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Commvault Announces Metallic Cloud Storage Service

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Commvault today announced a new solution that allows Commvault Backup and Recovery software and HyperScale X appliance customers to seamlessly adopt the cloud as a backup target, providing an additional layer of protection against ransomware and improving data security.

Called Metallic Cloud Storage Service, the product combines technology
from Commvault and Microsoft Azure to give customers single pane of
glass management through the Commvault Command Center.  Hybrid workloads involving the cloud and on-premises storage are becoming more complex to manage and Commvault believes this new managed cloud storage service will make it simpler for IT admins to use the cloud as a backup target with just a few clicks.

Metallic Cloud Storage Service is now available across North America,
EMEA and APAC, and Metallic SaaS is available in North America and ANZ.

Why Buying The Apple Watch Series 3 Is A Waste Of Your Money

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I’ll just get straight to the point. Apple has three Apple Watches on offer:

  • The Apple Watch Series 6
  • The Apple Watch SE
  • The Apple Watch Series 3

Buying the Apple Watch Series 3 is a complete waste of your money if you are in the market for an Apple Watch. Why you ask? Well, it’s pretty simple. The core reason is the processor. It has an S3 processor which is a 32-bit processor. It’s also the last 32-bit processor that Apple supports. Which means it’s not long for this world. It is entirely likely that in the next year or two that Apple will drop support for it when they come out with watchOS 8 or watchOS 9. After all, they dropped support for anything below the Series 3 in watchOS 7.

The next reason is that the Apple Watch doesn’t support Apple’s new Family Sharing feature in iOS 14/watchOS 7. That’s the feature that allows you to activate and manage an Apple Watch without the person on the receiving end of that Apple Watch needing an iPhone. That likely has something to do with the fact that the Series 3 no longer has a cellular option. My guess is that this was removed so that Apple could take another shot at Fitbit and steal some market share from them.

The bottom line is that if you want your Apple Watch to last more than a year or two, you should look at the Apple Watch SE which has the design of the Series 6 with a slower 64 bit processor at a lower price point versus the Series 6. Sure it lacks some of the health features like the ECG and blood oxygen functions. And it also doesn’t have an always on display. But the target market for the SE won’t care. Just ignore the Series 3 entirely and spend your money in a way that gives you a fair amount of value.

LinkedIn’s Latest Data Reveals How The Worries Of Working Remotely & Returning To Office Have Evolved

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Several months into the pandemic, some of the Canadian workforce’s concerns around remote work – as well as being in the physical workplace – appear to be dissipating.

LinkedIn’s latest Workforce Confidence Index report, which is based on a survey of over 900 members from September 7 to 20, reveals how the worries of those who are working remotely or operating in physical workspaces have evolved since the pandemic began – as well as what Canadians expect their work setup to look like once the pandemic is over.

Here are some of the key findings from the September Workforce Confidence Index for Canada:

On remote work…

  • Only 19% say they are currently concerned about achieving less at their jobs while remote, with 20% saying that they used to have that concern (but don’t anymore) and 61% say they’ve never had it at all.
  • And while a quarter still struggle to focus on work while remote, some 21% of respondents say they have overcome that worry, and it has yet to be an issue for a small majority (56%).
  • A majority (61%) also say they have never worried about stalling their career progression while remote, with 12% saying they are no longer worried about it and just over a quarter (27%) saying it’s still a concern.

On working at the office…

  • Some 41% of those working onsite continue to cite anxiety around exposure to others who do not take safety guidelines seriously, with 14% saying they have overcome the concern.
  • Relatedly, a quarter of respondents cited worries about attending meetings and other public/shared spaces where large groups of people congregate, with 16% saying that concern is in the past.
  • Some 21% of workers say they used to but no longer have concerns that their workplace safety guidelines and precautions are unclear or non-existent, while 19% say they no longer worry about working in close proximity with other colleagues or customers.

On expectations after the pandemic is over…

  • A majority (55%) of Canadians expect their employers to keep at least some of their workforce remote in a substantial way after the pandemic is over.
  • Among them, the biggest group – 43% – are anticipating a hybrid model of fully remote workers and staff who come into a workplace several times a week.

For the full results, they can be found here.


LinkedIn’s Workforce Confidence Index is based on a quantitative online survey that is distributed to members via email every two weeks. Roughly 1,000+ Canada-based members respond each wave. Members are randomly sampled and must be opted into research to participate. Students, stay-at-home partners & retirees are excluded from analysis so we’re able to get an accurate representation of those currently active in the workforce. We analyze data in aggregate and will always respect member privacy.

