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CaptoGlove: First Wireless Wearable Controller for Gaming, VR, Mobile & Smart Devices

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After captivating attendees at CES & GDC with its incredibly versatile wireless wearable controller, CaptoGlove today announced the presale of the product through Kickstarter.  Starting today, early backers can purchase the revolutionary CaptoGlove for $160 (35% off $250 MSRP) and receive delivery of the glove this May.

After 5 years of development, CaptoGlove made its public debut at CES 2017 & last month’s Game Developer’s Conference (GDC).  Attendee reactions and live demos can be seen on their YouTube channel.   Using a series of smart sensors, CaptoGlove delivers unparalleled precision for controlling video games, smart phones, virtual reality gear, drones, unmanned systems, smart home products and more.  Check out the video here.

Platform/Device Agnostic

CaptoGlove works with all PC games past and present, iOS & Android devices, as well as VR headsets, and many more smart/Bluetooth devices.  Gaming console and haptic feedback support currently under development.

Plug & Play

Connecting via Bluetooth Low Energy, CaptoGlove does not require a specially prepared area or additional equipment such as trackers or cameras.  By converting natural hand movements into control gestures (up to 20 per glove or 40 with a pair), CaptoGlove has tremendous control capabilities and a very short learning curve.  All gestures are completely customizable through the free iOS/Android/PC app.

Versatile Applications

With its smart design and upcoming SDK release, CaptoGlove offers a wealth of potential uses beyond gaming from health rehabilitation and smart device control, to piloting drones and professional training such as police, first responders, pilots, doctors, etc.


Textile developed in Italy with world-renowned sports glove maker Reusch, CaptoGlove is a comfortable, breathable glove made from high quality textiles that can be washed by removing a single sensor.  CaptoGlove delivers 10 hours of continuous use on a single battery charge.

About CaptoGlove

Originally designed to help stroke victims recover the use of their hands, CaptoGlove has been in development for nearly five years, and made its public debut in January 2017 at the global technology conference CES.  Using a series of smart sensors, CaptoGlove delivers unparalleled precision for controlling video games, smart phones, virtual reality gear, drones, unmanned systems, smart home products and more.  The glove’s textile was developed in Italy with world-renowned sports glove maker Reusch.

For more about CaptoGlove, visit, or on social media: Instagram (@CaptoGlove), Twitter (@CaptoGlove) and Facebook (


Hack In Paris 2017 Announced

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Organized by Sysdream, Hack In Paris will be held from 19 to 23 June 2017. It will bring together major professional IT security and technical hacking experts to attend training and talks exclusively in English.

Intrusion attempts are more and more frequent and sophisticated, regardless of their target (state or corporation). In this context, international hacking events are multiplying. A few events have taken place in France but until now, no one had covered hacking practices with a technical approach including both professional training and information aspects.

Hack In Paris aims at filling this gap. After the success of the latest edition with more than 500 attendees, this 5-day corporate event will be held for the seventh time in France at the Newport Bay Hotel – Disneyland Paris. Hack In Paris attendees will discover the realities of hacking, and its consequences for companies. The program includes state of the art IT security, industrial espionage, penetration testing, physical security, forensics, malware analysis techniques and countermeasures.

An event for CISOs, CIOs, consultants, IT security and passionate students

Social Engineering, vulnerability exploits hardware and software, advanced tools such as use BurpPro, IoT exploitation, physical access control are all topics on offer. During a 1, 2 or 3-day training, you will learn and practice in a dedicated and supervised by professionals of hacking and security environment.

Practical information :

– From 19 to 23 June 2017
– Newport Bay Hotel – Disneyland Paris
– 3 days training (06/19/17 – 06/21/17)
– 2 days conference (06/22/17 – 06/23/17)
– Twitter : @hackinparis #HIP17

ITAC Comments On 2017 ICT sector/Innovation Budget

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The second Federal Liberal budget also known as the “Innovation Agenda” budget will be tabled on March 22, 2017 and ITAC, the voice of the information and communications technology (ICT) sector in Canada will provide insight on its impact.

For the past year ITAC has advocated its “ICT Fundamentals for Canada’s Innovation Agenda” – underscoring the four key focus areas and publishing innovation papers on each that outline the substantive policy changes and investments needed for each area:

  1. ITAC on Digital Governmentoutlines key recommendations to support the Government of Canada’s transformation, modernization and digitization strategies – underscoring its importance for not only engaging citizens and businesses but also staying competitive on the world stage.
  2. ITAC on Talent and Skills Developmentprovides solutions on how to address Canada’s skills gap domestically while attracting the skills needed globally.
  3. ITAC on Trade and Competitiveness,looks at recommendations to foster competitiveness on a global scale and increase access to export markets to support digital commerce for Canadian businesses.
  4. ITAC on Modern Digital Economyframes recommendations for Canadians to realize the economic, social and democratic benefits of a digital economy, Canada must work harder to create a word-leading digital infrastructure.

ITAC looks forward to reviewing the 2017 Federal Budget and providing its perspective as it aligns to its advocacy efforts, ICT sector priorities and its ability to effectively kick-start Canada’s Innovation Agenda.

Desjardins Launches The Alert Program

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Desjardins is announcing the launch of Alert, a new home insurance program to prevent water damage, available nationwide.

