identified as Intelligent Enterprise (IE) Leaders, 82 per cent have a digital strategy that is fully integrated into the core of the business or is complete and already producing significant results. At the other end of the spectrum, 98 per cent of Canadian enterprises categorized as IE Observers (14%) are only just beginning to build their digital strategies or executing on them. This divide in digital readiness has revealed a clear connection between COVID-19 resiliency and IE progress. 

The study examined the impact of COVID-19 on organizations’ revenue, workforce, operational capacity, and facilities. While these core business functions have been impacted in two thirds of Canadian enterprises, IE Leaders have been more resilient, with 14 per cent of IE Leaders indicating they expect a revenue increase during the pandemic.

The new study also found key attributes that have helped IE Leaders remain resilient through the pandemic:

  • 49 per cent of IE Leaders are very willing to adjust their workforce mix to support digital initiatives, compared with only 7 per cent of IE Observers.
  • 91 per cent of IE Leaders believe it is very important to improve employee experience while improving customer experience, compared to 42 per cent of IE Observers.
  • 47 per cent of IE Leaders have a change management strategy that is fully integrated into the digital strategy, as compared with IE Observers, who either are still developing a change management strategy or do not have one at all.  

Created by IDC Canada, The Intelligent Enterprise: Building an Agile and Resilient Business, can be read here.

AppDynamics Announces SAP Peak

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AppDynamics, a part of Cisco and the world’s #1 APM solution, today announced SAP Peak. This is the latest innovation in application and business performance monitoring, which allows IT technologists to manage complex ERP and business intelligence environments in real-time.

The ability to monitor these environments is crucial, but limitations with SAP has meant that technologists have struggled to identify performance issues across their SAP landscapes and the applications they connect. Resulting outages, issues with core transactions and lengthy mean-time-to-resolution (MTTR) all negatively impact the customer and employee digital experience and ultimately cause a loss in productivity and revenue.

With AppDynamics SAP Peak, technologists can now utilize the world’s leading application and business performance monitoring tools to monitor the SAP landscape in real-time, including logs, metadata, background jobs, S/4HANA database and the application server. This enables technologists to gather the business critical insights they need to ensure the smooth running of their operations. With full stack observability across SAP and non-SAP components before, during and after migration, organizations can also mitigate risk and confidently move to S/4HANA or the cloud.

SAP Peak builds on AppDynamics’ existing SAP monitoring solution by providing new and advanced functionality, including:

  • Business iQ for Business Scenario Transaction Analytics: Bringing visibility and understanding to how bottlenecks are impacting critical business processes by allowing users to monitor key SAP business scenarios, starting with Order to Cash, and then correlating that information back to business performance.
  • ABAP Code-Level Visibility: Provides base-level APM functionality for SAP monitoring that includes transaction/code level visibility, dynamic baselining, easier Root Cause Analysis of issues, reduced MTTR and application flow maps of the SAP ABAP stack.
  • Deep SAP Performance Insights: Supplies dashboards that display performance metrics, logs and events for the overall SAP landscape, including processes outside of the user business transactions. These views can help to reduce cost of managing data, save time in performance and regression testing, and help provide visibility into the availability of business related transactions.
  • Server and Network Visibility: Facilitates full-stack visibility across SAP landscapes to identify and isolate infrastructure performance issues, further reducing MTTR and breaking down operational silos.

AppDynamics SAP Peak is generally available today. Read more about SAP Peak on the AppDynamics blog to get started.

Canadian Business Travellers Look To Technology To Ease Concerns When Travel Returns: SAP Concur Survey

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Although it is difficult to predict what the future of business travel will look like, one thing that’s certain is the key role technology will play in easing the concerns of business travellers.

A recent survey of business travellers by SAP Concur – a leader in integrated travel, expense and invoice management solutions – shows:

  • Mobile check-in is the most important mobile app feature (52%) Canadians want when travel resumes, followed by traveller safety information (38%,), the ability to book air travel (38%), andthe ability to view and manage their trip itinerary (36%). 
  • Canadian business travellers are looking for a breadth of on-demand functions, including loyalty programs (30%), the ability to automatically create and submit an expense report (21%), and even the ability to track and offset their carbon footprint (12%)
    • Nearly 3 in 10 (28%) also want automatic notifications for out-of-policy bookings or expenses.
  • 93 per cent of Canadian business travellers note some measures are critical for safely returning to the road, especially mandatory personal health screenings for travelling employees (40%), limiting travel to only the most critical trips (38%), and real-time health and safety updates (34%).
  • When travel starts, Canadian business travellers are most likely to start their booking with online travel agencies (24%) or directly with an airline or hotel website/app (22%). 

