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My Apple Watch Band Collection – Summer 2019

Posted in Commentary on July 5, 2019 by itnerd

Earlier this year I posted an article on the Apple Watch bands that I use on a daily basis. A lot has changed on that front since I posted that article. Thus I decided to provide an update as to what I am using at present. Now what hasn’t changed is what I store my watch bands in. Which is the Twelve South TimePorter:

This has enough space to hold all my Apple Watch bands that I currently rotate through. Anything that I am not currently using gets popped into a box in my den. The big plus to the TimePorter is that you can put an Apple Watch charger in it along with a slim battery pack to allow you to charge on the go. You can even fold it up to a 45 degree angle to use it as a display stand which is a great use case for a hotel room.

As for the bands that I have on the go, here’s what I’m currently using:

Urban Armor Gear Nato Strap for Apple Watch

This is a very recent addition to my Apple Watch band collection and one that I really like because it goes with sort of business casual clothing that I wear But at the same time because it is made of high strength nylon and has hardware made of stainless steel, I can use it to work out with. It also fits my Road ID for Apple Watch which gives me a bit of extra safety when I ride my bike for example. Plus it is super comfortable. To be honest, I haven’t swapped it out since the people at Urban Armor Gear sent it to me. That should say something.

The Watch Strap Company Mesh Loop

When I want a add a bit of style, this is one of the bands that I go to. Their Mesh Loop (their term for the Milanese Loop) uses stainless steel that is very soft and comfortable to wear. And it is very premium feeling and durable. Which is a good thing as The Watch Strap Company gear isn’t exactly cheap. But it’s very much worth it as it really ups my Apple Watch Game when I wear suits or business causal clothing.

The Watch Strap Company Link Bracelet

Another band that is on my go to list when I need something more upscale is the Watch Strap Company Link Bracelet. This is another top shelf product from the company that has the look and feel of the Apple Link Bracelet without the Apple price. It’s a very premium feeling product and goes great with everything from suits or business causal clothing.

top4cus Genuine Leather Apple Watch Band

Leather bands are great because they go with anything, and I have two in my collection. The first is this top4cus leather band which I got from Amazon. It looks good with business casual clothing, suits and ties and even stuff that’s more causal. In short, it fits a number of use cases. And the quality of the leather seems to be good as well.

Jisoncase 2-in-1 Genuine Leather Wrist Band For Apple Watch

I mentioned this band the last time I spoke about my Apple Watch band collection and it’s still one of my go to bands. It’s a black leather band which makes it a very classic choice that goes with anything.

That’s my Apple Watch band collection. What Apple Watch bands do you use? I’d be interested in hearing from women with Apple Watches as seeing as I have put forward a collection for men. Thus I figure that many women would be interested in what women use. But male users should join in on the conversation as well by leaving a comment and sharing their thoughts.