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Rogers Launches eSIM For Business Customers On iPhone…. And Fido’s Stance On eSIM Is As Clear As Mud

Posted in Commentary with tags on March 27, 2019 by itnerd

So if you’ve been following the mess that is Rogers support for eSIM on the iPhone XS/XS Max/XR, you’ll recall that Apple appeared to announce that Rogers was supporting eSIM for Apple’s newest phones. But then appeared to back away from that by removing references to Rogers from its various web pages. And in the process leading to a lot of Rogers customers being confused.

Well, Rogers is back on this Apple webpage which lists carriers that support eSIM:


And after some poking around, I found this on Rogers Community Forums which is announcing eSIM support for business customers only. Meaning consumers need not apply. And its only for iPhone XS/XS Max/XR. Which means if you nave some other eSIM device like some of the flagship Android phones, you need not apply. Plus this is only available on BYOD and no-term plans. If you want to be on a contract with Rogers, then your only option is a physical SIM card rather than activating the eSIM on the phone.

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that they won’t get a lot of interest from customers given the above. But I’m free to be proven wrong.

Now you’ll also notice that Rogers flanker brand Fido is listed as supporting eSIM. Except that if you ask Fido, they’ll say something like this:

So that’s weird seeing as Apple is saying that they do support eSIM. What’s up with that? Perhaps Rogers/Fido and Apple should collectively clarify this as it’s not exactly clear what the truth is.


A Reader Complains About The Lack Of Support For The Samsung Galaxy Watch From Rogers

Posted in Commentary with tags , on January 25, 2019 by itnerd

I got a comment related to this story that I posted about the Samsung Galaxy Watch. Which for those on Team Android is the chief competitor to the Apple Watch. I posted that story in relation to Rogers lack of eSIM support at the time. They now have that support. Sort of. But only for the Apple Watch. It’s not available for the Galaxy Watch because Rogers much to my surprise doesn’t seem to carry the Galaxy Watch. Here’s what the reader who tipped me off to this said:

I spent alot of the day today calling Roger’s and getting escalated to higher and higher up the Rogers management chain.

In the end I spent over half an hour talking to the Office of the President of Roger’s.

Supposedly the very top of Rogers.

I was told that Roger’s has made a business decision to not support the Samsung Galaxy Watch.

And worse that they have no plans to support it at any time in the future.

I was on hold for nearly 10 minutes while the Office of the President checked and confirmed with all groups that there is no support planned at all.

(While I was told that they may change their mind at any time, it seems highly unlikely as these things are normally scheduled months in advanced)

This is extreamly discouraging.

When I pointed out that this is making a large number of Roger’s customers very upset, I was told that I could complain to the ombudsman (who had no control over business decisions).

I also pointed out that the type of person who buys a 500+ smartwatch is likely to also be spending alot on other Roger’s services and that this business decision was likely to be a expensive mistake.

In the end I have decided to move all my business to a different carrier.

Not my preferred choice, but I am left with no choice.

Well, that’s someone who is never going to do business with Rogers again. And I confirmed via this page that the only carriers in Canada that have the Galaxy Watch are Telus and Bell.

At first I thought the person who pinged me on this was over reacting. But I reached out to a bunch of my friends and associates who are on Team Android to get their views on they. To my surprise their reaction to finding out that Rogers doesn’t carry the Galaxy Watch was one of shock. They all assumed that of course Rogers would carry all the latest and greatest devices. Thus the fact that Rogers didn’t carry the Galaxy Watch was mind blowing. Thus based on that, I think Rogers has really made a mistake here. One they might want to reconsider with the Galaxy 10 about to make an appearance as that will drive upgrades once it is available. Those upgrades will likely go to carriers that carry all of Samsung’s products. In other words, Telus and Bell and not Rogers. Pity.


Are Rogers And Fido Rolling Out eSIM Support? [UPDATED: Who Knows??]

Posted in Commentary with tags , on December 5, 2018 by itnerd

It seems that Rogers and their flanker brand Fido might be on the verge something that for a change will make their users happy. According to Apple’s website, they now support eSIM. Here’s some snapshots proving that:

Rogers esim


Weirdly, this other document doesn’t show that either carrier has eSIM support. I’m guessing that it has to be updated. Or maybe someone jumped the gun. I checked both of Rogers Twitter feeds and no mention of eSIM support there. Ditto for Fido. But it does make sense as one of the things that iOS 12.1.1 which was released today did was add eSIM support for more carriers. All Rogers and Fido customers need is some sort of official statement and instructions on how to make this work.

Watch this space for updates.

