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The Canadian Chamber Of Commerce Partners With Salesforce To Offer $10K Lifeline

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Small businesses are the heart of Canadian communities and the backbone of Canada’s economy. Canadians everywhere have been supporting their local businesses throughout COVID-19, from ordering take-out to buying gift cards. Civic- minded organizations with the resources and means are also pitching in.

Today, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, Canada’s leading and most representative business association, announced a new program, the Canadian Business Resilience Network Small Business Relief Fund, to provide small Canadian businesses from coast to coast to coast with $10,000 grants to help their recovery efforts during these unprecedented times.

The applications that best demonstrate how the funds will help the businesses, their employees and their communities will receive the funding.

The initiative, through the generosity of Salesforce will help 62 small Canadian businesses recover and support their resilience, for a total of $620,000 in funds. Businesses can use the $10,000 grants to support their recovery efforts, including paying salaries, acquiring safety and personal protective equipment for staff, replenishing materials or paying for the measures required to adapt business models to the economic impacts of COVID-19, among other key priorities.

The grant will be targeted at small, for-profit businesses that have been operating for several years and are now experiencing challenges because of COVID-19. The application period will open on June 1, 2020 on the CBRN website and will close on June 12, 2020. The successful applicants will be announced in late June to early July 2020, with the funds being transferred to the successful applicants shortly thereafter.

Today’s announcement comes on the heels of a global announcement by Salesforce to distribute a total of $5 million USD dollars to small business owners internationally.

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce established the Canadian Business Resilience Network (CBRN) in partnership with the Government of Canada to help the business community prepare, persevere and, ultimately, prosper in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The CBRN is a coordinated, business-led, inclusive campaign that will focus on providing businesses the tools they need to mitigate the impact of the pandemic on them, our economy and communities across the country. Its goal is also to help businesses emerge from this crisis and drive Canada’s economic recovery.

Apple Needs To Make Sure iOS 14 Improves In Three Key Areas…. Or Face Significant Consequences

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When iOS 13 shipped it was buggy and missing features. And Apple has been on the back foot ever since trying to get features like iCloud Folder Sharing into iOS 13, and fixing bugs that seem to be never ending.

The net result is that iOS 13 is a total disaster for Apple. And by “total disaster” I mean it’s the worst version of iOS in history.

Thus Apple has no choice but to ensure that iOS 14 is better than iOS 13. And by “better than iOS 13” I feel that Apple has to focus on three key areas:

Security: iOS used to have the reputation of being the most secure mobile OS out there. That’s no longer the case. Exploit acquisition firm Zerodium announced this week that it’s no longer buying certain types of iOS exploits due to a surplus in those exploits, and the company expects prices to drop in the near future.

What’s worse is that the CEO of Zerodium said this:

If you’re Apple, you have to be seriously embarrassed that your mobile OS is this insecure. Thus Apple has to make sure that security is top of mind or they will pay a heavy price.

Stability: iOS 13 shipped buggy. And it was seriously buggy in subsequent updates. And it only really became stable with iOS 13.5. That’s something that cannot happen with iOS 14. Apple needs to focus on stability as much as it needs to focus on security because to be frank, iOS users deserve better from Apple.

Feature Complete: Apple when it shipped iOS 13 didn’t ship features like Deep Fusion for the iPhone 11 series, and more recently iCloud Folder Sharing. That cannot be the case for iOS 14 as consumers expect OSes to ship complete. They don’t want to wait weeks or months for promised features to appear. And given the first two items that I mentioned, you can bet that the patience of features to appear will be at an all time low. Thus Apple would be well advised to make sure that everything that it promises in terms of the feature set of iOS 14 ships on time.

So here’s what happens to Apple, if they don’t focus on these three key areas. Apple’s reputation, which isn’t very good at the moment, will take a serious nosedive. Consumer trust will be lost, and that will translate to less iPhone sales. Since Apple is addicted like a crack addict to the money that it makes from the iPhone, that will be a huge problem for Apple. One that it will likely have great difficulty recovering from. So if I were Tim Cook and company, I would work very hard to ensure that iOS 14 is a far better, far more stable, and far more secure product than iOS 13 ever was.