Additional findings:

Notable highlights of the 200 responding Canadian business travellers in the global study include:

·       Business travel plays an important role in the success of today’s enterprise:

o   Canadian business travellers expect their company to experience negative outcomes due to travel restrictions around COVID-19, including a reduced number of deals or contracts signed that require in-person interactions (51%) and declines in new business wins that require in-person meetings (44%).

·       Business travellers expect an increase in discrimination against certain groups while travelling:

  • Nearly 9 in 10 Canadian business travellers (89%) expect increased discrimination in the wake of COVID-19, especially against travellers exhibiting cold or flu symptoms (59%), travellers from countries with high infection rates (43%)—and even travellers of Asian descent (43%).
  • More than 1 in 4 Canadian business travellers (27%) also believe there will be an increase in discrimination against the elderly, as well as those wearing enhanced personal protective equipment (26%).
  • Health and safety are now top priority for business travellers when on the road:
  • Health and safety have become the top priority for 2 in 5 (43%) Canadian business travellers which is more than three times as many who prioritize business needs (13%).
  • Safety was only the second priority last year, but the effects of COVID-19 have exacerbated the issue from 24% to 43%.
  • Top concerns about returning to business travel also include infecting their families (69%) and getting sick themselves (68%).

·       Companies need to update travel policies to help business travellers return to the road safely:

  • 93% of Canadian business travellers consider some measures critical for safely returning to the road, including:
    • Mandatory personal health screenings for travelling employees (40%), limiting travel to only the most critical trips (38%), real-time health and safety updates (34%), and easier access to personal protective equipment (28%).
  • More than 9 in 10 Canadian business travellers (92%) believe they’d benefit from company training, especially, trainings on how to protect their health and safety during travel (50%) and how to maintain healthy habits while travelling (50%).

The full global white paper and Canadian findings can be found here.

“We vs. Virus” hackathon unites 700 employees from eight leading organizations to help Canadians conquer COVID-19

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SAP Canada, a subsidiary of SAP SE is today pleased to announce the winners of the Innovating for Canada: We vs. Virus hackathon, a collaborative project that virtually brought together more than 700 highly-skilled talent from eight leading organizations in Canada:Accenture, Capgemini, Deloitte, EY Canada, IBM, Microsoft, PwC Canada and SAP to deliver new ideas and innovations to help Canadians win the battle against the COVID-19 pandemic.

The hackathon began in the afternoon on Thursday, April 2 and ended at 11:59 p.m. EST on Sunday, April 5 with 105 teams of volunteers. Many of the teams were cross-organizational, from the eight participating organizations, and devoted thousands of hours across four days towards developing solutions for the following challenges associated with COVID-19:

  • Helping Canadians manage the physical and emotional effects of isolation
  • Encouraging citizens to follow pandemic safety measures
  • Supporting families and children to work and study more effectively from home
  • Finding ways to support those industries most severely impacted by the pandemic
  • Finding or creating temporary sources of work and income for affected Canadians
  • Better supporting our essential service providers and health care professionals on the front lines
  • Assisting the most vulnerable communities at high risk or impacted by the pandemic

Leaders at the eight participating organizations reviewed the short-listed teams earlier this week, selecting the following five projects as the winners of the Innovating for Canada: We vs. Virus hackathon.

Participating organizations are working on next steps and will meet with the government to explore how some of these solutions can be deployed in Canada in the near future.

The Winning Teams

Hungry Heroes

Team Hungry Heroes

Canadians are doing their part by staying at home as essential workers are outside working tirelessly in the frontlines. The application, Hungry Heroes aims to boost their spirits and to show community support. By partnering with local restaurants to deliver individual safely packaged meals to workers, users who are social distancing show their appreciation and donate meals for organizations and hospitals that they care about.



