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HP Announces Next-Generation Healthcare PC Portfolio

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Today, timed with HIMSS 2019, HP introduced its next-generation Healthcare portfolio designed to transform patient experiences, whether in traditional care settings or via telemedicine. The new healthcare devices offer innovative features to enhance patient safety, clinical efficiency, and security of healthcare delivery organizations.

New introductions include:

  • HP EliteBook 840 G6 Healthcare Edition, the world’s first ultra-slim notebook for healthcare with integrated RFID location tracking
  • HP EliteOne 800 G5 Healthcare Edition All-In-One, the world’s first all-in-one for healthcare with an integrated privacy screen
  • HP Easy Clean 2.0 enables efficient device cleaning without needing to power down; one simple touch of a button and touch features are disabled for cleaning and disinfection and tracks contact times. Additionally, the new Healthcare Editions are designed for bed-bug infestation treatments16 with popular formulations used by pest professionals.

You can see the entire HP Healthcare portfolio here. 


ASUS Announces New AMD Ryzen-Powered Gaming Machines

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By embracing emerging technologies and new platforms, ASUS has been able to create a variety of dynamic machines that deliver on gaming fundamentals in streamlined packages. The latest Ryzen mobile APUs have also boosted the TUF Gaming and ROG Zephyrus laptop lineups. The new TUF Gaming FX505DV raises the bar with a 144Hz/3ms display and a GeForce RTX2060 GPU tuned for fast-paced gameplay, and the sleek ROG Zephyrus G GA502 brings an ultraslim form factor and long battery life to a wider audience.

Durability and power unite

Earlier in 2019, TUF Gaming FX505DY was the first adopt AMD’s Picasso platform, combining a Ryzen mobile APU with discrete Radeon graphics and a FreeSync display. TUF Gaming FX505 DD/DT/DU laptops followed, pairing the same processor with GeForce®GTX graphics to maximize gaming performance.

The new TUF Gaming FX505DV is the next step forward. Teaming the latest Ryzen mobile APU with an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 GPU and 144Hz/3ms panel, FX505DV pumps out reliable frame rates that take full advantage of its NanoEdge display. The 144Hz refresh rate makes fast-paced gameplay much smoother than on standard 60Hz displays, and the quick response time keeps the picture sharp at speed, giving players a competitive advantage in esports and FPS gaming. Wide-view technology also ensures consistent colours when viewing the screen at any angle.

FX505DV is paired up with the AMD Ryzen 7 3750H mobile APU. The APU’s quad cores and eight threads offer enough power for everyday multitasking and productivity. Its performance is further bolstered by an efficient cooling system that pairs innovative internal design with on-demand switching that optimizes the system for the task at hand. With a keyboard shortcut, HyperFan lets users adjust system settings to optimize their cooling. Turbo mode pushes fan performance to the max, unleashing the power of FX505DV. Balanced mode optimizes operation to deliver strong performance with lower acoustic levels. Silent mode minimizes fan noise for less demanding tasks, like streaming videos.

Under the hood, the self-cleaning cooling system channels debris out of the laptop through anti-dust tunnels integrated into the fan housings. This preventative measure prevents dust buildup on the heatsink and fans, which is essential to maintaining long-term performance and stability, helping FX505DV live up to its TUF Gaming name.

Like its predecessors, FX505DV is defined by its durability. It meets stringent MIL-STD-810G standards in a range of tests, from basic drops and vibration to extreme temperatures and altitude.

Game anywhere

The mobile Ryzen platform makes ultraslim gaming more affordable in ROG Zephyrus G GA502. Despite being only 20mm thin and weighing 2.1kg, this machine delivers on gaming performance. Configurable with up to GeForce GTX 1660 Ti graphics and a 120Hz display framed by super-narrow bezels, GA502 capably cuts through a wide range of popular games. In Turbo mode, ROG Boost clocks the discrete GPU up to 1435MHz at 60W, which is ample power for everyday gaming and streaming.

