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EnGenius Helps Users and Businesses Move from Ubiquiti UniFi to EnGenius Fit by Offering 50% Off for Trade-ins

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EnGenius has launched a campaign that helps individuals and businesses stuck with Ubiquity equipment, get rid of it by offering various trade-in discounts. Your readers finally have an opportunity for a cost-effective way out. 

See EnGenius’ top answers as to why your readers might want to switch from Ubiquity UniFi to EnGenius Fit;

  • Receive live Tech Support
  • Manage Your Network without Hardware Dependency
  • Flexible Management (On-Prem or Cloud)
  • APs, Switches, and Gateways Available
How To Qualify:Guidelines:
– Go to the EnGenius Store– Only EnGenius Fit products qualify
– Enter the coupon code: Upgrade– Subject to product availability
 – Expires December 31, 2023
 – U.S. customers only

The campaign will last until the end of 2023 but could potentially be extended to early 2024. Visit the EnGenius Trade-In portal for more details and full T&C.

New Sage Intacct enhancements empower businesses to make real-time decisions with speed, precision, and accuracy

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Sage, the leader in accounting, financial, HR and payroll technology for small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs), today announces several new product updates to Sage Intacct in Canada for deeper business intelligence. The enhanced features enable businesses to increase productivity, leverage real-time data and streamline business processes, with customizable language settings to empower French-speaking customers.

The latest updates to Sage Intacct reflect Sage’s mission to help customers simplify, grow and scale their businesses. Sage has added the most frequently requested functionalities and enhancements to help businesses save time and resources while enhancing the accuracy and efficiency of their finance processes.

A few of the latest Sage Intacct product updates include:

  • Customized French language setting: Expanded language options allow customers to customize Sage Intacct language settings, providing a smooth user experience in French. The enhanced features and French language settings are available to all Sage Intacct customers in Canada today.
  • Advanced ownership consolidations: Unlock efficiency and elevate decision making with seamless, automatic rollup consolidation for complex partial ownership structures.
  • Enhanced reconciliation: Simplify the receive payments and reconciliation process with the Bank Transaction Assistant. Receive multiple payments from bank transactions and automatically match for reconciliation. Plus, quickly pinpoint reconciliation transactions that match with match sequences.
  • Improved AP/AR Aging Report: Through the simplified process of handling diverse payments, customers can receive one payment and allocate it to different customer accounts giving more flexibility.
  • Deeper project intelligence: Gain better insights to make data-driven decisions and ensure efficiency. Project intelligence puts utilization and resource management at customers’ fingertips, as well as comprehensive views of key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • Simplified inventory fulfilment: Streamline workflows and boost efficiency with inventory fulfilments. Track and ship sales orders promptly, ensuring customers are delighted with quick deliveries. Operate more efficiently and at a reduced cost with pick and pack lists.
  • Sage Construction Management: The new solution is offered with Sage Intacct Construction Financials as an end-to-end suite, enabling operational and finance teams to align and work together towards improved job profitability.
  • Sage Intacct Payroll powered by ADP: Introducing a market-leading payroll solution that works seamlessly with Sage Intacct, allowing medium businesses to gain better insights and increase their profitability with an all-in-one solution across accounting, payroll and HR.  

New OracleIV DDoS Botnet Malware Targets Docker Engine API to Deliver Malicious Container Image

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Cado Security Labs researchers recently discovered a novel campaign targeting publicly exposed instances of the Docker Engine API. Attackers exploit this misconfiguration to deliver a malicious Docker container containing malware written in Python and compiled as an ELF executable. The malware acts as a DDoS bot agent, capable of conducting DoS attacks via several methods. 

In the Docker API command, the attacker retrieves an image named OracleIV, uploaded to Dockerhub by a malicious user, and was still live at the time of writing with over 3,000 pulls and appeared to be undergoing regular iteration, with the most recent changes pushed only 3 days before Cado’s blog writeup.

OracleIV demonstrates that attackers are still intent on leveraging misconfigured Docker Engine API deployments for various campaigns. Containerization’s portability allows malicious payloads to be executed deterministically across Docker hosts, regardless of the host’s configuration. Users of Docker Hub should be aware that malicious container images exist in Docker’s image library. 

You can read their writeup on this here.

Zelle Is Now Issuing Refunds If You’ve Been Scammed

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One of the most popular way for scammers to get your money if you’re in the USA is to use Zelle. For those of you who don’t know what Zelle is, it’s a US based instant money transfer service that allow individuals to send money from one US bank account to another one. But as I said, scammers have used this for years to scam money from victims. And Zelle hasn’t done anything about it claiming in short that it’s the victim’s fault. That however seems to be changing:

Banks on the payment app Zelle have begun refunding victims of imposter scams to address consumer protection concerns raised by U.S. lawmakers and the federal consumer watchdog, in a major policy change.

The 2,100 financial firms on Zelle, a peer-to-peer network owned by seven banks including JPMorgan Chase (JPM.N) and Bank of America (BAC.N), began reversing transfers as of June 30 for customers duped into sending money to scammers claiming to be from a government agency, bank or existing service provider, said Early Warning Services (EWS), the banks’ company that owns Zelle.

That’s “well above existing legal and regulatory requirements,” Ben Chance, chief fraud risk officer at EWS, told Reuters.

Federal rules require banks to reimburse customers for payments made without their authorization, such as by hackers, but not when customers themselves make the transfer.

Now you have to ask, why is Zelle doing this after saying that this isn’t their problem? The answer is simple:

Under pressure from [Senator Elisabeth] Warren and other lawmakers, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) considered compelling lenders to reimburse scams, but Zelle’s changes have so far satisfied the agency, said a person familiar with the matter.

This is simply a move by Zelle to make sure that it isn’t hit with legislation that it doesn’t like. Which I am fine with. Here’s the thing. If you make companies like Zelle responsible for scams, they’re going to up their game in terms of protecting consumers. Because companies more often than not will take the path of least resistance when it comes to protecting consumers and only do so when forced. And Zelle was forced in this case. Hopefully we see more of this in the future.