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Canadians Feel Anxious About The Future Of The Country & Crave Competent & Ethical Institutions

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The 2020 Edelman Trust Barometer reveals that trust in government, business, media and NGOs is down over the previous year. At a time when more than three quarters of Canadian employees fear they will lose their job due to a variety of factors like technological change, a looming recession and jobs being moved oversees– Canadians don’t have confidence in their leaders to address the challenge.

Canadians did not one find one institution to be both competent and ethical – a combination of attributes they see as necessary to earn the trust of the public, as 62 per cent of Canadians feel the pace of change in technology is moving too fast.  Despite high employment rates, Canadians are deeply concerned about their economic future. Only 1 in 3 Canadians believe they and their families will be better off in five years’ time.

The trust gap between the informed public and the mass population dropped from a high of 20 points in 2019 to 16 points in 2020, signaling continued polarization in the system. The closing gap is attributed to a notable decrease in trust of the informed public, aged 25-64 and defined as those who are college-educated, in the top quarter for household income in their age group, and who regularly consume or engage with news. This decline is notable against the backdrop of continued uncertainty in Canada around the economy and trade with both the United States and China.

The country’s current leaders – CEOs and government – may not be the solution, as nearly two in three Canadians do not have confidence that these leaders will successfully address the country’s challenges. There is also uncertainty about where to turn to for quality information, with half of Canadians believing that the media they use is contaminated with untrustworthy information and a staggering seventy-one per cent worrying about fake news being used as a weapon.

Overall, Canadians are yearning for leadership. In two years, the percent of Canadians saying company CEOs should take the lead on change has increased from 68 per cent in 2018 to 80 per cent in 2020.

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Microsoft Partners Terranova Security To Provide Global Training To Microsoft Employees

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Terranova Security, a global leader in cyber security awareness, announced a partnership with Microsoft that allows Microsoft to leverage the Terranova Security deep catalog of security awareness training content in its Office Advanced Threat Protection product.

After a thorough analysis of security awareness training companies, Microsoft chose Terranova Security because of its core focus on human-centric training that puts people front-and-center.

Terranova Security brings a science-backed human-centric approach to its cyber security awareness course catalog, free online resources, phishing simulations, and security awareness communication tools.

Terranova Security Delivers Human-Centric, Accessible, Inclusive, and Quality Security Awareness Training Content

After a multi-month search for a security awareness training content provider and partner, Microsoft chose Terranova Security for its:

  • Quality and Rigor: Terranova Security is widely recognized for creating and delivering science-backed content that is purposeful, high quality, and engaging. Terranova Security CEO, Lise Lapointe is highly regarded for her academic philosophy and approach to security awareness training.
  • Culture Fit: Microsoft and Terranova Security are tightly aligned with their strong commitments to diversity and inclusion. Terranova Security puts people first – from an inclusive boardroom to relatable and accessible security awareness content catalog. Terranova Security is proud to announce that its content meets Microsoft’s Web Accessibility Standards.
  • Quantity and Breadth: No two companies or people have the same security awareness challenges and needs. With the Terranova Security comprehensive content catalog, Microsoft is able to support its wide range of customers who have varying levels of security awareness knowledge and training needs.
  • Better Together: Terranova Security’s goal is to eliminate the human risk factor to effectively counter all cyber attacks. The company does this with its deep training catalog that puts people first with relatable and engaging content. This partnership with Microsoft further extends its reach – making it possible for more people and companies to create cyber secure and aware cultures.

Terranova Security is a global leader and partner of choice in security awareness training with successful security awareness and phishing simulation programs spanning over 7 million users. Recognized for providing amongst the highest-quality content, most multilingual security awareness platform, training and communications portfolio and intuitive phishing simulator, organizations continue to leverage the Terranova Security awareness 5-step framework which provides an evidence-based, step-by-step approach to a successful security awareness program. Terranova Security is working with organizations and security awareness teams worldwide to design programs that drastically reduce the human risk factor to effectively counter all cyber attacks. Learn more at

Hack In Paris 2020 Program Revealed

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Organized by Sysdream, the cybersecurity division of the Hub One group, Hack in Paris is a steadily growing event, gathering each year IT security experts and passionate. In a dedicated environment, attendees will have the opportunity to understand the realities of hacking and its consequences for companies. It offers during 5 days, a high-quality program dealing with high end IT security such as: industrial espionage, penetration testing, physical security, forensics, malware analysis techniques and countermeasures.

