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iOS 12 Has A Passcode Vulnerability That Exposes Contacts And Photos…. If You Can Execute It

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This isn’t the first time that iOS has had a passcode vulnerability. But this one is kind of interesting. Assuming that you have physical access to a iPhone running iOS 12,¬†an attacker could get access photos and contact details on a locked iPhone. Here’s the video:

The vulnerability exists in all iPhones and is even in the latest iOS 12.1 beta that is out there. Thus this is a problem that hasn’t been fixed yet. And as you can tell from the video, it’s not easy to execute. Thus that reduces the chance of it being exploited widely. Still, you should take precautions by disabling Siri at the lock screen. Hopefully Apple fixes this soon.


Infographic: Ecommerce Trends That You Cannot Ignore

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According to the predictions of eMarketer in 2016, the e-commerce industry is all set to experience double-digit growth in 2020!

As an e-commerce store owner, there are endless possibilities in the industry which you can use to your advantage. To help you out, our friends at Subscriptionly created an interesting infographic with the most significant ecommerce trends you should keep a tab on!

Seamless Integration Of Machine Learning And AI

For quite some time, more and more startups from Silicon Valley have been focusing on machine learning and AI. It is expected that both of these technologies will continue to disrupt the ecommerce industry in the coming years and make online shopping a swifter and easier process.

Mobile Checkout Continues To Grow

This list would not be completed without the mention of mobile checkout and payment systems which are increasingly popular year after year.

In addition to mainstays like Google Pay and Apple Pay, there are also many other mobile payment platforms, including those that deal with cryptocurrencies.

Voice Search On The Go

Voice search is another important technological area which has recently experienced significant growth. It is expected that voice-enabled technologies and devices will lead innovation in the mobile e-commerce industry this year.

The use of Google Home and Amazon Echo is on the rise. According to a report, 24% of consumers own these devices and use them to make purchases, while 33% plan to buy them in 2018!

Faster Shipping

One thing which provides brick and mortar stores an edge over the ecommerce stores is the shipping. Unlike brick and mortar stores, ecommerce retailers have to continually think of new and innovative ways to improve shipping services and beat the competition. However, according to the most recent e-commerce stats and trends, this gap is expected to be bridged in the coming years.

The launch of Amazon Prime deliveries has disrupted the market to a large extent. Amazon recently shipped five pints of ice cream in just nine minutes and a forehead thermometer in just eight minutes, which is truly astonishing.

So, What Are You Up To?

These are some amazing e-commerce trends that will continue to grow in popularity in the next few years.

To have a deeper insight into this subject, take a look at the informative infographic on e-commerce trends below!