UPDATE: This is what Rogers is saying on Twitter when they are asked about eSIM support:

This despite the fact that the Apple website page that I referenced at the start of the article has not changed two days after this information was posted. You would think that if Apple screwed up, they would have fixed it by now. Thus one has to assume that Apple is sharing information that to them is correct. What further highlights this disconnect between Rogers/Fido and Apple is that this Apple webpage has been updated to match the other web page that I referenced at the start of this article. Thus you have to wonder what the deal is with Rogers giving responses like the Tweet above seeing as Apple is singing a different tune.

I sense another Rogers PR gong show in the making.

UPDATE #2: As of January 2nd, it appears all references to Rogers supporting eSIM are gone from this Apple webpage. But strangely, Fido is still listed as supporting eSIM. Seeing as Rogers and Fido are the same company, that’s beyond bizarre. What adds to the bizarre nature of this is that this Apple webpage still lists both companies as supporting eSIM.

This is highly confusing. And this answer from one hour before I posted this story addes to the confusion:

Read a certain way, it sort of implies that eSIM support is still coming on Rogers.

At this point, who knows what the deal is and it would be nice if Rogers, Fido and Apple would clarify the situation.

Text Message Spam & “Spam” Hit Rogers Wireless Customers

Posted in Commentary with tags on October 30, 2018 by itnerd

It seems that if you’re a Rogers Wireless customer, you’re getting hit spam and “spam.” I’ll start with the actual spam. Rogers customers seem to be receiving messages like this one:

Needless to say this is spam and it looks like a new version of this scam that I came across some time ago. Thus if you are a Rogers customer and you get one of these text messages, don’t click on the link. Instead, forward the message to 7726 (SPAM) and Rogers will investigate.

Now onto the “spam.” Something that blew up my inbox overnight is the fact that Rogers customers are getting text messages via Rogers  “GeoTxt” ad service which used to be called Rogers Alerts. It sends coupon offers when a user is geographically close to a Rogers partner. And this isn’t going over too well with customers.

Ryan Cash, the founder of Built by Snowman which is part of the reason why he has a blue checkmark on his Twitter account and his message to Rogers to the point. This is how Rogers responded:

In short, by being a Rogers customer it appears that you automatically opt in to this service. And that isn’t good as it kind of reminds me of the Negative Option Billing fiasco that blew up in 1996 here in Canada. Consumers reacted negatively to that at the time, and there seems to be a similar reaction now:

Rogers really would be well advised to change this practise ASAP as it clearly has upset customers. That doesn’t help with retention rates. Nor does it help with Rogers reputation. I’ll be watching to see what happens next in terms of Rogers addressing this or hoping that this blows over.

Issues With Apple Watch Activation Mount For Those On Rogers

Posted in Commentary with tags on September 22, 2018 by itnerd

Things really aren’t really going well with those who want to activate an Apple Watch on the Rogers network. On top of corporate customers being shut out entirely at this point, those who should be able to activate an Apple Watch on the Rogers network are sometimes running into issues. Based on the angry emails that I am getting, here’s a list of error codes that people seem to be getting:

  • “Your Rogers account is not eligible to enable cellular on your Apple Watch. Contact Rogers for more information.”
  • Error codes WS300, WS201 and WS501

On top of that, people are also reporting that when they enter 911 info, the activation process kicks them back to the start of the process. That sounded familiar as my wife and I experienced that several years ago when trying to set up WiFi calling on Rogers. The only recourse that seems to exist at present is to phone Rogers. I’ve been told by various customers who have called in that this can be very painful as the front line reps seem to be only able to open a support ticket and beyond that they can’t do much for you. I’ve also heard that in some cases it may take days for Rogers to get back to you. That’s highly frustrating to customers. Some of whom have asked me what my experience has been like on Telus. Rather than answer them individually, I’ll do a write up about my experience with Telus in the coming days.

Rogers really needs to get a handle on this and quickly. They have already taken a PR hit by being a year late to the Apple Watch party unlike Telus and Bell. Then when they show up their corporate customers can’t join the party. Again, this is unlike Telus and Bell. Now this. If Rogers can’t get their act together, they will find it difficult to convince customers that their Apple Watch business should go to them rather than to Telus or Bell. After all, Apple fans are an intensely loyal and highly vocal group. And getting them mad enough to defect from Rogers is a really bad idea if you’re Rogers.

EXCLUSIVE: The Nightmare Of Rogers And The Apple Watch Continues As Business Customers Discover That They Can’t Use The Apple Watch With Business Plans

Posted in Commentary with tags on September 17, 2018 by itnerd

Well, just when you thought that Rogers was about to get past their ongoing issues of bringing Apple Watch support to their network comes news that business customers can’t get the Apple Watch added to their plans. I came across this Tweet a few minutes ago while monitoring reactions to the launch of Apple Watch support on the Rogers network. I had to blank out some of the content as I like to think this is a safe for work blog:

apple watch gong show

Upon seeing this, I pinged some of my contacts within Rogers who speak to me on background. They confirmed that Rogers doesn’t support business customers at this time. The thing is that Rogers had to have seen what happened to Telus who tripped over the same issue and who had to scramble to get that sorted in a hurry. Thus for Rogers to not take that into account and launch something that is strictly consumer focused is incredibly short sighted on their part. You have to wonder what they were thinking. In the meantime, if you’re a business customer who wants an Apple Watch, Telus seems to be your only option at the moment.

