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Cisco AppDynamics Launches New Research That Reveals Unprecedented Demand For Full-Stack Observability With Business Context

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AppDynamics, a part of Cisco, today released Agents of Transformation 2021:The Rise of Full-Stack Observability, the latest edition of its global research study, exploring the impact of the rapid acceleration of digital transformation created in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the repercussions for global technologists. The findings reveal a dramatic increase in IT complexity caused by the need for urgent innovation – and the resulting technology sprawl. The research also validates a pressing need for full-stack observability with added business context to help technologists manage the IT estate, cut through the data ‘noise’ and observe what matters most to their business.

The shift to digital-first business models to weather the storm and minimize the commercial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, has placed technologists at the forefront of their organizations’ response. According to this research, this forced a 3X acceleration of digital transformation projects. Unsurprisingly, technologists found themselves under considerable strain, with 89 percent reportedly feeling under immense pressure at work and 84 percent admitting to having difficulty switching off. Furthermore, many technologists expressed feeling frustrated about work (81 percent) and experiencing increased levels of conflict with colleagues (63 percent).

The new research goes on to highlight that rapid digital transformation has added staggering technical complexity throughout IT departments, with technologists listing the following factors as key contributors:

  • A new set of priorities and challenges (80 percent).
  • Technology sprawl and a patchwork of legacy and cloud technologies (78 percent).
  • Acceleration to cloud computing (77 percent).
  • Multiple, disconnected monitoring solutions (74 percent). 

This rise in IT complexity has significantly increased the amount of data created across the technology stack, from the application, through the infrastructure to the network and security. With this added complexity, 85 percent of technologists state that quickly cutting through noise caused by the ever-increasing volumes of data to identify root causes of performance issues will represent a significant challenge in the year ahead. With 75 percent of those polled stating they are already struggling to manage overwhelming ‘data noise’, technologists are desperate for a unified solution to enable real-time visibility across the entire IT estate:

  • 95 percent of technologists say having visibility across the whole IT estate is important.
  • 96 percent point to negative consequences of not having visibility and insights across the whole tech stack.

While most technologists acknowledge that the ability to monitor the IT stack is important, the overwhelming majority (92%) say the ability to link technology performance to business outcomes such as customer experience, sales transactions and revenue, will be what’s really important to delivering innovation goals over the next year. In addition, almost three quarters (73%) fear that the inability to link IT performance with business performance will be detrimental to their business in 2021, and 96 percent acknowledge that the ability to connect full-stack observability with real-time business outcomes will be essential to delivering first-class digital experiences and accelerating digital transformation.

Rather than searching through the vast amounts of telemetry data that comes with a standard full-stack observability approach, technologists recognize they need to observe what matters by applying a business lens to full-stack observability so they can surface the most impactful information quickly. This business context will enable them to make sense of what’s relevant and take action on the most transformative opportunities.

The report also highlights that while technologists are acutely aware that they need to contextualize IT performance with real-time business data, more than half (66%) do not have the resources and support they need, and 96 percent point to at least one barrier their organization must navigate in order to adopt this new approach.

The stakes have never been higher for technologists and their organizations to get the necessary resources and support in place, with three quarters (75%) of technologists saying their organization needs to connect full-stack observability to business outcomes within 12 months in order to remain competitive. 

To learn more about full-stack observability and the AppDynamics Business Observability platform, register to attend AppDynamics Transform 2021 virtual event starting today, or visit AppDynamics.comfor more information.

Other Resources:

  • Download the latest installment of the AppDynamics Agents of Transformation research series here.
  • Access free AppDynamics software and support through the COVID-19 Project Assist program.

Research Methodology

To better understand the complexity that technologists are facing in 2021 and to gauge understanding and appetite for full-stack observability with business context, Cisco AppDynamics has undertaken comprehensive global research, from board-level directors and CIOs, through to senior and mid-level IT management.

This research comprised of:

  • Interviews with 1,050 IT professionals in organizations with a turnover of at least $500m.
  • Interviews were conducted in 11 markets – Australia, Canada, France, Germany, India, Japan, Russia, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom and United States.
  • Respondents worked across a range of industries, including IT, financial services, retail, public sector, manufacturing and automotive, and media and communications.
  • All research was conducted by Insight Avenue in December 2020 and January 2021.

