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udoq Launches The Ultimate Apple Dock… This One Is Qi Wireless

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udoq announced today THE ULTIMATE APPLE DOCK. Available through Indiegogo at 50% off for only $99 (normally $199), THE ULTIMATE APPLE DOCK includes the udoq anodized aluminum docking/charging station, udoq designed Qi wireless adapter charging plate, udoq Apple watch adapter, two Lightning cables with adapters, and the udoq cable box that cleanly organizes cables out of view. Designed for Apple lovers by Porsche minimalist designers, the udoq THE ULTIMATE APPLE DOCK has a high quality, nearly indestructible dark grey profile that matches timelessly with Apple’s famous design aesthetic — built for a lifetime of use and always compatible.

Patented Sliding Cable Design

THE ULTIMATE APPLE DOCK features udoq’s convenient patented sliding cables that move back and forth and can be changed out while keeping cables always elegantly hidden from view. In addition, the dock’s front facing design lets you see and operate devices while charging. udoq Founder Marcus Kuchler said, “I developed udoq because I was sick and tired of the daily search for my family’s iPhones, iPads, iPods, or AirPods. And cable clutter or dangling connectors simply don’t match Apple’s clean and straightforward design concept. THE ULTIMATE APPLE DOCK lets you charge, operate, and display all your Apple mobile devices in one central spot. It lasts you a lifetime, and since udoq stays compatible forever​, it will be adaptable to all new charging technologies.”

udoq is the only patented docking station to:

  • Dock and slide around mobile devices with patented cable adapters.
  • Dock and remove devices from the dock with just one hand.
  • View and operate all devices simultaneously while charging.
  • Wirelessly charge iPhones X or iPhone 8 with the included Qi adapter.
  • Charge with included udoq Lightning cables.
  • Dock and charge any Apple Watch by mounting the Apple magnetic charging cable into udoq’s adapter.
  • Adjust the height of udoq connectors to fit bumpers and cases with up to 8mm thickness.
  • Charge super-fast with 2.4A per USB port/device with the integrated 40W power charger for all USB cables.
  • Neatly hide cables in udoq’s cable box.
  • Mount on any wall surface with the optional WALL MOUNT SET (available separately).


  • Measures 15½ inches (400mm) and fits 4-6 devices.
  • Comes with two Lightning cables with adapters.
  • Includes Apple Watch adapter.
  • Includes Qi wireless adapter.
  • Anodized 4mm high-grade aluminum dock stays beautiful and is nearly indestructible.
  • Cables slide smoothly to any position for a custom arrangement of your mobile devices and can be moved and swapped out in seconds.
  • Hides and organizes all cables and connectors to avoid cable clutter.
  • Comes with a 4 port 40W charger so all devices get up to 2.4A for fast charging.
  • Dock also works with Android and fits older Apple devices (cables sold separately).
  • Comes with non-slip cables and user manual.

Indiegogo Campaign Live Now 50% Off

Shipping December 2018 through Indiegogo. Indiegogo backers will receive a 50% off discount, priced at $99 (normally $199), and be the first to receive udoq’s THE ULTIMATE APPLE DOCK in dark grey. Udoq is also available in a variety of sizes and versions for Android, completely customizable at For more information, see


#PSA: All-Radio 4.27 Portable Is Malware That You Really Want To Steer Clear Of

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I often get called in to do malware removal. Sometimes, I am able to remove the malware in question. Sometimes, I can’t. Based on what I am reading here, All-Radio 4.27 Portable is going to be one of those ones that I can’t remove. At least not easily. Here’s why:

If your computer is suddenly displaying the above program, then your computer is infected with malware that installs rootkits, miners, information-stealing Trojans, and a program that is using your computer to send send out spam.

Unfortunately, while some security programs are able to remove parts of the infection, the rootkit component needs manual removal help at this time. Due to this and the amount of malware installed, if you are infected I suggest that you reinstall Windows from scratch if possible.

That’s not good to say the least. Thus you need to protect yourself from being a victim. Fortunately, that seems to be easy as it appears that this malware shows up on your computer if you install game cracks and Windows activation tools. Thus you should avoid those as this is a textbook example of what happens to you if you don’t. Beyond that, you should have an up to date antivirus installed. Not to mention having a backup strategy in case the worst happens.

Infographic: McAfee Threat Report – June 2018

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Source: McAfee

Check out the report that is referenced in this infographic here.

Peace In Our Time: Apple And Samsung Settle Years Long Patent Infringement Dispute

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Samsung and Apple have had a patent infringement dispute that goes back seven years and went something like this:

  • Apple sued Samsung for pretty much copying the iPhone and scored a $1 Billion victory.
  • Samsung appealed, but not before Apple got some Samsung phones banned in the US.
  • Subsequent trials dropped that billion dollar figure to $539 million this past may. But this is more than the $399m figure Samsung had managed to shave off in the past.

Yesterday, both parties settled. No clue how much cash traded hands. Though it is a safe bet that Samsung likely cut a big cheque to make this go away. But all claims in the case be dismissed with prejudice, meaning they cannot be refiled.

