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Infographic: Talkwaker Black Friday And Cyber Monday

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One Week To Go in IronCAP’s Hackathon

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01 Communique Laboratory Inc.’s $100,000 world-wide challenge to hackers has 1 week remaining! Over 250 hackers are testing IronCAP’s quantum-safe encryption in hope of being the first quantum hacker. As of December 5th, no hacker has cracked the code.

The hackathon once completed will prove to the world that the IronCAP encryption is not only innovative and disruptive, but most important impenetrable! Contestants can still sign up online at before the contest closes on December 12, 2019.

Quantum computers are here and becoming more available every day. Amazon recently announced a new quantum computing service for select customers. All businesses and governments need protection from the quantum threat. IronCAP is the first to market encryption developed specifically to protect from the massive threat posed by hackers using Quantum computing power.

It has taken 01 Communique many years to develop the IronCAP encryption technology which the company has filed for a patent. It is the most secure, commercially available Goppa code-based encryption available today. For more information and advice, visit or contact the Company at

Review: 2020 Hyundai Palisade Luxury – Part 4

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The 2020 Hyundai Palisade Luxury is a SUV packed with healthy amount of technology in it. Let’s start with the safety aspects of the vehicle:

  • You get autonomous emergency braking which will bring the Palisade to a stop if it detects an object in front of it, and you take no action to avoid said object. But it will also do the same thing if you are backing out of a parking space and you don’t react to a rear cross traffic alert.
  • Blind spot monitoring is included. Not only does it warn you when you are about to do an ill advised lane change, but it also alerts you based on distance and relative speed. But you get one other feature that I will get to momentarily.
  • Rear cross traffic alerts as well as rear parking sensors present to make either parking or reversing out of a parking space easier. If you don’t react to an alert quick enough, the Palisade will stop itself.
  • One real highlight is that lane departure warning and assist functionality is included. It is one of the better systems that I have tested lately and I say that because any steering corrections that it makes are gentle and does not freak you out while doing so. Plus if it has to make an audible warning, it does so in a way that doesn’t freak out you or your passengers.
  • There’s an attention assist feature which monitors your driving and will suggest that you should take a break if it thinks you are getting tired.
  • You get automatic headlights so that you never forget to turn the headlights on or off. Speaking of the headlights, they are nice, bright, white LEDs that are very easy on the eyes, and go a fair distance down the road and cover the left and right sides of the road. On a country road they are bright enough that you’ll be able to see any animals like deer and moose that may be coming from your left or right side.
  • Adaptive Cruise Control with traffic stop and go is on board and I used it to make stop and go traffic situations far more bearable as it will almost stop and go on its own. The only exception is if the Palisade has been sitting stationary for a bit which requires you to tap the accelerator to get going again.

Now, the cool tech starts with this:


When you activate the turn signal, the Palisade will use the left or right side camera on the mirrors to display what is in your blind spot in the center console between the two gauges. That way you can make safer lane changes. It’s a very cool feature that will make driving safer.


The Palisade has the ability to warn those who are exiting the vehicle if there’s a potential threat from a passing car, bike or human. I tested this in downtown Toronto and it worked insanely well as it was able to even detect joggers who were running close to the Palisade. This is going to help keep people safe.


This birds eye view camera system makes parking the Palisade incredibly easy. Pair that up with the front and rear parking sensors and parallel parking is going to be a none issue.

Other tech includes:

  • Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are included. It gets served up on an 10.25” screen which is extremely sharp, has great contrast and is viewable in all lighting conditions. The infotainment system user interface was easy to navigate and didn’t display any lag whatsoever. That was completely in line with other Hyundai products that I’ve tried recently. One other note is that I observed that info such as song names from Apple CarPlay showed up in the center TFT screen which was cool as not many car makers have that.
  • In terms of the factory infotainment system, there’s hard buttons for functions like the phone, radio, navigation etc. That also helps to make this system easy to use. Plus the graphics have been updated and navigation through the infotainment system is quick and easy. You can also do a limited amount of tweaking to make it suit your use case.
  • There’s a 630 – watt harman/kardon audio system that sounds incredibly good as I had no complaints when I was listening to radio or tunes from my iPhone. My current audio torture playlist which includes LookLA, Ruelle, Snoh Aalegra, SAHED, Astrud Gilberto, Jorja Smith, Kali Uchis, 10,000 Maniacs, Death Cab For Cutie, Chicago, Röyksopp, Sofi Tucker, Art d’Ecco and Thutmose & NoMBe sounded great. You can also serve up AM,FM, audio from your phone via USB (which will also charge your phone) or Bluetooth, or SirusXM Radio.
  • This vehicle comes with Hyundai BlueLink, You can use it to remote start, cool down, heat up, or do a number of other things remotely to the Tucson using your smartphone.
  • Parents will be happy to know that there’s an in-car intercom system with the ability to pipe the driver’s voice over the in-car audio system so that you can speak to your kids.
  • Parents will also be happy to know that there’s a quiet mode that cuts off the audio system to the second and third rows so that your can sleep while you listen to music.
  • Finally, parents will be happy to know that that the Palisade will prompt you to check for occupants or items in the rear seats which is a great safety feature.

The final part of this review will tie up some loose ends and I’ll give you my closing thoughts on the 2020 Hyundai Palisade Luxury. Stay tuned for that tomorrow.

TekSavvy TV Launches Cloud PVR & Advanced Features

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TekSavvy Solutions and its affiliate cable company Hastings Cable Vision Ltd., today announced the launch of its Cloud PVR service and other advanced features. TekSavvy TV Cloud PVR works very much like a traditional Personal Video Recorder (PVR) that Canadians have been using for years, only now the customer can store their recorded content securely and privately in the TekSavvy TV Cloud. TekSavvy TV Cloud PVR subscribers can watch, pause and rewind their favourite recorded show whenever they want, across all of their authorized devices.

The TekSavvy TV Cloud PVR starts at $10.00 per month for 50 hours of recording time. Customers who want a bit more recording space can order 100 hours of recording time for $15.00 per month. Customers can add the service to their accounts by visiting

TekSavvy today also announced two new advanced viewing features for TekSavvy TV customers: Look-Back and Restart. Customers who miss the beginning of their favourite shows or must-watch games can now catch all the action no matter when they tune in with Restart. Look-Back allows customers to go back up to 30 hours in the electronic programming guide and select shows that have previously aired and watch them in their entirety. Look-Back and Restart are available on selected content and channels to which the customer subscribes. Both Look-Back and Restart are available to customers at no additional charge.