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China Wants TikTok To Shut Down In The US Before They Sell Out To Microsoft, Microsoft/Walmart Or Oracle: Reuters

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Three anonymous sources close to the TikTok presumably have told Reuters that the Chinese government wants TikTok to shut down in the US rather than be sold to Oracle, Microsoft, or Microsoft/Walmart:

Beijing opposes a forced sale of TikTok’s U.S. operations by its Chinese owner ByteDance, and would prefer to see the short video app shut down in the United States, three people with direct knowledge of the matter said on Friday.

But you have to wonder if this is an optics issue:

However, Chinese officials believe a forced sale would make both ByteDance and China appear weak in the face of pressure from Washington, the sources said, speaking on condition of anonymity given the sensitivity of the situation.

There is one other thing, you have to wonder what, if anything that China has to hide that a sale would uncover. Now ByteDance who owns TikTok denies these reports. But seeing as the deadline is next Tuesday for TikTok to shut down or sell to a US company, we are truly in the endgame for this saga.

Watch Dogs: Legion: Join The Resistance & Play As Anyone You Want

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If you have ever wanted to be apart of your very own resistance, tasked with recruiting members and overthrowing corrupt government officials to restore peace and freedom without the risk and repercussion? Today’s your lucky day.

What better way to fulfill your wildest dreams and immerse yourself into a world teeming with excitement, opportunity, and action than in a video game. Watch Dogs: Legion lets you put yourself in the shoes of, well, literally anyone you see in the game.

By hacking passerby in the streets of London, you can play as anyone and recruit members into the resistance to take back the streets of dystopian London from the corrupt government and syndicate crime mafias that plague the city.

Every person you see in Watch Dogs: Legion has a unique set of skills and abilities, from the innocent granny on the sidewalk, to the construction worker and the badass militants with big scary weapons. Pick your resistance well and soon enough you will be kicking butt, taking names and liberating the free people of London.

Watch Dogs: Legion is available for pre-order right now, and is launching on PC, Xbox One, Playstation 4 (New-Gen compatible) and Stadia on October 29th 2020.

BrandLoyal Introduces Version 2 Of HappyFeed… A Free Online Review Booster For Business

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I recently came across a Toronto Start-up called BrandLoyal who has a product that is now in version 2 called HappyFeed. They pitch this as a free online review booster that will help business be more visible online by making it easy for their customers to leave reviews on site like Google and Yelp. It apparently takes two minutes to get started which is good as setup is often a barrier to success.

BrandLoyal helps businesses listen to, engage with, and retain customers with the help of SMS. All this is done through one simple platform that can collect and automate customer data to suit your business needs. Whether you want to create loyalty programs, email campaigns, or implement contact tracing, get started in less than a minute by going to

Sofia Family Digital Activity Manager Announced To Manage Access To Digital Activity

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When Bill Connors and Ryan Gallagher found themselves arguing with their kids about screen time every night, these tech-savvy dads wanted to do something about it. That’s how the Sofia Family (TM) Digital Activity Manager was born. 

Today, Sofia Family goes live  so parents can be some of the first to use this groundbreaking new product with their own families, particularly as they become increasingly worried about how to keep their kids focused during this year of COVID- related online school or hybrid schooling. The Sofia Family Digital Activity Manager is a welcome solution. 

Gallagher has been testing the Sofia Family Digital Activity Manager with his own family for months now, which uses the Sofia Family Hub, a small piece of smart home hardware that sits near your TV or media center. The Hub manages access to the TV, and to all the video devices connected to the TV with HDMI cables (such as game consoles, media streamers, cable / satellite TV boxes, disc-players). In combination, the Sofia Family Hub and App provide one complete simple time management solution that works across all device types kids use, whether they’re on or offline, and cannot be circumvented by smart, sneaky kids. 

Then, parents manage all devices, including mobile and computer devices, as well as devices around the entertainment center, from one place: their own smartphone or tablet. 

Connors knows that the Sofia Family Digital Activity Manager is not a replacement for parenting. “It is, however, a smart tool to help make our jobs as digital parents a little easier, and more importantly, raise kids who will be screen-balanced adults.” 

