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Darktrace Immune System Version 5 Launches

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Darktrace, the world’s leading cyber AI company, today launched Version 5 of its self-learning, self-defending Darktrace Immune System, allowing security teams to meet the novel challenges presented by more dynamic ways of working. 

Darktrace was the first to use machine learning to analyze normal patterns of work, adapt on the job, and autonomously respond when changes in employees’ behaviors introduce security risks. With flexible work, Darktrace Immune System Version 5 extends protection against insider threat, data leaks, and advanced cyber-attacks beyond office walls, with lightweight client sensors and one-click integrations to provide a holistic view. 

As the C-suite balances managing employee productivity with cyber security, organizations are also accelerating digital transformation investments to support cloud-based business and customer engagement models. Darktrace Immune System Version 5 delivers security both from the cloud and for the cloud, including new Autonomous Response for SaaS applications like Microsoft365.

Digital transformation also encompasses more automation, integration, and artificial intelligence to streamline processes, extend existing investments and augment human teams. One of the most significant advancements in these areas is Darktrace Cyber AI Analyst, which mimics world-class threat analysts to prioritize, investigate and report on top threats. Investigations can now be kicked off by threats identified by people, for example the HR department, or from third-party security tools. Incidents can now also be fed into SIEMs, SOAR, or ticketing systems.

Darktrace Immune System Version 5’s numerous innovations include:

  • Extended Visibility: new ‘client sensors’ extend the Enterprise Immune System’s visibility to remote and decentralized workers, on clients on or off VPN
  • Autonomous Response for SaaS: Darktrace Antigena can now take action to stop emerging threats within Microsoft 365 and Zoom
  • Upgrade to Cyber AI Analyst: automated threat investigations and reporting can now be produced for Cloud, SaaS and Industrial environments, triggered on-demand by humans and third-party security tools
  • Dedicated SaaS Console: new, intuitive visualization of SaaS-based threats, seamlessly harmonized with other interface views
  • New One-Click Integrations – easier to integrate with a range of additional third-party security tools for telemetry, SOC workflow and active Autonomous Response integrations
  • Cloud-Native Delivery – Darktrace’s flexible delivery options include 100% cloud-hosted deployments, with AWS Marketplace or AWS QuickStart

Chinese State Media Explains How Oracle Is A “Technology Partner” For TikTok

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Last night I posted a story on Oracle being chosen as a “technology partner” of TikTok after rejecting Microsoft’s bid to buy the social media company that is a target of US President Trump due to being Chinese owned. In that story, I said this:

Yeah, what the hell does that mean? If that means if Oracle won, it doesn’t sound like it bought TikTok. But I am guessing that the association with Oracle founder Larry Ellison and Trump factored into this. The world will be waiting for details on this to see if this is workable for the Chinese and Trump.

With tomorrow being the deadline for TikTok to be sold or be forced to shut down, assuming that a lawsuit prevents the latter from happening, Chinese State Media is now saying a sale to US interests isn’t going to happen. And it sheds light on Oracle being a “technology partner” of TikTok. Reuters has the details:

ByteDance will not sell TikTok’s U.S. operations to Oracle Corp or Microsoft Corp and will not give the source code for the video platform to any U.S. buyers, China’s state-run English television channel CGTN reported on Monday, citing sources.

People familiar with the matter told Reuters that ByteDance abandoned the sale of TikTok in the United States and decided to pursue a partnership with Oracle in hopes of avoiding a U.S. ban while appeasing the Chinese government.

Well good luck with that as I don’t see that stopping Trump who is down in the polls from banning the company. That’s because he needs a win and banning TikTok to show he’s tough on China would qualify as a “win”. I also don’t see it making the Chinese government happy as I can see a scenario where they push back on any association with a US company. Especially one run by Larry Ellison who is a friend of Trump. And one who’s current CEO is also a friend of Trump.

That will make tomorrow very interesting. I guess I will have something else to do besides covering the Apple Event tomorrow.

UPDATE: Bloomberg citing sources claims that the terms being discussed between ByteDance and Oracle were “still evolving,” but that one of the options being explored could see Oracle take a stake in a newly formed U.S. business while serving as TikTok’s U.S. technology partner and housing the video app’s data in Oracle’s cloud servers.