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HP and Go 4-D modernize the process used to create custom orthotics

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HP Inc. today announced a strategic alliance with Go 4-D, a 3-D printed medical orthotics industry visionary, to modernize the process used to create custom orthotics.

As part of the alliance, Go 4-D will distribute FitStation powered by HP throughout the North American medical market. HP’s FitStation platform combines 3D foot scanning with dynamic gait analysis to enable both orthotic recommendations and 3D printed custom orthotics, prescribed from each person’s unique biomechanics. This will enable Go 4-D to manufacture comfortable, precise, and cost-effective custom orthotics using cutting-edge HP Jet Fusion 3D printing systems.

The North American foot orthotic insoles market is expected to grow to more than 1.7 billion U.S. dollars by 2022, according to a Statista report.

Despite advances in technology and innovative manufacturing methods, custom orthotic manufacturing has not changed much since the 1950’s. The preferred method still in use today by the majority of North American Podiatrists, Pedorthists and Chiropodists is vacuum-forming plastic over a positive of the foot. This decades-old subjective manufacturing method, still taught in colleges, takes no dynamic measurements into the design of the device and the materials used through subtractive manufacturing limit the functional capabilities.

The FitStation platform utilizes specialized hardware and software components to capture an individual’s unique 3D foot scan, dynamic gait and pressure data. This data is automatically analyzed to provide manufacturing instructions for 3D printed custom foot orthotics.

Go 4-D Leads the Custom Orthotic Industry into the Future

The Go 4-D leadership team has decades of experience in the custom orthotic industry and understands the pitfalls of manual, subjective, error-prone manufacturing that has dominated the industry for more than five decades. Go 4-D has eliminated these errors by combining the 3D and dynamic quantitative data from FitStation, along with the practitioner’s clinical expertise. The practitioner can now design a more precise orthotic that is 3D printed with the utmost accuracy, specificity and design features that has never been possible under traditional manufacturing methods.

Precise diagnostic customization is crucial to correct fitting orthotics. With biometric scanning, the foot specialist obtains exact information about the pressure and timing of each area of the foot and an exact 3D representation of the foot. This information allows for complete customization directly into the lattice shell of each orthotic. The custom 3D printed orthotic can provide segmental and directional stiffness and incorporate various additions and modifications directly into the printed product optimizing their ability to work and reduce a patient’s discomfort.

The new 3D printed custom orthotics that will be manufactured using 3D software from the Materialise Software Backbone and HP Jet Fusion 3D printing systems at Flowbuilt Manufacturing are based on the thousands of data points that precisely capture the shape and movement of each foot. The unique biomechanical lattice-design of the Go 4-D 3D printed custom orthotic allows the foot specialist to design with more precision than ever before. With 3D printing, custom orthotics offer flexibility and segmental control, exactly where the patient needs it.



Bragi files action against OnePlus for infringement

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Nikolaj Hviid, CEO of Bragi GmbH, today announced that the Company has filed a complaint in the European Union alleging intentional infringement of Bragi registered trademarks, in addition to the ongoing litigation in the United States District Court for the Northern District of California. The American action alleges that Chinese phone and wireless earphone manufacturer OnePlus infringes Bragi’s THE DASH trademark.  The World’s First Hearable, incorporates the innovative Dash Charger to act as both a charger and battery supply.  The worldwide acceptance of the amazing technoogy of The Dash has been amplified by Bragi’s The Dash Pro and The Dash Pro tailored by Starkey Hearing Technologies. The complaint alleges that OnePlus’ Dash Charge infringes Bragi’s THE DASH trademark.

Both the United States Patent and Trademark Office and the European Union Intellectual Property Office have denied OnePlus’ attempts to register their own Dash Charge trademark, finding that its use would cause confusion among consumers in view of Bragi’s THE DASH trademark.  Mr. Hviid is adamant:

“This action is part of our continuing efforts to protect the Company’s valuable intellectual property.  We previously warned OnePlus to stop infringing our trademark, and regret that we have to bring this action to enforce our intellectual property rights. Their intentional infringement of our trademarks cannot and will not be tolerated. These actions by OnePlus threaten all companies who legitimately develop and obtain intellectual property”.

HEX Announces New Cases For iPhone XS & XS Max

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HEX has announced that its new cases and wallets for the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max are available for Pre-Order staring today at  The products are expected to ship in two weeks’ time.  Each product within the collection is engineered to protect the new iPhones with HEX’s signature design blending classic touches with street style.

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There are 2 different models:  The IconWallet and The Shield Wallet.  Both models are made in genuine leather and come in the following 5 different fabrications: Black, Tan, Camo/Burnt Orange, Stingray, and Wicker.

The Icon Wallet case ($49.95 – $64.99) includes 3-5 RFID blocking card slots features a cash pocket behind the card storage, as well as a camera cut out for photography, and an elastic strap closure – all housed in a slim and stylish profile.

The Shield Wallet case ($44.95 – $54.99) is a new design that provides users with a camera cut-out and two RFID blocking card slots all in a super-slim profile design.

The new lineup of HEX iPhone XS and XS Max compatible wallets and cases join an already extensive and award-winning line of stylish accessories that complement the creativity of the modern lifestyle. To view the entire collection of HEX products, visit their website, or follow them on Instagram,Facebook, and Twitter.

Safe by HUB6 Launches

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Smart home security with no contracts or monthly fees has arrived in North America with the launch of Safe by HUB6 an innovative, consumer-focused home security system that leverages existing hardware and frees users of unnecessary expenses.

Safe by HUB6 is a self-monitoring system that transforms existing home security systems into smarter systems for an affordable, one-time price of CAD $299. It redirects any alerts triggered by the existing system to a user’s phone or tablet as well as trusted neighbors and family.

Safe by HUB6 is sold directly to consumers at SafebyHUB6.comand is compatible with most home security systems and works with other smart home products.  Safe by HUB6  is expected in retail in the coming months.

The free app allows users to check the status of their home, control the alarm system, and get instant alerts when the system is armed or disarmed. The included, no-fee, 3G SIM card allows users to stay connected to their home, even if the power or internet is down.

Safe by Hub6 also offers on demand monitoring at $10 per 30 days so consumers can have an added share of security if they are away.  There is no contract required for this service and it can be started and cancelled as desire.

For more information please visit