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Zuckerberg Flips The Bird To Joint Canada/UK Parliamentary Committee

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Last week a joint Canada/UK parliamentary committee sent out a request… If you call it that to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to give testimony in front of said committee. Today according to the Associated Press, Facebook told this committee to go do one:

Facebook rejected the invitation to appear before the so-called “international grand committee” session Nov. 27, arguing it wasn’t possible for Zuckerberg to appear before all parliaments.

So…. If I were running the committee in question (which also now includes Australia, Argentina and Ireland), I’d twist the screws. Threaten Facebook with oversight or have the UK and Canada or anyone else associated with this committee table legislation that limits what Facebook can do when it comes to user data. Or find some way to hit them in the bank account really hard. The fact is that Zuckerberg cannot simply be allowed to thumb his nose at people who want answers in terms of Facebook’s complete inability to protect user data. After all, he’s the CEO and the buck is supposed to stop with Zuck. Clearly he doesn’t want that which makes one question if he should be CEO of Facebook as he clearly doesn’t want to be responsible for anything and be held accountable for anything.

OpenText Advances Enterprise Cloud Strategy To Power The Intelligent & Connected Enterprise

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OpenText today announced the launch of OpenText Release 16 Enhancement Pack 5 (EP5), OpenText Business Network Cloud 16.10, and a series of new SaaS-based applications for the legal, life sciences and HR markets on its next-generation cloud platform, OT2.

These portfolio-wide enhancements simplify the path to modern and secure EIM deployments, with secure and flexible options for AI, automation, IoT and content services for on-premises, across public, private, and hybrid cloud deployments.

OpenText Release 16 Enhancement Pack 5 (EP5)
OpenText Release 16 EP5, extends this market leading EIM platform to increase user satisfaction and adoption, enable deeper insights and connect information, people and processes in a secure and flexible deployment environment. Specific enhancements include:

  • Artificial intelligence – EP5 adds increased AI and automation capabilities across the EIM portfolio with OpenText Magellan. This includes predictive research for Discovery, AI-powered rich media analytics for Customer Experience Management, sentiment analysis for Workforce Engagement Management through Magellan Text Mining, and machine learning for capture and information extraction for SAP solutions.
  • Deeper integration – Seamless integration brings advanced AI, enhanced security and deeper information workflows to the Intelligent and Connected Enterprise. EP5 delivers OpenText Information Hub (iHub) integration with OpenText EnCase Endpoint Security to build threat-hunting dashboards. Closer integration between OpenText AppWorks and OpenText content services solutions (OpenText Documentum, OpenText Content Suite and OpenText Extended ECM) enables rapid deployment of OT2 applications including People Center and Contract Center
  • Rich user experiences – EP5 enables a richer experience with enhanced developer controls, improved mobile experiences, and new employee self-service experiences. A highlight of EP5 is addition of the Smart UI for Documentum D2, further building towards a common, flexible, responsive UI across OpenText content service.

This release builds on a string of recent analyst commentary, including:

New applications for OpenText OT2
First announced at OpenText Enterprise World 2018, OpenText OT2 delivers compelling applications for business users, a modern developer platform, and hybrid EIM services on a single Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform. New OpenText applications built on OT2 include:

  • OpenText Legal Center – a cloud-based, process-centric approach to addressing specialized legal use cases like client onboarding, external sharing & collaboration, and document management.
  • OpenText Quality Center – building on OpenText Documentum for Life Science and OpenText Life Science Express to deliver secure collaboration solutions for the highly-regulated life sciences sector.
  • Extended ECM for SuccessFactors Public Cloud Edition – the latest collaboration between SAP and OpenText, delivering secure content management solutions for SAP’s popular talent management platform.

Commenting on OpenText OT2, Holly Muscolino, Research Vice President, Content Technologies and Document Workflow at IDC states, “OT2 will begin to bring SaaS into the product mix for the large customer base running OpenText’s on-premise/managed hosted solutions, and it will extend the value of customers’ investments in significant ways. It will also serve as the foundation for newborn SaaS applications that OpenText develops in the future. Its evolutionary approach should give its customers a graceful path to the cloud, enabling them to derive new value from their existing investments without disruption.”

OpenText Cloud
OpenText Business Network 16.10 expands and enhances the OpenText cloud network, facilitating efficient, secure and compliant collaboration across people, systems and things. This release includes key enhancements for industrial IoT, Identity and Access Management (IAM) and security, supply chain and vendor management, fax and secure information exchange.

OpenText Anywhere
Today, OpenText also announced it has selected Google Cloud as its first partner to support OpenText Anywhere, making OpenText solutions and managed services available in the Google Cloud.