While we work to flatten the curve, others are putting their lives at risk every day fighting the pandemic. NHBR is a one-to-one person application that aims to give ease to essential workers by connecting them to neighbors around their area who are looking to give back. Through their match, front-line users can create a list of to do’s for the helper along with requests they need help with ranging from dog walking and grocery shopping. This application will allow essential workers to continue to do what they for Canada while receiving basic help from Canadians who want to give back.

Back to the Market

Team Anti-Virus

As government scrambles to provide necessary supplies and services to citizens finding themselves unemployed, and businesses are facing an increasing demand to fill select jobs, Team Aspire Aniti-Virus introduces a platform called Back to the Market to connect all three stakeholders. In the platform, businesses will be able to post job opportunities, the app will provide recommended hires based on matching skills, certifications and work preferences in the job-seeking database. The online platform will bridge the gap and address newfound shortfalls in the Canadian supply chain.

Lean On

Covict 6

Team Covict 6 understands the difficulties to get necessities to vulnerable communities and the loneliness that comes with isolation. To combat these issues, they have created a service, Lean On, to connect those who need help with those willing to provide it. With this online platform, users in need can identify their needs and request a helper. Once a helper accepts a request, a match will be made between the two users to come together and communicate their needs. This application will help create a connected community that supports the most vulnerable.

Neighborhood Connect

The Bug Stops Here

Vulnerable communities often face challenges in receiving essential goods. Team The Bug Stops Here proposes an easy-to-use application, Neighbourhood Connect. With this app, the elderly can tap to request groceries based on geolocation mapping – a person signed up as a helper will be notified. Once a connection is made, the two parties can chat via the in-app messenger as the helper grabs items that the user requests and delivers the groceries to the user’s doorsteps. The app can also process payment. This tool can bridge the gap between all essential services, the vulnerable population, and healthy volunteers.

New IDC & SAP Report Says That Experience – Customer, Brand & Product – Is The Secret to Profitability

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A new report from IDC Canada and SAP Canada reveals that while digital strategy execution is incremental for Canadian companies, advancement is tied to succeeding on the human side of business.

Canadian enterprises across all sectors are faced with shifting customer demands, economic uncertainty and an ever-changing cycle of innovation. With the digital economy is in this constant state of change, Canadian enterprises need to be aware of what’s at the heart of business evolution– great leadership. Thus, comes the comparison between innovative leaders and observers who fall short.

The report shows Canadian businesses need to shift to become intelligent enterprises (IE) and that IE leaders need to embrace a greater focus on customer experience in order to see a direct link to profitability. The report highlights several statistics that highlight how customer and employee experience go hand in hand with profitability:

  • 73 per cent of IE leaders will increase their focus on employee experience next year, while 59 per cent of IE leaders will increase their focus on customer experience
  • In terms of expected focus for 2020, 70 per cent of IE leaders will increase focus on employee experience in the next year
  • Over 80 per cent of IE leaders have a CEO that is a strong customer experience champion
  • 66 per cent of IE leaders believe that customer experience has significantly improved financial performance within their business
    • Companies in the financial services sector are more likely to say it’s important to improve employee experience while improving the customer experience

You can download the report here (registration required, but totally worth it having read this report).

SAP Recognizes Seidor as the Best Global Partner in Cloud Services and Analytics for SMEs

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Seidor, a multinational consulting firm specializing in technological services and solutions, has received two new SAP Pinnacle Awards to add to its outstanding global track record. The company has been recognized as SAP Cloud Partner of the Year – Small and Midsize Companies and SAP Partner of the Year – Analytics & Insight. Seidor was also a finalist in the SAP SuccessFactors and SAP Business ByDesign Partner of the year categories.

Every year, SAP delivers the prestigious Pinnacle Awards in recognition of those partners that have best contributed to the development, growth and track record of the business. As the main selection criteria, SAP took into account sales and performance data in terms of innovation, technology, services and specific areas of the solutions.

The official handover of the SAP Pinnacle Awards will take place at the next SAP Global Partner Summit, to be held on June 4 as part of SAPPHIRE NOW, the international customer conference organized by SAP.


Seidor has over 2,000 customers to whom it offers SAP services. The consultancy is also a founding member of United VARs, the largest global alliance of SAP partners, which this year obtained a total of 9 nominations for winners and finalists.