When clients with a home insurance policy from Desjardins Insurance or The Personal sign up for Alert, they get a free water, freeze and humidity detector to place in their home close to a potential source of leaks. The detector is a connected object, and if it senses a problem, it sends an alert to the client’s smartphone, so they can act quickly to limit any damage. And clients can choose whether they want to receive alerts by notification, text message or email.

Key features include:

  • Water damage accounts for more than 50% of home insurance claims.
  • By acting fast in many of those cases, homeowners would have been able to prevent significant damage and avoid the disruption that comes with it.

No 1A Desj_engl_CNW.JPG

The detector is a small device, with a sleek, modern design. It can be placed near the kitchen sink or dishwasher, in the bathroom, near the washing machine, near the water heater or anywhere else a leak might occur.

Program participants can even name a person as a monitor to receive the same notifications.

The Alert program was designed to offer clients peace of mind. As such, participation in the program can never lead to premium increases or changes in existing coverage, regardless of how many alerts a client receives or the actions they take. Simply put, the program gives policyholders a prevention tool to help limit the damage caused by water and freezing.

Alert is a free, voluntary program that comes with one detector for each home insured. The Alert program will also be offered to clients of State Farm Canada in June 2017.

A single app for Alert, Ajusto and much more!

No 5A CP_DI_1.png

For Desjardins, this launch is an opportunity to capture its entire mobile offer in a single smartphone app, called Desjardins Insurance Home-Auto or The Personal. As well as Alert, the app includes the Ajusto program, which rewards clients for improving their driving habits. It’s also a hub for online services, where policyholders can access their insurance policy, change their address, store a vehicle, start a claim and get an online quote. This app make Desjardins the first insurer in Canada to introduce a connected home and auto insurance offer.


Spark Develops Unique Laser Light Headphones

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After many months of design and development, Spark is approaching the launch of its first product. Delivering exceptional sound, the company’s fashionable headphones glow to the rhythm of its user’s music. Considering safety for runners during the night, the company invented Spark Headphones to offer a one-of-a-kind experience.


We created Spark Headphones in order to give individuals a way to express themselves while also providing an extra safety feature for them,” said the founder of Spark. Runners and walkers who are listening to music while exercising are unable to hear their surroundings. As a motorcyclist, I noticed that it is hard to spot people running on the streets, especially at night. This is how I got the idea to incorporate flashing LED lights within the design of headphones.”

Spark Headphone owners will be able to express their fashion sense through three different lighting settings. The headphones may be set to a glowing, flashing, or regular non-glow mode. The batteries of the unique fashionable headphones can provide a 5-hour non-stop glow before needing to be charged. After that, the headphones may be used traditionally without a glow.

The smart new headphones offer originality in concept and design. Made from luminescence wires, the headphones offer a gentle light with no radiation. Comfort and functionality were also considered in its design. Offering exceptional ear comfort, users will be able to listen to music pleasantly. Also, individuals will appreciate the convenient functionality of the product’s play wire, which includes a built-in HD microphone, to switch songs and make phone calls. Combined with reliable construction, Spark Headphones will last.

Spark Headphones plans to launch a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign soon in order to reach others for collaboration and raise funds for the manufacturing of the product. Visit to learn about the company’s revolutionary headphones, and its plans for rewards for supporters. 


Outlook.Com Is Down…. World Freaks

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If you’re trying to log into aka Hotmail right now to check your e-mail and can’t, it’s not you. It appears that it’s them because is reporting that the online e-mail provider is currently down:


So far there’s no word from Microsoft what’s going on or when it will be fixed. I’m working on getting those details at present. In the meantime, you’ll need to do something other than checking your e-mail.

UPDATE: The Xbox service status page shows that they have issues in terms of being able to log into their services. The reason why this is important is that the same services power Thus this is a good place to look if you have an issue with

UPDATE #2: Service has been restored.


What You Need To Know About The Airline Electronics Ban

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Today, the US and UK banned electronics in the cabin when on flights coming from certain countries. Meaning that if you’re flying to these countries, you’re not going to be affected by this. The US list of banned countries looks like this:

  • Cairo, Egypt
  • Dubai and Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
  • Istanbul, Turkey
  • Doha, Qatar
  • Amman, Jordan
  • Kuwait City
  • Casablanca, Morocco
  • Jeddah and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

The UK list looks like this:

  • Turkey
  • Lebanon
  • Egypt
  • Tunisia
  • Saudi Arabia

Now, here’s what airlines are affected:

  • Egyptair
  • Emirates
  • Etihad Airways
  • Kuwait Airways
  • Qatar Airways
  • Royal Air Maroc
  • Royal Jordanian Airlines
  • Saudi Arabian Airlines
  • Turkish Airlines

Now, here’s what is banned: Smartphones will still be allowed. But passengers will have to check in any electronic devices bigger than that. That includes laptops, cameras, gaming devices and tablets such as iPads. Medical devices required during the flight will still be allowed in the cabin after security screening. Now packing a laptop or an iPad into checked luggage is a risky thing to do as it could get damaged or stolen. Thus you may want to strongly consider leaving your electronics at home if you’re affected by this as having devices that are checked as luggage damaged or stolen is more common than you think.

One thing to keep in mind is that this may spread to other countries, so keep an eye on the news to see if your country comes up with rules like these.