Thus after 7 long years, there is peace in our time in the smartphone world. Until the next patent infringement lawsuit.

McAfee Labs Sees Cryptocurrency Mining Surge

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McAfee Labs’ most recent threats report – McAfee Labs Threats Report: June 2018 – found cryptojacking and cryptocurrency mining malware increased over the quarter. Coin miner malware, which installs a cryptocurrency mining program on infected PCs, grew 629% in Q1 2018, while the Lazarus cybercrime ring launched a sophisticated Bitcoin-stealing phishing campaign, targeting global financial organizations and Bitcoin users.

Overall, McAfee Labs saw an average of five new threat samples every second in Q1.

Other report highlights included:

  • Gold Dragon targets Winter Games to steal data using fileless techniques
  • GhostSecret campaigns target health care, finance, entertainment, and telecommunications
  • Gandcrab ransomware infects around 50,000 systems in first three weeks of Q1
  • Total new LNK malware grows 59% as enhanced PowerShell techniques proliferate

For more information on these threat trends and statistics, please visit:

Fantom Drives to Unveil Plug-and-Play 5 TB Xbox One Hard Drive and Storage Hub

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Fantom Drives today announced the company’s enhanced Xbox® One Hard Drive and Storage Hub, featuring up to 5 TB of capacity in the latest generation product. The Xbox One compatible storage system provides on-demand gaming or media capacity ranging from 1-5 TB and plug-and-play attachment to the Xbox One for superior gaming portability. The high capacity unit (Available Here: offers players space for up to 125 (50 GB) games and top performance to speed game installation, loading, and saving.


Before they can be played, Xbox One games must be completely installed on the Xbox One’s hard drive, including store bought games on optical disc. Because the Xbox One’s built-in hard drive cannot be replaced or upgraded without voiding the system’s warranty, players must purchase an external drive to grow the capacity of the system. With the Xbox One Hard Drive and Storage Hub by Fantom Drives, a massive capacity increase with the current 4 TB or new 5TB system can be added quickly and affordably, whether the gamer is at home or at a friend’s location.

The Xbox One Hard Drive and Storage Hub is available in several drive capacities, ranging from 1 TB to 5 TB and includes 3 additional USB 3.0 ports for adding additional storage (maximum 2 ports), controllers, or charging other USB devices. The drives are also available in very high-performance Firecuda Hybrid Solid State (SSHD) configurations of either 1 or 2 TBs. The power-efficient unit eliminates the need for cumbersome cords or power supplies, allowing for simple setup and operation. The plug-and-play device is simple to install and use and includes a quick installation guide with directions on how to set up the drive within minutes.

The Xbox One Hard Drive and Storage Hub includes:

  • A single built-in high-quality Seagate Hard Drive in capacities ranging from 1-5 TB or a high-performance Firecuda Hybrid Solid State (SSHD) configuration of either 1 or 2 TBs drives.
  • Easy snap on design to directly connect to the Xbox without the need for an external power supply or USB cables.
  • Powerful yet efficient 2.5” drive technology that provides a smaller, quieter, and more durable system that runs cooler and more reliably.
  • Three port USB 3.0 hub which can be used for additional storage (maximum 2 ports) or as a regular USB port expansion.
  • Support for SuperSpeed data transfer rates of up to 5Gbps (USB 3.0) – backward compatible to USB 2.0/1.1.
  • One-year limited Warranty. Xbox One not included.

Those interested in purchasing the Fantom Drives’ Xbox One Drive and Storage Hub can call 800-800-DISK or go directly to the company website to purchase at or find the product at,,, or

VPN Special Notes That A New China VPN Crackdown Is Under Way

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VPN Special has recently observed intensified restrictions on VPN accessibility in China.

There is no official explanation for the new crackdown, but they suspect that the increased censorship may be due to Communist Party’s approaching anniversary. China is known for increasing censorship during important commemorations and celebrations.

As a result, they have observed a 200% spike in the number of VPN users from China in the past few days. For now it seems that only very few VPN services are able to operate in China.

“China is now censoring mentions of HBO comedian John Oliver on social media and restricting access to the HBO website. Last week Oliver ran a 20-minute segment mocking Chinese president Xi Jinping. We have noticed that VPN crackdown began after Oliver’s show,” said Laura Black, Communications Director at VPN Special. “So we are not sure what it is related to: the Communist Party’s anniversary, John Oliver or anything at all. The fact remains that most VPNs are now not working in China. However, we have news that some are still operational, such as NordVPN or VyprVPN.”

China’s “Great Firewall” has currently blocked at least 165 of the world’s 1,000 most popular websites, such as Reuters, the New York Times, Bloomberg and South China Morning Post. It has also censored 26,000 Google search terms, 880 Wikipedia pages, and popular services like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

China has been called “the worst abuser of internet freedom” by FreedomHouse, a US-based NGO focused on promoting free speech and democracy.