Red Hat Teams Up With OneMethod

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Toronto-based digital and design agency OneMethod today announced that it has brought on Red Hat, the world’s leading provider of enterprise open source software solutions, as a new client and will be working with the company on creative projects across North America.

OneMethod began working with Red Hat in June 2020, following a competitive pitch process. To date, the creative work has included digital assets, content development, video animation, and web and campaign development.

2021 will see OneMethod continue to ramp up on work across Red Hat’s product portfolio and services offerings, as well as campaign and corporate assignments.

Guest Post: Atlas VPN Says UK’s Cybersecurity Firms Hit Over $12 Billion In 2020 Revenue

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Cybersecurity has never been more important, as the pandemic forced many people to shift towards remote work. Also, most entertainment venues are closed, so people use the web to fill up their free time. This situation is a great opportunity, and cybersecurity companies did not miss the chance to capitalize on it.

Atlas VPN research team found that in the 2020 financial year, online security companies in the UK raked in nearly 8.88 billion GBP which is equivalent to 12.51 billion US dollars, a 7% increase from last year’s 8.3 billion GBP (11.69 billion USD). 

Rachel Welch, COO of Atlas VPN, shares her projections on UK’s cybersecurity firm earnings in 2021:

We project that cybersecurity firm earnings in the United Kingdom in the year 2021 will surge past the 10 billion GBP (14.08 billion USD) mark without much trouble, as the digital threats online are projected to thrive amid home working and improving hacking strategies. 

Therefore, cybersecurity firms will potentially sign a significant amount of new contracts as companies will shift to seek proper digital security solutions for their businesses.” 

Data reveals that nearly three-quarters (74%) of the online security earnings go to large firms, amounting to almost 6.6 billion GBP or 9.3 billion USD in 2020. Large enterprises are those with 250 or more employees. 

Cybersecurity businesses by size

In 2020 1,483 companies provided cybersecurity products and services. Compared to last year’s 1,221 businesses, this is a 21% growth. 

Looking at the broader perspective, the number of digital security companies jumped by 85% from 846 firms in 2017 to 1,483 in 2020.  Let’s delve deeper into the size of registered cybersecurity firms in the UK within the most recent financial year.

In 2020, there were 144 companies with 250 or more employees, representing 10% of the grand total number of businesses.

To read the full report, head over to:

TikTok Canada Announces Self-Serve Platform + TikTok Marketing Channel In Shopify App Store Are Now available in Canada

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Today, TikTok Canada has announced that the Shopify integration with the Self-Serve Platform and TikTok marketing channel on the Shopify App Store are now available in Canada!

This partnership was part of a global effort previously announced in October 2020 and the updates are now available in Canada. This is great news for business owners of all sizes in Canada, as it is now easier for Shopify merchants to connect with and be discovered by TikTok’s highly engaged users.  

Self Serve Advertising Tools enable advertisers of all sizes and budgets to easily and efficiently use the TikTok advertising platform to place ads on their own. Introduction of new tools and features designed for small businesses that make it easier than ever to get started such as fast set up, flexible business, and creative tools to easily design engaging creatives. Key highlights include:

  • Creative tools: TikTok has a suite of creative tools that enable every marketer to embrace the creativity and authenticity of the TikTok community. Everyone has the opportunity to tell their story, and TikTok’s creative tools help brands represent the most authentic version of their brand.
  • Flexible budgetsTikTok Ads Manager was designed for fast set up for every level of expertise. Flexible budgets allow businesses to adjust their spending at any time.
  • Performance targeting: Intelligent targeting enables businesses to get discovered by new engaged audiences.

Through the TikTok channel, Canadian merchants can access core functions of the TikTok For Business Ads Manager all from within Shopify. Highlights include:

  • New, “1-click” pixel: Shopify merchants can install or connect their TikTok Pixel with the click of a button, making it quicker and easier to track conversions.
  • A One-Stop-Shop for TikTok Campaigns: Merchants can create campaigns, target audiences and track performance in one place.
  • Creative Made Simple: Everyone has a story to tell on TikTok, and the TikTok channel enables Shopify merchants to create native, shareable ads that resonate with the community. TikTok’s intuitive creative tools help turn merchants’ products into high quality TikToks in minutes.
  • Advanced Matching: This new TikTok Pixel feature enables Shopify merchants to send hashed customer information to more effectively track conversions from TikTok ads and retarget audiences while maintaining user privacy. 
  • Ad Credits for Merchants: Eligible merchants who spend $27 in 14 days will receive $132 in ad credits to jumpstart their first TikTok campaign.