As part of this collaboration, Google Cloud and OpenText will work together to deploy OpenText’s enterprise information management solution suite on Google Cloud Platform. This work will include a containerized application architecture for flexible cloud or hybrid deployment models. Deploying OpenText solutions on Google Cloud Platform will help customers to autoscale their deployments as their businesses demand.

Release 16 EP5 and OpenText OT2 is available now. OpenText Legal Center, Quality Center and Extended ECM for SuccessFactors are currently available for qualified customers.

OVH Private Cloud Powers Digital Transformation

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OVH, today announced the launch of new OVH Private Cloud – Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) ranges that are designed to support all types of companies with their digital transformation. By confirming its commitment to support, simplify and accelerate companies’ digital transformation, OVH is reinforcing its position as an alternative cloud provider. OVH’s new Private Cloud SDDC offering is being showcased at VMWorld in Barcelona this week, where the company will have the opportunity to demonstrate how its strategic relationships with VMWare and Intel are allowing OVH to provide companies with the best cloud technologies available on the market.

OVH boasts the VMware Cloud Verified label and this year, once again, received theEMEA Cloud Provider of the year Award. The collaboration between the two companies led to the launch of the first OVH Private Cloud offerings at the end of 2010. These offerings are available in OVH datacenters in six countries around the world: France, Poland, Canada, the United States, and more recently Germany and the United Kingdom.

The Best Innovations on the Market

OVH is the first provider of managed private cloud solutions to offer its customers cutting-edge innovations in a unique service tailored to the needs of businesses. For proof, look no further than the launch of VMware Hybrid Cloud Extension (HCX)technology for all OVH SDDC customers. This technology enables hot migration of all infrastructures without downtime. Over the past year, OVH has been migrating the workloads of its vCloud Air customers across the world leveraging this technology and gaining significant expertise. OVH remains to this day the only player in the market with significant experience in HCX. In total, OVH will have migrated around 500 environments and nearly 9,000 virtual machines, with a total data volume of 3 PBytes.

Strongly committed to the security of its customers’ data, OVH has enhanced the OVH Private Cloud range with VM Encryption, based on OpenSSL libraries and algorithms, to secure virtual machines easily, directly from the vSphere client.

SDDC Redesign

The redesign of its SDDC solutions range, aims to enable business customers to benefit from new competitive offers that systematically include access to the private OVH network and come with a free bandwidth guarantee.

The SDDC is also integrating innovative VMware vSAN host based on the latest generation of NVMe Intel® Optane™ DC Solid State Drives, to support hyperconvergence and guarantee ultra-high performance. This innovation is made possible thanks to a strong partnership between OVH and Intel.

OVH Private Cloud

OVH offers a cloud that is quick and easy to implement, multi-local (close to everyone, everywhere in the world) and available at an affordable and predictable price. OVH Private Cloud customers enjoy dedicated, fully secure resources in compliance with the requirements of ISO 27001, CSA STAR, SOC I / II type 2, French healthcare data and PCI DSS certifications. It is scalable on demand. From a billing perspective, it is calculated on a monthly or hourly basis ensuring customers only pay for what they use and there are no hidden costs and above all no egress traffic charges.

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TekSavvy Asks CRTC To Ensure Meaningful Consumer Choice

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TekSavvy Solutions Inc. calls on the CRTC to ensure meaningful consumer choice for high-speed Internet services.

In 2015, the CRTC set out rules allowing smaller Internet service providers to buy wholesale access to the large carriers’ fibre networks, so that Canadians can choose their broadband provider and benefit from competition.

Yet more than three years later, competitors like TekSavvy remain shut out from higher speeds due to unreasonable rates proposed by the incumbents. Thus forcing them to switch to the incumbents like Bell and Rogers.

In October 2016, the CRTC rebuked the large carriers for breaking its rate-setting rules. According to a regulatory application filed today by TekSavvy’s industry association, the Canadian Network Operators Consortium Inc., the large carriers overbilled smaller competitors more than $300 million that has not yet been returned.

The CRTC found that wholesale rates are grossly inflated by the large carriers when they ignore proper costing principles. Today, brazenly, they continue to manufacture new ways to inflate costs, even when given clear direction from the CRTC otherwise.

“The gaming needs to be stopped. Competitors’ investments and jobs are already in jeopardy,” said Andy Kaplan-Myrth, TekSavvy’s VP, Regulatory & Carrier Affairs. “We need immediate action by the CRTC to restore consumer choice. To do that, they need to fix proper rates, provide an interim path to higher speeds for consumers who choose competitors, and return overbilled money to small competitors,” added Kaplan-Myrth.