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Infographic: Roku Survey Reveals….

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Roku Streaming Day takes place on Saturday, May 20. Here’s an interesting infographic that offers insights into how consumers make streaming decisions, including who and what is the most influential when it comes to deciding what to watch.


Source: Roku


Orange County Convention Center Launches Interactive Map with Space Selection & Planning Technology

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concept3D, the leader in location-based software and 3D services,today announced the launch of MapSpacer, a space selection and event planning application that takes advantage of the detailed, 3D models and floor plans of the company’s atlas3D interactive mapping platform.

Interactive Map Overview - Exterior.png

MapSpacer was built in collaboration with Florida’s Orange County Convention Center (OCCC),among the world’s largest and most high-tech convention centers that hosts more than 200 events and roughly 1.4 million attendees every year. 

From anywhere in the world and on desktop or mobile, event planners, attendees and exhibitors can use atlas3D to virtually explore OCCC’s facilities, grounds, surroundings, and the hundreds of meeting and break-out spaces available. Event planners and convention center staff can use MapSpacer to shortlist meeting spaces that meet their specific criteria and explore those spaces through VR-enabled photospheres, images and 3D models.

MapSpacer’s design tool includes a SketchUp extension so planners and convention center staff can custom design meeting spaces, pulling from a convention center’s specific inventory of tables, chairs, equipment, etc. The plans can be viewed in either 2D or 3D fly-through models,and then submitted to convention center staff for cost proposals.

Explore OCCC’s atlas3D-powered interactive map:

goButton To Launch On Kickstarter Shortly

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In the world of online shopping, there is always friction in the ordering process. To order an item, open the App or website, search for an item, add to a cart, confirm payment and shipping and then press the “Buy Now” button. To address this, Amazon introduced the “Dash Button”, a small electronic device designed to make ordering products that are often re-ordered, easy and fast with a click of a button. Now, imagine a similar solution for many of those repetitive tasks, not just re-orders. Introducing the goButton.

The goButton is a smart button solution based on the Amazon Dash Button and the first time a general purpose product is being created out of Amazon’s Button. While a lot of hackers have done very interesting things with the Dash Button (and its cousin the AWS IoT Button), the goButton aims to create a solution that everyone can use with no hacking necessary! Business owners that love productivity tools, will love the goButton and small businesses that can create their own Dash Button-equivalents, can create a connection with customers.

goButton can be used within an office, hospital, hotel, restaurant, retail store, or a warehouse. Imagine clicking a button to indicate:

  • The room is dirty and requires cleaning so you call housekeeping;
  • The printer paper-jam needs attention so you report to the support team;
  • The restroom requires cleaning so you call housekeeping;
  • Help is required at the Front desk so you call security;
  • The bin is going to be empty so you execute a re-fill order with a vendor;
  • Book a conference room; or
  • Schedule a package pickup.

The founder of the goButton is Visbyl, a technology company that makes IoT products for businesses.  Through Visbyl’s partnership with Amazon, the Enterprise IoT button has limitless solutions. Features include:

  • Easy setup, just connect to WiFi and setup via companion app/web browser
  • Configurable alerts and notifications: Use goButton App or Web dashboard to set up tasks that get executed when the button is pressed
  • Personalization option for button text: Personalize the button text label such as “Ask Mike” or “Re-Order Items” or “Call Jane”. We also have a “Design your Button” option at website where anyone can try out their own text and then share it on social media
  • Integration with Slack, Skype, SMS and more: We use many different messaging systems, goButton uses your preferred choice to deliver notifications
  • Battery Monitoring: Buttons are good for around 2000 clicks. Based on 2–4 clicks per day, it can last up to 2 years. Advance notifications let you know when goButtons need to be replaced.

Here’s a video of the goButton in action:

goButton will be launching on Kickstarter soon. Please visit for more information.

The Shadow Brokers Threaten To Release More Exploits In The Wake Of Massive Cyberattack

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The group who acquired the exploit used in last week’s massive cyberattack is back. The hacker group known as The Shadow Brokers have published a statement that is promising to release exploits for various desktop and mobile platforms starting in June. The key thing here is that these exploits have no fixes available which makes them extremely dangerous. On top of that, there’s this:

TheShadowBrokers is launching new monthly subscription model. Is being like [the] wine of month club. Each month peoples can be paying membership fee, then getting members only data dump each month.

Lovely. Here’s what any cybercriminal and/or hacker would get if they sign up:

  • Exploits for web browsers, routers, and smartphones.
  • Exploits for operating systems including Windows 10.
  • Compromised data from banks and Swift providers.
  • Stolen network information from Russian, Chinese, Iranian, and North Korean nuclear missile programs.

Now, it’s an open question as to if the Shadow Brokers actually have any of this. But given the fact that they got their hands on an NSA exploit that was used to power the biggest cyberattack the planet has ever seen, I would not discount anything they say at this point.

One other point. The Shadow Brokers claiming in this post that the US Government is paying tech companies not to patch exploits so that they can use them in their intelligence gathering activities. That’s a pretty strong accusation. Given the attention that is now focused on this cyberattack and the fact that it partially came from the NSA, I suspect that we may get some sort of clarity on that eventually as there’s a significant light being put on that right now.