UPDATE: I got this from a Rogers customer.

I am guessing that’s what business users are seeing when they try to activate. If that’s not enough, I am now getting reports of people of all account types having issues activating period. There’s an example of that in the comments section. This is clearly not going well for Rogers at all.

UPDATE #2: Thanks to the loyal readers that pointed out that Bell supports the Apple Watch with LTE on business accounts as well. Unlike Rogers who continues to quote 2019 as a date that business accounts will be supported:

You really have to wonder what is going on at Rogers HQ these days as this is just mind blowing that this is happening at all.

Rogers To FINALLY Offer eSIM Support For Apple Watch Users

Posted in Commentary with tags on September 12, 2018 by itnerd

I just finished watching the Apple event where the new Apple Watch Series 4 was announced along with the iPhone Xr, Xs and Xs Max phones. And one thing popped up that will be of interest to Canadians. Unlike last year where Rogers was missing from the list of supported carriers of the Apple Watch Series 3, Rogers was finally listed as a supported carrier for the Series 4 which implies they now have support for eSIM technology. Here’s the proof:

Better late than never I suppose. I say that because so many Rogers customers left Rogers for Bell or Telus primarily because of how poorly Rogers handled this. Myself included.

Now one thing to keep in mind is that the support eSIM not only is relevant for Apple Watch users, but it is relevant for iPhone Xs, Xs Max, and Xr users as well as those phones use eSIM technology. Thus Rogers was likely forced to do this.

As I type this, there are no details. As in price or when it will be available. Thus stay tuned to this page for updates as I get them.

UPDATE: iPhone In Canada is reporting that one of the key features of the new iPhone Xs and Xs Max which is dual SIM technology which uses a physical SIM and the built in eSIM technology is only going to be supported by Bell when those phones are launched. That’s going to be disappointing to Rogers customers. And perhaps Telus users as well. So it seems it may not the good news that Rogers customers are looking for.

UPDATE #2: Another data point is that Apple lists Rogers as supporting carrier for the Apple Watch here.


However, there is still no announcement from Rogers of any sort. This is perplexing as this is a chance for Canada’s largest telco to make up for almost a year of negative press and they are not taking it. Bizarre.

UPDATE #2: A reader pinged Rogers about this via Twitter and got this response:

Hmmm…. This is plausible. Given this which is showing up intermittently on


When I clicked learn more, it takes me to a page for me to sign up for email updates…. For the iPhone Xs. Weird. And I say that it is showing up intermittently because if you refresh enough times you may or may not see this. My guess is that Rogers is still trying to get their messaging straight on this.

UPDATE #3: A reader found this page on with instructions on how to set up your Apple Watch with LTE for cellular usage. As I type this, it’s clear that it is still under construction. But it’s the clearest indication yet that this is finally happening. Though it would be nice if Rogers would just serve up a real announcement with pricing. That would really be welcome.

UPDATE #4: If I bothered to page through the instructions found on this page I would have seen this:


So based on this screen shot it looks like you will need a Share Everything plan. That isn’t a shock as that’s in line with Bell and Telus. And you will pay an extra $10 a month which is $5 more expensive than Bell, but in line with Telus. Although Telus gives you 1GB of data as part of their Apple Watch plan. Bell doesn’t give you any data and there’s no clue if the boys in red are going to do the same thing as Telus or will they go the Bell route. And Rogers gets to extract an extra $30 from your pocket as a one time connection fee. Lovely. So now we have some idea of what Rogers has planned. It would be nice if they would just come out with a statement a lay it all out for us.

UPDATE #5: Rogers has finally posted pricing on their website. In a bit of a surprise to me, they offer up plans for $10 a month with or without a Share Everything plan.

rogers apple watch

Rogers is also serving up 1GB of data as part of the plan and it looks like they will be giving you three months for free. If Rogers offered this up at this time last year, I would have stayed with them and not moved to Telus. Apparently this all kicks off on September 17th and you’ll need a Apple Watch running watchOS 5 to make this all work.

EXCLUSIVE: Rogers May Be FINALLY About To Provide Support For The Apple Watch

Posted in Commentary with tags on August 27, 2018 by itnerd

For months now, I have been writing about the lack of Apple Watch Support by Rogers along with their total mishandling of the situation. With no timeline, no clear statement from the telco in red about what their plans were about if they would ever provide support for Apple’s wearable device, many people trashed Rogers on Twitter and many others bolted to Bell and Telus who both have support for the Apple Watch. In my case, I bolted to Telus.

