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Sprint Business Wi-Fi With Cisco Meraki Makes Networks Scalable, Smarter and Easier to Manage

Posted in Commentary with tags on February 7, 2019 by itnerd

Sprint Business Wi-Fi with Cisco Meraki allows information systems and information technology decision makers to build corporate networks that not only have superior visibility worldwide, but are also easier and faster to scale, more secure, and more easily managed with just one simple cloud-based dashboard and a single Sprint point of contact. Leveraging the Cisco Meraki portfolio enables deployment of advanced security solutions and networking technologies – all managed through a common platform.

The Future of Wi-Fi Networks: Simple Management.

Your Sprint Business team, builds and manages a smarter, more powerful Wi-Fi network that includes:

  • Installation
    • Pre/post RF site survey
    • Complete design capabilities
    • Domestic and international installation
  • Intelligent Wi-Fi
    • Flexible deployment; enterprise and guest Wi-Fi with advanced analytics and marketing tools
  • Managed Services
    • Complete monitoring and management
    • World-class business analytics: location analytics, user analytics and more
  • Security
    • Globe-leading security, with Firewall included
  • Cisco Meraki Ecosystem
    • Access points, security appliances, switches, security cameras, analytics and more are included, easily integrated and managed from a cloud-based dashboard
    • Simplified licensing, maintenance and support

With just one point of contact and support team, Sprint Business can transform and manage an entire organization’s information systems operation to make doing business easier and smarter – from SMBs, enterprises to government organizations. Powerful converged solutions leverage the best in next-generation wireless, a world-class wireline network that connects more than 195 countries, leading IT management features and the ground-breaking Curiosity IoT platform to take on the global challenges of today and tomorrow.

Learn more about Sprint Business Wi-Fi today.

Sprint & T-Mobile USA Announce Merger Agreement

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The big news coming out of the US telco space over the weekend is a merger agreement between US telcos Sprint and T-Mobile. The new combined company will be named T-Mobile and current T-Mobile CEO John Legere will serve as the Chief Executive Officer. The new company promises that it will be “force for positive change” . What sort of change? Here’s the video:

Along with the faster rollout of 5G technology, Sprint and T-Mobile say the merger will lead to job creation, lower prices for consumers, improved coverage, and “unprecedented network capacity.” We’ll see if all that comes true. Assuming that this deal gets approved of course. That’s a bit of an open question seeing as there’s currently a battle in the courts with the AT&T / Time Warner merger. So we’ll have to wait and see on that front.

Hopefully, this new company decides to come to Canada as we could use some of that “force for positive change” around here.

Sprint Announces Sprint Secure Wi-Fi

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Sprint today announced the launch of Sprint Secure Wi-Fi, an easy-to-use application for Sprint-subscribed smartphones and tablets. Sprint Secure Wi-Fi seamlessly protects mobile users using unprotected public Wi-Fi by encrypting all data traffic as it goes between the device and the internet.

Every day, millions of mobile device users connect to unsecure public Wi-Fi – hotels, coffee shops, restaurants, etc. – making them vulnerable to malicious users and content. Something as simple as checking the weather or skimming through social media can potentially put sensitive data and credentials at risk. Traffic on public Wi-Fi connections is often unencrypted, leaving the user’s phone susceptible to attack.

Sprint Secure Wi-Fi prevents hacking by encrypting all data passing through the Wi-Fi network to the internet. It works within a Sprint-subscribed iOS or Android device as a “Smart VPN.” Once enabled, it automatically turns on when a user joins an unsecure Wi-Fi network and automatically turns off when they return to the cellular network or lose that Wi-Fi signal.

Key features of Sprint Secure Wi-Fi include:

  • Streamlined security – Gain instant security when connected to unsecure public Wi-Fi networks, such as those found in coffee shops and libraries, and have the option for the solution to encrypt your data on any secured Wi-Fi network.
  • Automatic protection – Quickly identifies if a Wi-Fi network has password protection and/or encryption enabled. If either is missing, the application will “turn on,” automatically encrypting data sent between the device and internet.
  • Simplicity – Secure Wi-Fi is a smart solution that automatically detects the need to turn on or off, relieving the user of the need to do it themselves.
  • Peace of mind – Users can rest assured they are browsing with security, wherever they connect.

The launch of Sprint Secure Wi-Fi complements Sprint Secure, a comprehensive suite of industry-leading security solutions for business networks and mobility. Sprint’s security solutions are continuously improving user experience and enhancing protection provided within its services and networks.

Sprint will offer Sprint Secure Wi-Fi at no additional cost through our Mobility-as-a-Service unlimited plan or for $1.99 a month, per user in a monthly subscription model to Sprint-subscribed iOS and Android users.

This topic was recently covered in a Sprint blog that explains more on why Wi-Fi can be risky business.

Rogers & Sprint Bring WiFi To Cars

Posted in Commentary with tags , on September 26, 2013 by itnerd

A Joint press release from Rogers and Sprint caught my eye today. The two companies are going to team up to bring WiFi access to cars. The service will be available from auto manufacturers that leverage Sprint’s Velocity system which will offer news, sports scores, weather alerts, driving directions and vehicle diagnostics via an in-dash touchscreen. Plus it will offer WiFi connectivity for mobile devices in the car including smartphones and tablets:

“Canadians want to be connected from anywhere, at any time, and with over twenty million vehicles on the road in Canada there is a strong growth opportunity for Rogers in the connected auto segment,” saidMansell Nelson, Vice-President, Advanced Business Solutions, Rogers. “Sprint Velocity will bring to Canadathe ultimate connected car experience on the road, with a combination of smartphone, tablet and in-dash capabilities, while also delivering safety features and communicating vehicle maintenance information seamlessly to manufacturers.”

The service will be available in the US on Sprint’s network, and in Canada on the Rogers network.

My take on this? My first thought on this are the words “distracted drivers.” The flipside of this is that this is a godsend for some. Example a family of say 5 with iPads and iPhones on a long road trip in a minivan or SUV will never hear the words “are we there yet?” The fact that it allows two way diagnostics is very cool as I’ve seen how useful that can be having used the GM OnStar system in the past. But beyond that, I will have to reserve further judgement until I see this system in action.

Sprint Gets Hit By Verizon Over “Most Dependable” Claim

Posted in Commentary with tags , on November 24, 2009 by itnerd

I guess that after kicking AT&T all over the Map with their ads and in court (thus far), Verizon is getting bold. Now they’ve gone to the National Advertising Division of the Council of Better Business Bureaus to get Sprint to drop their “Most Dependable” claim about their network. What do they have as proof? They have a study performed by Nielsen Co. that says that less calls are dropped on Verizon vs. Sprint. The funny thing is that the National Advertising Division of the Council of Better Business Bureaus agreed with Verizon [Warining: PDF]. So now they’re 2 for 2. Sprint is going to appeal this decision, so expect a round two, or more.

So Verizon, you’ve targeted AT&T and Sprint. Who’s next for you?

Sprint And Palm Have A Webcast About The Pre…. But Offer Little In The Way Of New Details

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Sprint and Palm hosted a Webcast ( has a transcript here) about the upcoming Palm Pre. The webcast in short showed off everything we already knew about the device, but it left out two important facts:

  1. When will it ship?
  2. What will it cost?

I don’t really get why Palm and Sprint are avoiding discussions about a launch date or price. It really gives the appearance that the device isn’t ready for prime time yet. IMHO, Sprint and Palm really need to do something about that before people go back to talking about the iPhone. Oh wait, people have already done that.