HP LaserJet Enterprise 600 Series Launched

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HP has launched its new HP LaserJet Enterprise 600 Series devices, with the industry’s most comprehensive security and enhanced productivity.

As the speed of business accelerates, efficient workgroups need smart solutions to stay ahead of the curve. The 600 Series multifunction printers (MFPs) combine exceptional performance and energy efficiency with professional quality documents right when people need them—all while helping to protect the network from ever increasing cyber-attacks. The new devices also include HP JetIntelligence cartridge technology built around a breakthrough in toner chemistry for added print quality protection.

Highest Level of Security with the World’s Most Secure Printers

The 600 Series is embedded with the most advanced security features available, designed to help reduce risk, thwart cyber-attacks and improve compliance. These devices contain the unique ability to self-heal, automatically triggering a reboot in the event of an attack or anomaly. Additional features include built-in encryption to protect data stored on the hard drive, secure erase to remove sensitive information safely and completely, and the ability to disable ports and protocols to help prevent unauthorized access.

Advanced Productivity and WorkFlow

Customers can use a modern, tablet-like user interface (UI) that is now available on the recently launched HP A3 LaserJets and on the new 600 Series LaserJet devices. New UI features include a message center, improved preview, additional customization, centralized contacts and new apps designed to help streamline business processes. The UI firmware will continue to be upgradeable for investment protection and powerful productivity, today and into the future. In addition, the 600 Series features enhanced WorkFlow capabilities that help workers capture every page easily—with smooth paper handling to detect potential errors or missed pages automatically for scan jobs of all kinds.

Taking Performance to New Heights with JetIntelligence

The 600 Series MFPs include all new JetIntelligence capabilities built in starting at the toner particle level, specially engineered to help customers save money and time while improving carbon footprints and energy efficiencies. For example, these devices can wake up out of sleep mode to full performance in as fast as 9 seconds.


HP’s 600 Series MFPs include up to 17 skus with 26 available bundles ranging from 50 ppm to 75 ppm (letter), and they are available now through qualified channel partners or directly through HP. More information can be found here.


BlackBerry Announces New AtHoc Account Software

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BlackBerry Limited is expanding the capability of its industry-leading crisis communication software to enable government agencies and large organizations to account for their people in real-time. Available today, the new AtHoc Account is a FedRAMP-authorized solution that automates personnel accountability and crisis communication processes by providing safety and availability status updates of people before, during and after an event – ultimately providing the information leaders need to make operational decisions.

With an integrated approach to personnel accountability, AtHoc Account combines inputs from managers about their team, call center operators, data streams from HR and travel systems, as well as self-reporting by individuals. It enables organizations to meet U.S. Federal mandates for accounting for their people by consolidating safety information into areport that can be initiated at a variety of organizational levels: group, installation, facility, regional or enterprise-wide.

In addition to AtHoc Account, the FedRAMP authorized BlackBerry AtHoc cloud service includes AtHoc Alert and AtHoc Connect, among other capabilities. Together, these offerings enable agencies to securely share information critical to safety during a crisis with their people and across agencies.

* AtHoc Alert enables secure multi-channel, bi-directional mass notification using almost any type of device, including via secure mobile apps, telephony and texting as well as integrating with other mass notification channels such as loudspeakers, two-way radios, and digital displays.

* AtHoc Connect allows agencies to communicate with each other during crises, addressing some of the more critical deficiencies in crisis management and answering interoperability requirements set out by the DHS Interoperable Communications Act H.R. 615.

* BlackBerry AtHoc’s crisis communication platform is used to protect more than 70 percent of federal government personnel, including the US Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines, Department of Treasury, Department of Veterans Affairs, Department of Energy, the Federal Aviation Administration and others. Only AtHoc Account ensures U.S. federal agencies comply with the following mandates:

  • Department of Homeland Security: DHS Directive 008-04
  • ISO 22301 and other business resilience standards
  • Safety law emergency plans under OSHA and Canada’s equivalent
  • Department of Defense: DoDI 3001.02
  • Department of Veterans Affairs: VA Directive 0325

    For more information, please visit:

ASUS and Make-A-Wish Team Up To Delight A Young Gamer

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Seeing as the news lately has been rather depressing, I figured that I’d serve up a good news story for you.

In a perfect example of a ‘player vs. environment’ gaming move, where players team up against enemies rather than each other, Make-A-Wish BC & Yukon, Best Buy Canada Ltd. and ASUS Canada have come together to grant the computer gaming wish of nine-year-old Kenny. The common enemy everyone is trying to defeat? Leukemia, which Kenny is battling.

Kenny’s wish was revealed to him in-store at Best Buy’s Vancouver Island Uptown Mall location, where ASUS had flown in various items, including a high-end Republic Of Gamers gaming desktop, dual monitors, premium accessories and gaming apparel from eSports team, Echo Fox, to make Kenny’s gaming wish an above-and-beyond experience. Best Buy for Business donated a brand new desk, surround sound system, software and accessories to complete the gaming ecosystem.

As for Kenny, he’s excited to get his new gear home and set up, so that he can try out his new gaming environment as soon as possible.

“We appreciate Make-A-Wish granting Kenny a wish,” said Kenny’s mom, Mary. “We’re all excited for him, and hopefully this will bring him lots of good times, to help us forget about the bad times. We’d like to thank Make-A-Wish, and all the donors and volunteers, who have helped to make this happen.”