But it now seems that maybe Rogers is going to be finally providing support for the Apple Watch. A reader of this blog provided me this URL which I promptly went to and screen shotted. If you click on the picture and enlarge it, and check the above circled area, the URL is “”. Not only that, if you look at the circled area, you’ll see that the page is titled Apple Watch Series 4.

What this appears to be is a placeholder of some sort that is meant to be filled with whatever Apple announces in a couple of weeks. It’s also clear that their webmaster screwed up as this likely was not intended to be visible to the public. Thus we can draw two conclusions from this. It implies, and the key word is implies that Rogers will support the Apple Watch. Not only that, it implies that they will likely sell it as well. It also says that Rogers saying for months as to the fact that support for eSIM devices would come in 2018 was accurate. Now there’s no timeframe as to when this support could show up as it could be on the day that Apple launches their latest watch, or it could be much later. But it’s something.

Now I have been around long enough to not even to bother asking Rogers to comment on this. But if they want to tell their customers who have waited for a very long time for anything that makes them not bolt from the carrier, please do. I think they deserve that much. In the meantime, I’ll be watching developments very closely to see what comes next.

UPDATE: A reader alerted me that the link has been removed. But too bad for Rogers that screenshots live forever.

With The Announcement Of The Samsung Galaxy Watch, The Lack Of Support For eSIM On The Rogers Network Is Further Highlighted

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Since the Apple Watch was announced last fall Rogers has been on the back foot trying to tap dance around the fact that their chief rivals Bell and Telus can support the eSIM technology that it uses and they can’t. Last week Rogers problems increased as Samsung announced the Samsung Galaxy Watch. Guess what? It uses eSIM technology as well. Thus it’s not available on the Rogers network. Something that is confirmed in this Tweet:

If that response sounds familiar, it’s the same one that they’ve been using for months as they’ve tried to tap dance around this issue. But to be fair, Samsung hasn’t announced availability outside the US and Korea. Thus Rogers can’t really comment on a product that technically doesn’t exist yet. But the fact that questions are already popping up about whether Rogers supports this watch, and the fact that Rogers is serving up similar answers isn’t going to help the perception that Rogers is behind the eight ball when it comes to supporting the latest and greatest tech. Plus you can bet that because Telus and Bell who already support eSIM technology are going to be quickly pushing that narrative the second that the Samsung Galaxy Watch does pop up in Canada. Not to mention that we’re likely a month or so away from an Apple press event where the latest version of the Apple Watch will likely appear. All of that will crank up the pressure on Rogers to support eSIM.

Let’s see if Rogers can actually follow through on their promise to get this done in 2018. I for one am skeptical they can, but I am free to be proven wrong.

Rogers Messaging About The Apple Watch With LTE May Be Sending The Wrong Message

Posted in Commentary with tags on June 4, 2018 by itnerd

As frequent readers of this blog will know. Rogers has been very unwilling to say one way or another if they will carry the Apple Watch with LTE. I personally had to switch to Telus to be able to use one, and many others have switched to that carrier or Bell for the same reason. Well, the waters in regards to this may have been muddied further as Rogers have appeared to have altered their talking points. I cite this Tweet as an example:

So, this is how I interpret this:

  • Rogers isn’t going to carry the Apple Watch. Which isn’t the biggest deal in the world as you can get it straight from Apple.
  • Rogers still plans to roll out “the technology for cellular-enabled wearable tech” in 2018. Which I assume means support for eSIM

However, that isn’t how the universe seems to interpret this. Based on the e-mails that I’ve received over the weekend, the universe interpreting this as “Rogers isn’t going to carry the Apple Watch. So you should move to Telus or Bell.” This impression is being played out on Twitter as well:

Now, not carrying the Apple Watch is not the same as not having support for it. But because Rogers messaging in regards to this issue has been just so horrific from the moment that the Apple Watch with LTE first appeared, it has been conflated to be the same thing. Perhaps if Rogers took my advice which was to come out with a clear statement in terms of their plans for eSIM support ages ago, perhaps we would not be talking about this now. However, there’s more as evidenced by this Tweet:


At this point, Rogers customers really don’t believe what the telco is saying. That’s a problem as customers are assuming the worst and bolting as a result of that.

Rogers, here’s some free advice. You can clear this up right now by coming out with a  clear statement in terms of your plans for eSIM support. Some contrition would be nice as well as I can tell you that your customers are incredibly frustrated. Because what you’re doing isn’t helping you to retain customers. And even if you do, they clearly don’t trust you.

So how about it Rogers?