For more information, please visit

UBISOFT Announces The First World Cup For Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege

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Yesterday at Ubisoft’s digital press conference, Ubisoft Forward, the company announced the first ever Rainbow Six World Cup, an exciting new way to enjoy esports on Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six® Siege. The Rainbow Six World Cup will take place in the Summer of 2021. For the first time in Rainbow Six Esports history, players from 45 countries and regions will compete at the highest level to become the one team that will make history by bringing home the very first Rainbow Six World Cup trophy. The World Cup is also a unique and unprecedented opportunity for fans to share their love, pride and unconditional support with the team that will represent them on the worldwide stage.

For such a special occasion, Ubisoft has entrusted international athlete Tony Parker to take on the role of ambassador for the Rainbow Six World Cup and share his 20-years of experience with the players involved in the competition. With 4 NBA titles, a EuroBasket title, more than 180 selections in national team and a true passion for esports and gaming, Tony Parker will have great insights to share with players who will face, for the first time, the special pressure and stakes that come with competing in world cups.

From September 2020 to Summer 2021: the road to the Rainbow Six World Cup

From amateur competitive scenes which started only 5 years ago, Rainbow Six Siege has developed into Ubisoft’s top-tier esports title, with more than 60 million players worldwide, and 40 professional teams competing in four strong regional leagues across North America, Europe, Latin America and Asia-Pacific. The Rainbow Six World Cup is the latest addition to the Rainbow Six Esports ecosystem, as an independent layer of competition and the first ever country-based tournament for the game.

The Rainbow Six World Cup will involve a total of 45 countries and regions throughout two stages. The Qualifier Stage will happen during the first half of 2021, while the Final Stage will take place during the summer of 2021. Fourteen countries and regions will get a direct invite to the Final Stage and, 31 other countries will take part in online qualifiers to compete for one of the six remaining available slots. Ultimately, 20 teams will be competing in the Final Stage of the World Cup.

To determine the composition of each national team, local Rainbow Six Siege communities and professional scenes will participate in a two-step process:

  • Starting September 14, each of the 45 participating countries and regions will start selecting their National Committees, composed of three team managers. 
  • Later this fall, each National Committee will select the five players who will compete in the team.

The National Committees will ultimately head the team they carefully composed as they take on the challenge to become World Cup champions.

Additional details on the competition and the national committee selection process are available here:

To learn more about Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Esports, please visit and follow them at and

HEX Launches Halo Capsule With 343 Industries

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HEX, the award-winning fashion accessory brand, has launched its HEX x Halo Capsule, a new line of premium bags designed in collaboration with 343 Industries, as part of its rollout for the upcoming video game, Halo Infinite. 

The capsule consists of four styles —  Spartan Backpack, Spartan Tech Backpack, ONI Sling, and UNSC Duffel. Each bag is developed to facilitate a more immersive experience and allows users to step inside the game. 

All the bags are constructed in 16 OZ Canvas with a water-resistant, polyurethane coating for durability and use YKK’s new EYL “Tough Zippers”. Each type of bag is built around a different element from the game:

The Spartan Tech Backpack is the ultimate bag for the serious gamer, photographer, streamer, etc.). This bag features EVA foam padded laptop storage, a luggage handle pass-through, deluxe organizer, passport pocket, and grab handle. Inside there is a full setup of custom configurable EVA foam dividers so you can set up your bag to accommodate your specific gear requirements. 
The Pro-Tech Backpack is priced at $199.

Both Backpacks are inspired by the legendary super-soldier, the Master Chief, and carry his Spartan-117 ID number, signature green color story and logo/trim package.

The UNSC Duffel features an EVA foam padded laptop compartment, various accessory pockets, a luggage handle pass-through, and hidden magnetic handles. The grey color story and badging all identify it as Halo UNSC (United Nations Space Command) property. 
The Duffel is priced at $149.

Lastly, The ONI Sling is perhaps the most versatile of the bags and features a molle clip system on the front as well as brushed steel hardware, a padded shoulder pad, and a generous padded main compartment with adjustable padded divider to hold anything from game controllers to cameras. The Sling’s badging and black color story identify it with Halo’s ONI (Office of Naval Intelligence). The Sling is priced at $79.

For more information on HEX’s extensive line of products, visit their website, or follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  

Pricing and Availability
These limited-edition bags range in price from $79 – $199 and are available for pre-sale on HEX’s website beginning Thursday, September 10.