For more information, please visit TikTok’s Newsroom Blog Post.

Primus Permanently Removes Data Overage Charges On All Internet Plans

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Following the recent acquisition of Primus Telecommunications by Distributel Communications Limited, comes more good news from this award-winning independent service provider: Primus is permanently removing data overage charges on all of their capped internet plans.

Earlier this year, Distributel brought together the strength of two prominent Canadian telecom companies through their acquisition of Primus to build an even stronger brand. The acquisition not only brings customers greater access to residential and business services, but it also continues the great traditions that Distributel has established – ones that offer fairness and greater value to Canadians from coast to coast.

Primus temporarily removed data overage charges in March 2020, but today they join Distributel as the only large ISP to make this decision permanent, thereby eliminating all internet overage fees. 

This decision will help Canadians who are working from home, learning from home or staying connected from home without ever worrying about the costs associated with their internet plan. 

This change is effective immediately across all capped plans, and no further customer action is required.

Canada In Top 20 For COVID-Themed Threats Detected By Trend Micro

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Trend Micro Incorporated today announced that Canada accounted for 153,584 of total COVID-themed cyber-threat detections last year, placing it in the list of Top 20 countries at the eighteenth spot.

Globally, the Trend Micro Smart Protection Network (SPN) detected nearly 16.4 million threats, consisting of malicious URLs, spam, and malware, over the course of 2020. The vast majority of these (88%) were email-borne spam threats. Examples of this include phishing attempts using COVID-19 as a lure in an attempt to steal personal and financial information.

Canada ranked ahead of Croatia and Turkey on the list of Top 20 countries, and behind Uruguay. The United States has the highest amount of COVID-themed cyber-threat detections with over 6 million. 

In total, Trend Micro blocked over 62.6 billion cyber-threats in 2020, a 20% year-on-year increase. Attacks on home networks globally surged 209% to reach nearly 2.9 billion as cyber-criminals adapted quickly to the mass shift to distributed working caused by the pandemic.

Trend Micro’s 2020 Security Roundup report also revealed the detection of over 175 million phishing URLs during 2020 as attackers sought to target distracted home workers using potentially unsecured devices and networks.

To read the full report, please visit this link.

ScienceLogic Raises $105 Million In New Financing To Accelerate Leadership Tn Growing AIOps Market

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ScienceLogic, a leading provider of AI-driven monitoring solutions for hybrid cloud management, announced today that it has raised $105 million in growth financing. Silver Lake Waterman led the company’s Series E round with participation from existing investors Goldman Sachs, Intel Capital and NewView Capital. The investment will support the company’s continued innovation in the AIOps market and further broaden ScienceLogic’s position within the $30+ billion IT Operations Management software market.

Companies across the globe are adopting cloud strategies and tools more than ever amid the COVID-19 pandemic, with massive demand for digital services and scalability. We believe ScienceLogic is poised to meet that demand as organizations look for hybrid-cloud toolsets from trusted partners to securely harness business agility, cost savings and innovation. 

The funding is intended to accelerate ScienceLogic’s product development and engineering leadership, supporting the company’s broader expansion plans and the reach of its flagship SL1 digital infrastructure monitoring platform. Funds are expected to  be allocated toward recruitment efforts and product investments aimed at cloud-native technologies including microservices and container solutions, AI/machine learning, and hybrid cloud operations that transforms digital experiences and enhance security. 

Some of the largest global enterprises, federal agencies and managed service providers trust ScienceLogic’s modern platform to ensure availability of their applications and business operations across hybrid-cloud and multi-cloud deployments. The scalable SL1 monitoring platform helps IT operations teams ingest hyperscale data volume in real-time across disparate hybrid-cloud architectures, while its patented discovery and automation technology improves agility, accelerates incident response and drives productivity by strengthening application health, resolution time and user experience. 

The funding news comes after a recent announcement from the company to expand its product development, engineering and sales and marketing staff. ScienceLogic’s AIOps market leadership also was recently highlighted by the Forrester Wave, which included ScienceLogic as one of only three firms highlighted as AIOps Leaders – honors that further cement the company’s forward momentum.