Data is weighted by engagement level, to ensure fair representation of various activity levels on the platform. The results represent the world as seen through the lens of LinkedIn’s membership; variances between LinkedIn’s membership & overall market population are not accounted for. Confidence index scores are calculated by assigning each respondent a score (-100, -50, 0, 50, 100) based on how much they agree or disagree with each of three statements, and then finding the composite average score across all statements. Scores are averaged across two waves of data collection to ensure an accurate trend reading. The three statements are: [Job Security] I feel confident about my ability to get or hold onto a job right now; [Finances] I feel confident about my ability to improve my financial situation in the next 6 months; [Career] I feel confident about my ability to progress in my career in the next year.

New Dell UltraSharp Monitors & Meeting Space Solutions Announced

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New displays and meeting systems from Dell Technologies help creatives and office professionals work productively and comfortably in hybrid work environments.

According to IDC research, 81% of employees believe monitors with higher resolution, better ergonomics and color improve the overall working experience. This expanded UltraSharp portfolio features state-of-the art technology, including mini-LED, built-in colorimeter and low blue light reduction screens.

As world’s number one monitors brand for seven years running, Dell offers an end-to-end ecosystem of collaboration tools that can meet the needs of every worker and offers the most EPEAT® Gold registered monitors globally.  

Exceptional color accuracy, contrast and precision for creatives

Design professionals rely on color accurate displays to produce their creative masterpieces. The Dell UltraSharp 32 HDR PremierColor Monitor (UP3221Q) is the world’s first professional monitor with 2K mini-LED direct backlit dimming zones4 where the individually controlled backlight zones on the monitor provide contrast with deep blacks and bright whites. 

With the widest DCI-P3 color coverage in a professional monitor at 99.8%, 4K resolution and VESA DisplayHDR 1000, the 32-inch UltraSharp enables precise and uniform color reproduction of film and video content. It is the world’s first 31.5-inch professional monitor with a built-in Calman® Powered colorimeter giving creators the flexibility of on-demand or scheduled calibration with or without the PC attached.  

Enhanced eye comfort and broader screen space for desk-centric professionals

For desk-centric professionals who frequently work with spreadsheets and data-driven tasks, the Dell UltraSharp 24 USB-C Hub Monitor (U2421E) and Dell UltraSharp 34 Curved USB-C Hub Monitor(U3421WE) offers the ideal balance between comfort and functionality.

Designed with wellness in mind, the 24-inch UltraSharp Monitor has a 16:10 aspect ratio and is Dell’s first monitor with ComfortView Plus – a built-in, TÜV Rheinland-certified Hardware Low Blue Light solution that maintains color accuracy on the screen and minimizes blue light emission to optimize eye comfort. The 16:10 aspect ratio in this 24-inch InfinityEdge display provides more on-screen real estate. The 34-inch UltraSharp Monitor features WQHD resolution, 95% DCI-P3 color coverage and delivers an immersive audiovisual experience with three-sided ultra-thin borders and built-in dual speakers.

Meeting Space Solutions for seamless onsite and remote collaboration

As offices gradually return to site, businesses will need to reconfigure their meeting spaces to better support essential onsite employees collaborating with colleagues who may be best served working from home. 

Dell’s newest Meeting Space Solution for Microsoft Teams Rooms offers a complete group collaboration ecosystem that includes the OptiPlex 7080 Micro running the Teams Room experience on Windows, Dell Large Format Monitors as well as audio and video peripherals. With proximity detection and one-touch join, employees can start meetings on time and instantly project content in the room and to virtual participants. 

Plug and play magnetic soundbar

New P-series monitors (P2721QP3221D, P3421W) and the new 24-inch UltraSharp monitor can be paired with our latest audio innovation – the Dell Slim Soundbar (SB521A)– which attaches magnetically to the bottom of the display and allows users to tilt, swivel and pivot the monitor without the soundbar getting in the way. As the world’s slimmest and lightest soundbar5 the powerful 3.6W speakers deliver high quality sound in an easy plug and play setup – no software required.

Availability and pricing:

  • The UltraSharp 32 HDR PremierColor Monitor (UP3221Q) is available on Nov. 5, 2020 worldwide starting at $4,999.99 USD.
  • The UltraSharp 24 USB-C Hub Monitor (U2421E) is available now worldwide starting at $449.99 USD.
  • The UltraSharp 34 Curved USB-C Hub Monitor (U3431WE) is available on Dec. 1, 2020 worldwide starting at $1,199.99USD.
  • The Dell Meeting Space Solutions for Microsoft Teams Rooms is available on Oct. 15 worldwide. Contact Dell sales representatives for pricing.
  • The Dell Slim Sound bar (SB521A) is available now worldwide starting at $54.99 USD.