Equipped with the same quad-core, eight-thread AMD Ryzen 7 3750H mobile APU as TUF Gaming FX505DV, modern multitasking is also well within the range of GA502. The processor optimizes performance and power consumption with SenseMI technology, allowing the battery to last up to nearly nine hours in the MobileMark benchmark, or provide almost seven hours of video playback or Wi-Fi web browsing.

Paired with a superfast NVMe SSD, Zephyrus G zips through everyday tasks with quick load times across games and applications, while up to 32GB of RAM guarantees enough memory for major multitasking. The laptop’s brushed black exterior and tasteful white keyboard backlighting distinguish it from other gaming machines, letting it blend in anywhere.

Bringing premium gaming to everyone

The collaboration between ASUS and AMD underscores the ASUS philosophy of taking early advantage of new platforms and emerging technologies, and experimenting with new ideas. As a result, ASUS has produced a wide range of affordable gaming machines suited to different interests and needs.

The military-grade TUF Gaming FX505DV puts mobile Ryzen horsepower into a reliable, do-it-all laptop that’s exceptionally durable. And ROG Zephyrus G GA502 provides an ultraslim, ultra-versatile machine portable enough for gamers who want to stream, work, and play anywhere.


ROG Zephyrus G GA502 and ASUS TUF Gaming FX505DV will be available in Q3 in Canada. Please contact your local ASUS representative for more information

HP Explores Rediscovered Memories In New Short Film This Father’s Day

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Canada is a mosaic of different people and cultures, and every individual has a unique story to share. Every family has a history worth exploring, and being able to print off and share special photos allows us to celebrate and remember significant moments forever.

HP’s History of Memory series explores the evolution of photography to better understand the connection between printed photos and memory. Through films, events, personal stories and social experiences, the value of printed images in our lives, especially in our family histories, is elevated and explained.

This Father’s Day, HP is releasing the third film in their History of Memory series, China Lost & Found. The film reminds us of the power of photography by highlighting one story from the world-famous Beijing Silvermine collection, and what happened when a forgotten holiday snapshot is rediscovered and then celebrated around the globe. At its core, China Lost & Found reminds us how much we — as fathers, travelers, everyday photographers — have in common, and the powerful force of photography to cross boundaries, both metaphorical and physical.

You can follow this link to watch the film.

#PSA : You Should Make Sure That You Have Patched Your Windows Computers To Protect You From The “BlueKeep” Vulnerablity

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If you haven’t heard of the “BlueKeep” vulnerability, you might want to pay attention. This is a vulnerability that could potentially allow unauthenticated attackers to install programs, view or manipulate data, or create fully privileged new accounts by executing code via specially crafted requests, with no user interaction required. In short, it is highly dangerous. The danger comes from the fact that beyond everything that I have mentioned, it is possible to have this spread in the same way as attacks like “Wannacry” did. That in short increases the danger level further.

BlueKeep affects machines running on Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows Server 2008, as well as the unsupported Windows 2003 and Windows XP OSes. Microsoft put out patches in May including ones for the unsupported OSes mentioned above, but there may be as many as a million systems that might be affected by this bug that have not been patched. So if I were you, I would make sure your Windows computers are fully patched.

Now if you want to go to the next level in terms of protecting yourself, the NSA has some tips for you.

  • Block TCP Port 3389 at your firewalls, especially any perimeter firewalls exposed to the internet. This port is used in RDP protocol and will block attempts to establish a connection.
  • Enable Network Level Authentication. This security improvement requires attackers to have valid credentials to perform remote code authentication.
  • Disable Remote Desktop Services if they are not required. Disabling unused and unneeded services helps reduce exposure to security vulnerabilities overall and is a best practice even without the BlueKeep threat.

Remember, this is a highly dangerous vulnerability and the best means to protect yourself is to install the patches that Microsoft has put out and take the advice of the NSA. Because now that this is out there, attacks will be commencing.