After the success of the latest edition with more than 750 attendees, this annual event will take place from June 15th to 19th, at the Maison de la Chimie, in the heart of Paris.

The event format remains the same as its very first edition: 1 to 3-day training sessions and 2 days of talks.

However, new activities have been included since the last edition: Wargame, Hacker Jeopardy, Workshops and a Bug Bounty. We still have new releases to offer you for our anniversary. Be patient, they are in progress and we’ll reveal them just in time on our website and social networks: Twitter & LinkedIn. Meanwhile, the (almost) full program is online: 14 training sessions, 13 talks, 5 workshops and a Hacker Jeopardy.

Tickets are also available here.

Salesforce Announces The Latest Nonprofit Trends Report

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As non-profits operate in an increasing volatile world and evolving digital landscape, they face both challenges to their missions and opportunities for their vision.

The world needs non-profits, as it is continuously threatened by climate change, natural and human-made disasters, humanitarian crises, political chaos and food insecurity. In order to meet this need, technology has become the great equalizer. In fact, 85% of nonprofits surveyed agreed that technology is key to the success of their operations, as it allows them to reach new audiences, serve more communities, respond to new challenges, or optimize opportunities.

Salesforce prepared a summary of key findings for the report below, and, the company’s social impact centre focused on tackling the world’s biggest problems, has created a great blog post that summarizes the report really nicely here.

Key Canadian report findings include:

People want to be involved in non-profits’ work

  • 72% of non-profits report an increase in desire from constituents’ to participate in their organizations

Transparency and trust are still the keys to success

  • 71% report an increase in demand for transperancy
  • 23% state there is a lack of trust and transparency within non-profits

Funding continues to be an issue

  • 34% stated that changes in government funding have affected their ability to deliver on their mission

 Capturing and leveraging data are continuous challenges for non-profits

  • 37% say that capturing and managing accurate data on constituents is at least a substantial challenge
  • 71% state it is hard to understand if their programs are effective and/or reaching the population they set out to serve

 CRM is the most used technology

  • 79% of non-profits currently use CRM, followed by marketing automation at 35% and social engagement at 34%


Keyfactor Launches Global Partner Network

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Keyfactor, the leader in securing digital identities, today announced the launch of the Keyfactor Partner Network, its global channel partner program, and the appointment of BJ Ferguson as head of global channel sales and operations

The Keyfactor Partner Network includes solutions providers, strategic OEM and distribution alliances, custom systems integrators and strategic technology integrations providers. Qualifying partners benefit from a trusted transaction approach, aggressive sales margins and extensive support with access to education, certification programs and marketing development funds.

New research found only 38% of enterprise respondents have enough IT security staff members dedicated to PKI deployment, and that program responsibility is dispersed across IT operations (21%) and other lines of business (19%). Lack of defined ownership and disparate tool use is driving security risk, with 73% of businesses reporting unplanned downtime and outages due to mismanaged digital certificates, a core component within PKI.

For more information about the Keyfactor Partner Network, visit:


Samsung Freaks Out World+Dog With Weird Notification Sent To Every Samsung Phone By Accident

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Samsung had an “oops” moment last night when they apparently accidentally blasted every Galaxy phone with a weird notification via the Find My Mobile app.  The alert, which several users reported, simply reads “1” with another “1” below it. Samsung’s Find My Mobile service allows owners of Samsung devices to remotely locate or lock their smartphone or tablet, back up data stored on the devices to Samsung Cloud, delete local data, and block access to Samsung Pay. Thus many users assumed that the they had been pwned by hackers.

Well, Samsung did not have a security breach. Their UK branch served up an answer:

I’d be interested to hear what Samsung corporate has to say on this. When they actually say something I will update this post. But in the meantime, it appears that you can relax as this was apparently an accident.